Apr 30, 2014

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Silly Stuff – What Happens When I Google ___ ?

So I’m sitting here, thinking about what the heck to do for my Silly Stuff post this week when I notice that my daughter had Googled “d,”. I can’t even begin to imagine what she was looking for but it did make me wonder what would come up if I Google-image searched certain words. And that is how today’s post was born.

First I Googled “silliest picture ever”. 9GAG has the honor of apparently having the silliest picture ever because this is what came up at number one:


Um…not sure it’s the sililest ever but it’s cute in it’s own way, I suppose.

Next, I Googled “best book ever written”. Esquire.com got the number one spot for that query with this image:



Then I decided to Google “stupidest thing ever done” and this popped up at number one:


*snort*  Not quite what I was expecting but since I watched That 70’s Show, it did make me giggle.

Finally, I decided to Google “do I read too much?” and this came in at number one:


Oookaaayy.  That one didn’t work so well, so I changed my tactic and searched “how do I know if I read too much” and this was the result:


Um…well…at least it’s a book.

Have you guys ever Googled something just for the hell of it and were surprised (or not surprised) by what came up?



  1. I have never done it, but it sounds fun. Google here I come!

  2. I can’t think of any specific times I’ve done that, but I’m sure I do on occasion.

    My “game” of choice though is to sit down at my computer with one search item in mind, then all of a sudden its 1-3 hours later and I’m on something else entirely and I try to remember what series of side/bottom panel stories and embedded links I followed that led me from A to Z without ever returning to Google usually.

  3. hehe yepp it amazing what you can find on google lol

  4. Lol I have never done that, but I do know one fun Google search. Just type in this: “Search for Chuck Norris”. Then open up the first page. Of course you have to be old enough to know who Chuck Norris is to find this funny …

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