Jun 3, 2014

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Review: Grim Shadows by Jenn Bennett (Roaring Twenties #2)

grimshadows5 star

Paranormal Romance
June 3 2014
Mass Market Paperback
325 pages
Berkley Sensation
Received from publisher

Yummy Man – Lowe Magnusson
Kick Ass Chick – Hadley Bacall

From Goodreads –
It’s the Roaring Twenties in foggy San Francisco. Prohibition is on, inhibitions are low, and dark magic is rolling into town…

Archaeologist Lowe Magnusson is packing something everyone wants. The djed amulet, a priceless Egyptian artifact, will fetch Lowe a hefty paycheck from one of San Francisco’s wealthiest. But when the handsome Swede runs into his patron’s uptight daughter, what he once considered easy money becomes maddeningly complicated…

Cursed with deadly spirits as her constant companions, curator Hadley Bacall must keep calm to hold her dangerous specters at bay and prevent them from lashing out at anything—or anyone. Trouble is, Lowe is driving her crazy, but her father needs the artifact he’s transporting. While Hadley can feel the amulet’s power, she can’t fathom the destruction—or the desire—it’s about to stir up.


Grim Shadows is the second installment in Jenn Bennett’s incredible Roaring Twenties series. It’s a paranormal romance series that is very unique in its paranormal. There are no vampire. There are no werewolves. What there is are ghosts and spirits and lore from far off ancient lands. And it’s all wrapped in a murder mystery type of bow. Very cool and highly entertaining.

In the first book, we followed Winter Magnusson as he fell in love with Alda Palmer. I loved Winter. He was the kind of hero I enjoy reading. Strong and smart yet completely at a loss when feelings of like turn into feelings of love. The word ‘cute’ does not really match Winter but I found it cute how he went all gaga and lost. This time around we follow Winter’s brother Lowe as he meets and falls for one Hadley Bacall.

OMG did I ever love Lowe! I actually loved him more than Winter! Go ahead and gasp. I know I did. Winter is a pretty amazing hero after all. But Lowe…he is so sharp! You would have to be to be able to weave as many stories (read ‘lies’) as he does on a regular basis. He is a bit *clears throat* of a con man and can charm his way out of pretty much anything. What a fascinating fellow. And so sexy! There is just something about the era that these books are written in that makes the hot scenes that much hotter. Also, I am finding that intelligence is becoming more and more important for me in the characters that I read And wit too. Lowe has both and knows how to use them. Yet there is a definite vulnerability to him that makes him more real. Such a great character.

Hadley is another smart individual and that’s important, especially if she is to keep up with Lowe. I found them to be the perfect match, and not only because their career paths are very similar (ish). I love how she is, at face value, Lowe’s opposite yet dig down a bit deeper and there is so much there to discover. She too is a very well written character with almost as many layers as Mr. Lowe Magnusson possesses. They balance each other out very well. Her character is also where the paranormal aspect of the book comes in. Hadley has a…shall we say ‘talent’. It’s a terrifying yet amazing talent that no one knows much about. Curious to know more? Then read the book 😉

I would not consider these books to be historicals in the true sense of the word even though they are marketed that way. Yes, they are set in the 1920’s but the era and the setting feel more like characters, adding a depth to the story that would not be achieved if set in modern day.

The story this time around is so much fun! Lowe and Hadley are trying to decipher some pictographs in order to find urns that hold important pieces to a very impressive and dangerous artifact. That means the mystery is mixed with Egyptian lore. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes the story incredibly interesting.

Overall, I absolutely adored Grim Shadows. If I found book one in the series strong, this one was even stronger. I can’t wait to read the next book, Grave Phantoms. Not only because this series rocks but also because it will tell Bo and Astrid’s story and I can’t wait to see how Winter and Lowe react to their little sister falling in love. *grin*

What more can I say? Jenn writes books that are hard to put down. You definitely have to check this one out.

5 stars

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