Jun 16, 2014

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Question – Immediate Re-Reads. Have You Ever Been Compelled To Do This?

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A couple of weeks ago I asked about re-reading a book.  Most of you said that yes, you absolutely re-read books either in time for a new release or when feeling particularly blah.  But what about re-reading the moment you close the book?  Have you ever felt the need to crack it back open right after you close it to read it all over again?

I have, quite a few times, immediately gone back and re-read certain scenes or passages.  In fact, there is one scene that breaks me in the upcoming Secret McQueen book by Sierra Dean.  That one scene, I re-read at least 3 times once finished the book.  (And once you read it too, you’ll totally understand why ;))  I wanted to re-read Dreamfever right after finishing it to see if I missed some clue about who ‘Mac lost’ at the very end of the book but retrained myself knowing that KMM would never let something like that slip.

The only book I remember re-reading from start to finish right after I was finished with it was Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis.  Yes, my feel-good go-to book.  I did re-read that one immediately after finishing it.  But other than that, I am mostly someone who re-reads scenes before moving on to a new book.

What about you?  Have you ever been compelled to re-read a book immediately after finishing it?


  1. Christine says:

    I feel that way all the time, but I have so many books to read, I have to force myself not to. I listen to audiobooks as well, so sometimes I’ve read the book then immediately started the audiobook of the same one – the last time I did that was The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand.

  2. Christine says:

    And recently with Tessa Bailey’s book, Baiting the Maid of Honour, I went back and reread parts of it right away – the ‘good’ parts, tee hee

  3. Northwoman says:

    oh definitely yes!!! Several this year in fact, I wanted to and some I have. Did: Halfway Hexed and Slightly Spellbound by Kimberly Frost. Wanted to: Deeper by Robin York which I have now reread. Written in Red by Anne Bishop. Also Once in a Lifetime by Jill Shalvis. I always have the desire to do that with the Kate Daniels books by Ilona Andrews and sometimes I have.

  4. I usually find myself re-reading certain scenes or passages after I finish an amazing book. I just can’t help but love certain areas that made the book enjoyable for me. So I tend to re-read passages but I don’t think I have every re-read an entire book after just finishing it.

  5. There are quite a few books that I’ve re-read immediately. When I’ve been so anticipating a book, I tend to read it very quickly, almost skimming. That immediate re-read is almost necessary for me to catch all sorts of details I missed the first time around. I’ve re-read immediately most of KMM’s Fever series, some Chicagoland Vampire books, some Kate Daniels books, Deborah Harkness’ books. I’m sure there are others, too. 🙂

  6. I rarely reread since I have so many unread books waiting for me, but one book that I finished and then immediately reread was Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison. I was just going to read one or two scenes again and before I knew it, I read the whole thing . In fact, I believe I read that book three times in a week LOL. Just thinking about it now is making me want to reread it. Another one that I immediately reread was Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs, and now that I’m thinking about it, I could sit down right now and reread it also.

  7. I quite often reread sections of a book once again, often big chunks and I have a list of authors, about 6 or 7 who I do that for but theres only one in the last few years where I’ve gone straight back to the beginning and that was Elizabeth Hunter’s Elemental Mysteries starting with A Hidden Fire. When I got the end of book 4 I immediately went back to book 1 and read the whole lot again. They overwhelmed me completely.

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