Jun 9, 2014

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Question – Are You Stricter or More Lenient When Rating a Well-Loved Series?

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I’ve been sitting on this Question ever since Archangel’s Consort released in January of 2011.  As I read that book, I remember feeling disappointed.  So disappointed.  I found it so slow!  But man, I felt so guilty for even thinking that about a book in this series as I absolutely adored the first two installments to date.  When it came time to rate the book, I was torn.  If this was a book one in a series, I easily would have rated it 2 to 2.5 stars.  But how could I fathom doing this to a Guild Hunter book?  What was so wrong with me that I was even considering rating it less than 4 stars?!  So I rated it 3 stars, mentioning in my review that the previous books saved this book for me.

That is the not the first time I felt this way while reading a book from one of my go-to series, but it was the first time I actually paid enough attention to feel bad about it.  When I read Iced by Karen Marie Moning, I found myself feeling the same way.  I was not a fan of that book but felt horrible about not loving it as much as I had the Fever books.  I mean, I absolutely ADORED those books!  But Iced…I’m not even sure I’m going to read Burned.  I did rate Iced 3 stars and that is also because of the Fever books.  Again, it would have been a 2 or 2.5 star read had I not adored the Fever books so much.

But don’t go worrying about whether or not you can trust my ratings.  If I rate slightly better than I would/should have because of how I feel about a series so far or because I have a bit of a crush on the author, I will say so in my review.  I am always honest with my explanation.

So how about you guys?  Are you stricter or more lenient when rating a well-loved series?

  1. That’s a very interesting question. I do think I am more forgiving with an ongoing series that I love, tending to evaluate each book in light of the overall arc. Up to a point. If a series lets me down – usually two bad books in a row – then I cross this line where I get too annoyed. Then I can’t be won back. Almost like a love affair gone bad!

  2. Hmm…
    I guess I rate a little higher with well loved series. I did this lately with the more recent books of the BDB. I did still enjoy the stories of the newer books but that was mostly for my love of the series as a whole and for seeing character’s story lines continue even if I didn’t love the main interest in the most recent book.

    Great discussion!

  3. Mizzsunny says:

    I rate strictly, regardless if I love a series or not. If I read a book and I felt it deserved a 2 or 2.5, that’s what I would rate it. It’s very rare that I’ll be forgiving.

  4. Jeffe – More forgiving! That is a very good way of putting it 🙂

    Alexa – You’re right. Sometimes it is just watching the continuing story lines that makes the story ‘bearable’ 😉

    Mizzsunny – Good girl.

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