Jun 12, 2014

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The Hollows by Kim Harrison Read-a-Long – A Fistful Of Charms

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Before we begin, just a reminder that this post and its comments will include spoilers for the first book in Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series. This read-a-long is for those who have read the books previous to now and also for those who are new to the series so please, no spoilers for books beyond the one featured in the discussion this week. Thanks!

This week’s book –


A Fistful of Charms – book four

From Goodreads –

The evil night things that prowl Cincinnati despise witch and bounty hunter Rachel Morgan. Her new reputation for the dark arts is turning human and undead heads alike with the intent to possess, bed, and kill her—not necessarily in that order.

Now a mortal lover who abandoned Rachel has returned, haunted by his secret past. And there are those who covet what Nick possesses—savage beasts willing to destroy the Hollows and everyone in it if necessary.

Forced to keep a low profile or eternally suffer the wrath of a vengeful demon, Rachel must nevertheless act quickly. For the pack is gathering for the first time in millennia to ravage and rule. And suddenly more than Rachel’s soul is at stake.

My thoughts on this book

3.5 stars

Well as you must know by now, I never liked Nick. I like him even less now. I loved the fact Jenks was back and I enjoyed him so much in this book. I was disappointed in Jax.
I think Rachel was crazy to try something different with Ivy in the middle of everything else happening. Fascinating that she started to wonder about Trent and compare herself to him when she had to make difficult choices.

I’m worried about how she is pushing the envelope with Ivy. Why could she have just enjoyed Kisten? I’m also worried about the whole pack thing and that she will continue to be challenged. We haven’t even gotten into the whole trial and what Piscary might do if he gets loose. Did I say I’m worried?

I would have liked to see more of Kisten. I missed Trent terribly in this book. I also want to know more of what will happen to Ceri.
This book was a roaring side adventure, but did little to resolve my questions in this series. If it weren’t for Jenks, I wouldn’t have liked it very well. It is my least favorite book in the series so far.

You can read Jessica’s review of this book over at Rabid Reads here.

Here were my questions from book 3

• Will Rachel get into a romance?
Nick leaves and she starts seeing Kisten. I like Kisten. I don’t like what she’s doing with Ivy.
• How will Rachel get out from the demon?
• I want to know all about Trent’s father and Rachel’s father, their relationship and how they died.
• What will happen to Ceri? Will she be for or against Trent? I know Rachel doesn’t trust Trent but he is going to know more about elves than she does.
• How will Ivy hold up with being scion and not wanting to be scion?
• Who or what is Takata? There’s some reason he keeps turning up.
• Will Trent really marry Ellasbeth?
• And what does Sa’han mean anyway?
• When will we get Jenks back?
He’s back and he’s beautiful!!!
• What will happen with Skimmer and Piscary?
And some of your questions:
• What would Rachel have to do to get rid of her Demon Mark?
• Also, is Nick really trustworthy?, He seems to “borrow” books too easily and he’s not comfortable around the FIB.
That would be a great big NO. He’s not trustworthy AT ALL.
• Will Rachel have to go to the Ever After as Al’s familiar?
Well, that is what Al wants. But instead she sent Lee.
• What is the connection with Trent’s and Rachel’s fathers?
• Why did Piscary want to know if Rachel has helped Trent?
I think he is afraid they will work together as their fathers did.
• And how did Rachel’s cure affect her?
She has demon blood and that is how she can do demon magic

And now my ongoing questions:

• Will Rachel get into a romance?
Nick leaves and she starts seeing Kisten. I like Kisten. I don’t like what she’s doing with Ivy.
• How will Rachel get out from the demon?
• I want to know all about Trent’s father and Rachel’s father, their relationship and how they died.
• What will happen to Ceri? Will she be for or against Trent? I know Rachel doesn’t trust Trent but he is going to know more about elves than she does.
• How will Ivy hold up with being scion and not wanting to be scion?
• Who or what is Takata? There’s some reason he keeps turning up.
• Will Trent really marry Ellasbeth?
• Will Rachel be more understanding of Trent with having to make her own difficult ethical decisions these days?
• And what does Sa’han mean anyway?
• Will Nick show up again? I really hoped he was gone for good after the third book.
• What will happen with Skimmer and Piscary?


And the winner of the Burning Bunny pin from Kim Harrison is: Aimee Y.

Who said: “Are you saying because I carry the stink of demon magic, that I’m a bad person?”

Some great quotes you shared with me:

“Hey, ah, does anyone want a cookie or something? Oh yeah. A cookie. That would make everything better. Dunked in a shot of tequila , maybe? Or better yet, just the bottle? Yeah, that ought to do it.”~
“You push the lever in her back, and fake blood squirts out. Isn’t it great!” ~Jenks

“I think best when I’m having hysterics. Just shut up and let me have them!” ~ Rachel

“And then there are the rare ones who know love, who understand it. Who freely give of themselves, demanding only a return of that love, that trust.” His faultless blue eyes never blinked, and I held my breath. “It can be beautiful, Rachel, when there is trust and love. No one is bound. No one loses his or her will. No one becomes less. Both become more than they can be alone. But it is so rare, so beautiful when it happens.” ~ Kisten

Schedule and wrap up

We’re doing roughly one book a week, with a posting on Wednesdays. I can’t commit to doing a review every week, but as a minimum, I will make some observations and ask a few questions I want to know after reading the book. I have some ideas for some fun and games as we go along. Here’s our planned schedule (updated):

June 18 – For a Few Demons More, book 5
June 25 – The Outlaw Demon Wails, book 6

July 2 – week off with holiday
July 9 – White Witch, Black Curse, book 7
July 16 – none because of “special visitor”
July 23 – Black Magic Sanction, book 8
July 30 – Pale Demon, book 9 – Guest review by Jessica, Rabid Reads

August 6 – A Perfect Blood, book 10 – Guest review by Tabitha, Not Yet Read
August 13 – none because no blog posts as Julie is on vacation
August 20 – Ever After, book 11
August 27 – The Undead Pool, book 12

September 9 – release day for the final book, A Witch with No Name, book 13.

