May 19, 2014

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Question – What Tends To Be The Deciding Factor When Choosing Your Next Great Read?

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My eReader is a Kobo so naturally, I ‘like’ Kobo on Facebook.  They have a #QuestionOfTheDay feature.  Last week, this was their question and I was very impressed with it:

What tends to be the deciding factor when choosing your next great read?

Great question, eh?  I liked it so much, I decided to pass it along to you and see what you have to say.

For me, since I am a blogger, I follow a reading schedule.  I have release dates for books I want to read, or books that my readers would like me to review, and follow that schedule when picking my next book.  If I am, by some miracle, ahead of my reading schedule, I let myself pick a book that is not in my planner.  How do I decide which book to read then?  I go mostly by my mood.  I have a shelf in my book closet that holds books I really want to read but have yet to find the time to do so.  If I can pick a ‘non-scheduled’ book to read next, I will open my book closet and see if any of those titles jump out at me.  Also, sometimes I will pick up a book that some of my friends have been telling me is a ‘must read’ if, again, I am in the mood to read it.

So that’s me.  What about you?  What tends to be the deciding factor when choosing your next great read?

  1. Northwoman says:

    Well now I am like you do, since I am working with you. I look at what’s next on the review schedule or what’s due at the library or just something I really want to read. I am trying to alternate between contemporary romance and urban fantasy just to have some of each. But it doesn’t always work that way. As soon as Murder of Crows is here from the library I have a feeling everything else will have to wait.

  2. Danielle says:

    This is why I could never do what you do. I’d hate not being able to read what I want, when I want.

    My first choice is generally new releases from my favorite series/authors. Then I pick new ones based on the blogs I read and their reviews. I have a long list of series to start, and sometimes I have a real hard time choosing which to start next.

  3. What I read next is completely random. Sometimes it’s the newest release that I’ve been waiting for, sometimes it’s something a blogger recommended that sounds too good not to read, sometimes it’s to change up my genres, and sometimes it’s a re-read because a long awaited sequel is finally coming up and I need to brush up my memory!

  4. I focus on series vs stand-alone novels, and I tend to stick with a series until I get author/series burnout before moving on. I’ve got an ever growing collection of books that the sample chapter hasn’t sucked me in enough to keep reading.

    I find most of my books from blogs and goodreads suggestions. One of my favorite features of this site is the scrolling book cover gif on the right panel. Found so many new reads from there.

    Several times a year I catch up on new releases in bulk. Tend to be immersed in a series when new releases come out… and I don’t keep very good track of release dates now that I read so many series.

  5. Wow, what a difficult question! Like Danielle I could never be a blogger because I hate ‘having’ to read something, it takes a certain part of the joy out of it for me. I have a whole list of must read authors, some of whom are put everything aside and read now and others whom I have to be in the right mood for. I also love series, especially urban fantasy. I tend to avoid PNR as I like to stick with the same character and immerse myself in their world. Then I look at reviews, goodreads and I follow about a half dozen blogs. I often think that looks fabulous I must read it now from a blog. I also look at the cover and the blurb and something just says read me. And what I’m often not in the mood for one week I absolutely adore the next!

  6. I feel the same as many of the others, as to why I couldn’t be a blogger. It would drive me crazy having a book schedule.

    I always read my library stack first, which is usually books I have ordered long ago. Then I go to the TBR collection at home. I spend a while just staring at my books, longingly remembering when I bought them, flipping through them. Then I usually can’t decide at all so I ask my boyfriend to randomly pick a book from the shelf.

    I also try and alternate between fiction and non-fiction, so for every 5 awesome fun Urban Fantasy or PNR books that I read, I try and throw in a serious political science book or something of that nature. I usually fail with this goal though.

  7. O my, reading on a schedule is totally not for me. Like someone else wrote, I read what my mood makes me read, and according to some challenges I set myself. Of course the shiny new ones from my favourite authors are first, and then some series I have started. And when I am not in the mood for any of those, I pick something random from my shelf, and just try a few books until one captures my interest.

  8. I’m a brand new blogger so I don’t have a reading schedule yet. I’m mostly a mood reader. I have a co-worker that can sometimes talk me into reading something I might not normally read. I have found though that my books need to be either bound or e-books. No audio for this girl.

    Found you via Rabid Reads.

  9. Northwoman – If I were to add in library books…whoa. I’m suddenly glad that my local library does not carry any of the books I like to read lol.

    Danielle – Yes! I have a long list of series to try and it’s almost impossible to pick which to start first.

    Lizzie – Random sounds fun! 🙂

    Iain – I like your phrase “author/series burn out”. I believe that will be a Question soon… 😉

    Sarah – I used to prefer PNR but now…I go towards UF more, like you 🙂 And you are so right about loving a book one week but not the next because the mood doesn’t strike.

    Amber – I love how you talk about looking at your books thinking about their ‘stories’. Awesome and so true 🙂

    aurian – Random off the shelf! I should try that some day 😉

    Jamie – Welcome! I never did audio…until last year. Now it makes heavy housework so much more fun 🙂

  10. Jessica says:

    For me it’s all about 90% based on my mood and 10% based on what just came out. My process for picking my next book generally involves going on Amazon and reading the sample chapters (or reading them on my Kindle if I pre-ordered the book), and then choosing a book based on whatever interested me the most at that time. If a new book from one of my favorite authors comes out though, I will often go against what I’m in the mood for and read that book because I know it will be amazing. For instance, I have been on a chiclit kick lately, but put aside those books to pick up Ann Aguirre’s newest: Silver Mirrors.

  11. I tried to stick with a blog reading schedule for the first two years of blogging and now almost four years into running my blog I have realized that I can’t read tour books most of the time. I just can’t force myself to read everything by a release date so I try to limit the amount of review books I take in to about one per month that way I can mostly read whatever I want.

    Great discussion.

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