Apr 28, 2014

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Question – Have You Ever Reached Out To An Author?

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As a blogger, I have the great privilege to ‘chat’ with many authors.  Just the fact that some authors recognize me and actually know who I am turns me into a giddy-teenager.  My life has become much busier now than it was when I first started blogging almost four years ago.  To be honest, there are days that I consider closing up shop on the blog because time is that tight.  There are two reasons I don’t actually go through with stopping:  the few hundred of you who read my blog each day and who make me smile uncontrollably by doing so and authors.  Not to say that if I stopped blogging I would have to stop contacting and chatting with authors, but it would not be quite the same.

I always get a little giddy when I hop on twitter while reading a book and contact the author of said book.  That is SO cool!  Social media is the easiest way to do this but I have also done this via email.  I do this with Sierra Dean a lot!  (And for those of you who read her Secret McQueen books understand why I email her tons while reading :))  I love finishing a book then telling the author that I loved it.  Or if I have a question, I love that I can easily contact the author and ask.

I started contacting authors even before blogging (but not to the same extent of course).  I am a strong believer in letting someone know when they affect you positively.  That you should tell someone when they do something good.  That probably stems from the fact that I run a daycare but still.  I feel this telling someone “you did awesome and you made me happy” is more than just for kids.  So I started doing this to authors.  Maria V Snyder was my first.  After reading Poison Study, I just had to tell her how amazing I thought it was.  Eventually, it went to Ilona Andrews (are you at all surprised ;)), Larissa Ione and Karen Marie Moning.  There have been many more since because I have found a ton of awesome books and authors since reading book blogs and blogging myself.

So what about you?  Do you ever reach out to authors via twitter, email or other means?

  1. Roger Simmons says:

    Oh, yes I have. A few years ago while looking for a debut author in Urban Fantasy I discovered Suzanne Johnson and her Sentinels of New Orleans series. Then later writing as Susannah Sandlin her Penton Legacy series. Have been commenting on her blog site since 2011. Highly recommend both series whenever I get the chance. Would say I’m her number one fan except for Stephen King’s Misery, so I settle for number two fan. Read this blog daily and have enjoyed your humor. Thanks.

  2. Northwoman says:

    yes, I love this aspect of writing reviews and even just reading. I’m such a fangirl of my favorite authors. I was shocked when I emailed one author about 5 years ago and actually got a response. It was SO thrilling.

    I probably have the most contact with Carolyn Crane. She is from here and we just started tweeting. She told me to get hugs from you, Julie, and Charlie Hunnam when I came to Ontario in January. I couldn’t disappoint her! LOL. Now I love the way we tweet occasionally.

    I also have some contact with Ruthie Knox, Mary Ann Rivers. In addition to books, I have had tweets with Ilona Andrews and Devon Monk about knitting.

    And there are a few friends I knew before they were published, like Elizabeth Hunter and Suki McMinn.

    Social media has made it so much easier to make a quick, non-intrusive connection. It is such a pleasure to do so with authors one admires.

  3. The only times I’ve contacted an author in any way are when I wanted to read one of their books and found that their supplied Buy Now links lead to deleted Amazon pages. Luckily, its fairly easy to buy from alternative e-reader sites like Barnes & Noble and convert to a kindle-readable format.

  4. Roger – I actually have a few of Suzanne’s book but have yet to actually read one. I must change that!

    Northwoman – You are so right about social media Anne. So much easier to reach our favorite authors now!

    Iain – That’s a good reason to contact an author 🙂

  5. Oddly, I’ve never reached out to an author specifically about a book of theirs. I always reach out on facebook because I don’t tweet.
    Once upon a time I posted a photo of my pink flocked Christmas tree on KMM’s facebook page (to celebrate pink Mac) and she commented on the photo. (And if it was her admin, I don’t want to know! It will totally spoil the specialness for me!)
    I recently posted a photo of the baby clouded leopard cubs born at the Denver Zoo to Shiloh Walker’s page because one of the main characters in her J.C. Daniel’s series is a a were-leopard of that origin. She shared the photo with everybody, which I think is kind of cool!
    And, lastly, I like Nicole Peeler’s author page and am somehow friends with her, too. She’s actually randomly commented on my personal status updates, which I completely love. And she’s promoted other author friend’s books on her page, which I’ve commented on and then that author has replied to me (namely Liliana Hart). I love stuff like that.

    With social media making it so easy to “touch” our favorite authors and they’re being so available/accessible, I can only imagine that I’ll get braver and start a discussion about their books someday!

  6. I often send emails to authors if I read a book that I really enjoyed, especially if they are just starting out. They are usually so happy to get fan mail. Once I sent an email to a debut author and she then squee-ed on her blog about how she’d just gotten her first fan letter. I was so happy to have brightened her day. Many authors write because they just love to share their stories, and they are so happy when you tell them you liked it. I can’t write fiction myself so authors are like rock stars to me, and I love to get in touch with them.

  7. O yes, I do love telling authors I love their books, and it is an awesome feeling when they reply to your tweet or facebook post or whatever. I will never contact them that I hated the book though.

  8. I was a latecomer to social media and had never reached out until I discovered how easy it was to do so on Facebook. The first person that inspired me to contact them was Elizabeth Hunter, her books moved me in such a way I just had to let her know. Since then when I like a book I drop them a line and let them know how much I enjoyed it and write a review on Amazon. I think this is especially important with new authors and Indie Authors. I’ve entered competitions and received books as well. I comment on Facebook and it makes me go all fangirly when I get a reply. I’ve also recently been a beta reader as a result of being on Facebook. When it works well it works really well and I feel my reading experience has been greatly enriched by author contact. I love your blog by the way, I do read every post although I don’t always comment.

  9. Lizzie – How awesome that you got comments on your FB!!!

    Jen – I find that too, that newer authors love it and their excitement is adorable 🙂

    aurian – It IS an awesome feeling!

    Sarah – “my reading experience has been greatly enriched by author contact” Yes! I completely agree! And thanks for reading the blog 😀

  10. I definitely fangirl and there are times when I will reach out to the author to let them know I loved their book BUT most of the time I don’t. I’ve been to one book signing and was disappointed when I witnessed certain author’s behavior. I prefer to be blissfully ignorant! LOL…sorry for the ramble but all in all, the majority of authors are good peeps. 🙂

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