So – Post a comment for me so I know you’re reading. Include a quote from the book (hopefully not the same as others). If you haven’t read the books before, tell me some of the questions you have now. If you’ve read the books already, don’t be a spoiler to the rest of us!
In the rafflecopter giveaways, there is a place to answer the Who said game and also a place to enter a quote from the book. One giveaway ends after this month; one is the final prize giveaway for the whole event.

And then, on to Book 5 – For A Few Demons More. Happy Reading!

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  1. I think this is my favorite quote from book 4:

    “Tagged by a whiny little vamp. Rache, take this sword and stick it in me. Just go and stick it in me. I’m a back-drafted, crumpled-winged, dust-caked, dew-assed excuse of a backup. Worthless as a pixy condom. Taken down by my own partner. Just tape my ass shut and let me fart out my mouth.”

    LOL. And I missed Trent in this book as well. Thanks for the shout-out! I’m thinking it’s about time I got back to the reread now 😉

  2. I love this series dearly, but this is not one of my favorites. I still really enjoyed it. There was a lot of new elements added to the story, and the stuff with Ivy is getting downright weird at this point. Also, I missed Trent a lot and hate Nick with a passion.

    My favorite quote from this book would have to be: “Good God,” I whispered, sitting on the van’s cot and looking at my legs, horrified. They were hairy—not wolf hairy, but an I-couldn’t-find-my-razor-the-last-six-months hairy. Utterly grossed out, I took a peek at my armpit, jerking away. Oh, that’s just…nasty.”

  3. Janice A. says:

    My thoughts on A Fistful of Charms:
    It was nice to be out of the Hollows.
    I missed Trent actually being there, but he was mentioned.
    I loved big Jenks.
    I wasn’t happy about Ivy making her move on Rachel. But it had to happen sometime. So hopefully we’ll move on from there.
    They should have saved Jax and left Nick with the weres.
    Loved the show Rachel and Jenks put on for the townspeople (“God, I love caramel! It takes forever to lick off.”

    I’m not sure where I would place this book in my favorites list. Probably near the bottom, because of the lack of Trent and Ivy almost killing Rachel. And Rachel saying it was her own fault. But it had some great action and I stayed up all night reading it.

    My favorite quote is “That’s because pixies are ever-after. We’re magic, baby. Just ask Matalina.”

  4. Janice A. says:

    I forgot my questions.

    How is Rachel going to get rid of the Focus?
    Will Rachel and Ivy try again?
    When will Nick show up again?

  5. Northwoman says:

    Thanks Jessica, Aimee and Janice. I appreciate you being along for the journey.

    Those are some GREAT quotes you shared with me. So funny. I just LOVE Jenks. I think sometimes, if Matalina doesn’t survive Rachel should make him big and she should have him. Or I should have him. LOL.

    I did like this adventure. I think my enjoyment of the book was colored by how much I HATE Nick.


  6. Charlotte says:

    Unlike many, I enjoyed this book and found it continued to add depth to the continuing themes of discovery/acceptance of self and when does the end justify the means. Harrison’s use of rich detail continues to build a world of enticing depth.

    Rachel continues to draw and learn from exceptional individuals with more sure indications that she is exceptional herself and, although she does not recognize this, others do. Ivy and Jenks, of course, as well as Edden, Glenn, David, Ceri, Newt and Quen–even Trent. Rachel’s empathy and acceptance of others for who they really are is healing and earns their respect, if not always their gratitude and support.

    I have to admit I held out hope that Nick would turn out to be a good guy. This book pretty much put an end to any hope that Nick would ever put anyone besides himself first.

    Favorite quotes:
    anything out of Jenk’s mouth with Tink in it

    One person can’t hold anything, but two can have the world, Rache.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and you can kiss your ass good-bye .

    I pulled myself closer, gently holding his shattered body to me. “The sun is shining,” I said, eyes clinching shut as memories of my dad flooded back. “Just like you wanted. Can you feel it? It won’t be long. I’ll be here.”

    “Thank you,” he said, the words terrifyingly liquid. “Thank you for trying to turn the lights on. That makes me feel as if I was worth saving.”

    My throat closed. “You are worth saving,” I said, tears spilling over as I rocked him gently.

    Some questions:
    what is the relationship between aura, soul, mind and body? Is it too simple to just say they’re interdependent? That you need them all to be alive and to love? Does how you live depend on which ones, if any, is missing?

    Are there other ways of removing demonic smut besides transferring it to another?

    What does Ivy see in Rachel that encourages her to think that Rachel, more than any other witch, can save her soul after first death?

    *Is* it possible for a curse to be technically black but morally white?

    This one’s philosophical: what’s worse-not to being trusted or being trusted and feel you cannot honor that trust because of who you fundamentally are?

    (Sorry if this reads more like a book report than a review–I’ll get better with practice, I hope.)

  7. Northwoman says:

    Charlotte – Thank you. Excellent observations and questions. As I am reading the series, this book stands out as it shows the growth Rachel is undergoing, her journey and her unshakeable moral stand. It’s no wonder her group of friends is growing. I just hope she learns enough to save herself and her friends.

    I just love Jenks. What he says. What he does. And that Rachel sees him, counts him, when so many do not. And he’s funny.

    Please, I’m happy to all your comments and questions, don’t be sorry.


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