Jun 2, 2014

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Question – Do You Think Author/Series Burnout Is Permanent?

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A couple of week’s ago, I asked about deciding factors when choosing your next read.  Iain talked about “author/series burnout” and a light bulb went off when I read his answer.   I thought:  “That would make an excellent Question topic!”

Author burnout.  I would define that as suddenly being sick and tired of reading and and all books by a certain author.  And you would know you are in a series burnout if just thinking of reading another book in a certain series makes your stomach turn.  I can’t say I have found myself in an all-out burnout before but I have been in a ‘meh’ state.

My ‘meh’ state is usually when I just can’t seem to care whether or not I read the next book in a series or by a certain author.  Some series or authors have me feeling constant butterflies while reading and almost anxiety while I want for the next book.  The ‘meh’ state is not at all like that.

Is it permanent?  Eventually, when it comes to it being an author, I will try something new that they release because if I enjoyed the author once before it means I like her voice.  And the voice tends to go from series to series.  But a series, often if I have reached the ‘meh’ state, I won’t go back.  I say I will…but I don’t.  So I suppose that it is permanent as far as a series is concerned.

How about you?  Do you think author/series burnout is permanent?

  1. Once a series has a few meh installments, it’s rare that I’ll pick it back up, but if they release a new stand alone or series I’ll definitely give ’em a try.

  2. Readsalot81 says:

    Series burnout takes awhile, but for me, once it happens – I typically will never purchase another book in that series again. Stagnate character development, a never ending plot arc – if I don’t have a firm sense of direction – or the characters do a 180, I’m pretty much finished.

    The JD Robb books – I’ve hit a wall. I can see why people like them – but they do absolutely nothing for me now – after I’ve read 30+ books from her. (would i pick up at a library, or usb- sure- but frankly, i’m not in any rush and don’t feel the burning desire to know what’s up)

    Same with Faith Hunter’s Yellowrock books and the Anita Blake books. I’ve lost interest in Jane, and well Anita – *snort* she’s not anything like she used to be.. so meh.

    Would I pick up another series by those authors? I don’t know, probably not. While voice can vary, writing style usually doesn’t- and there are always new voices/authors to read whom I haven’t before.

  3. I think this happens for me with YA series in particular or very long romance series. I know there are some YA series I have on my shelves that I’ve told myself for years I would get back into and then never did. I think once I decide I’m bored or done with a series I can’t make myself go back to it to see how it all ends.

    Great discussion

  4. I’ve only hit the meh/burnout with two series – Anita Blake and Stephanie Plum. I think my Anita burnout is permanent, but I have pre-ordered the next book in LKH’s Merry Gentry series. I didn’t burnout on that series. And I think at some point in time I’ll revisit Stephanie Plum, but probably not as new releases. The new releases in that series are way too expensive for how short the books are.
    I’ve only read three of the never-ending JD Robb series, so I haven’t burned out there yet. I think I might just visit that series once in a while so that the series never ends, and I never burnout on it.

  5. Northwoman says:

    Lizzie Dee – I’m with you. I burned out on Anita Blake and Stephanie Plum. The only way I would pick one up, from the library, might be if it is the LAST Stephanie or Anita book in the series. But probably not.

  6. Lol Ronnie, I absolutely still love those series you are burned out on. I have this problem with Sherrilyn Kenyon. i still love the earlier books, but the new ones are all the same. Perhaps I try again in a few years, but I won’t buy them new anymore. Some other series I bought lots of books at once, and now I punish myself by reading them, very slowly though. I should have just bought and read the first book.
    Most often series are ended before I burn out on them.

  7. Carmel – I’m the same. 🙂

    readsalot –

    Stagnate character development, a never ending plot arc – if I don’t have a firm sense of direction – or the characters do a 180, I’m pretty much finished.

    I completely agree with you!

    Alexa – I did that with two YA series I used to totally be invested in. I really should have been more excited when a final installment came out but nope. I bought the book and it’s still just sitting there…

    Lizzie Dee – The two series you mention having a burnout from I still have not read lol

    aurian – I am not caught up to the Sherrilyn Kenyon series. I hope I don’t get a burnout when I get going on it again because right now, I love that series! lol

  8. First off, I think this is the first post I’ve ever inspired on the internet, and that’s pretty cool.

    When I think of series burnout I think of Black Dagger Brotherhood. I like enough aspects of the series to keep coming back, but I usually burnout on the quirks of the series after 3-4 books in a row. That’s a burnout I’ll return to.

    Another example, JD Robb’s In Death series. I read the first 4 books recently, and I like the characters, but by book 4 I had the culprit and red herring culprit figured out when the characters were introduced, by around page 50. Reading gets boring quick when you have the entire plot figured out. I doubt I’ll return to these any time soon.

    Final example (thanks aurian for reminding me) would be Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark/Were/Dream/Hell Hunter/Chaser series. The first 14 books through to Acheron were amazing, and a great place to stop. Books 15+ haven’t been as good and I burned out for awhile on 19, Sundown’s book. If I hadn’t come back and made it all the way to Styxx’s book that would have been a shame. Now I feel like I HAVE to stick with the series, and eventually The Chronicles of Nick, because that book HAS to be as good as Styxx/Acheron I think/hope.

    Summary: I think “meh state” is a good word for it. Never say never, as they say. Usually reading a similar book, or another book by same author will spur me to give a burnout book/series another chance, with mixed results.

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