Jun 30, 2014

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Question – Are There Books That Should NEVER Be Adapted For Screen?

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Books into films or television shows.  I think while reading a book we all tend to think what that book would look like on a screen.  Whether it be the big screen or the small screen, we try to picture certain scenes or try to envision what actors would play the main roles.

While reading The Mortal Instruments books a while back, I could totally see them as movies.  That is how they played in my head while I read.  I knew the scenes would translate very well onto the big screen.  (A funny note, I still have not actually watched the Mortal Instruments movie because I’m afraid of being disappointed in it lol)

I can only recall two instances where I watched a movie and it compelled me enough to go out and pick up the books.  Twilight and Harry Potter.  I found the Twilight movie-making-people did an okay job turning those books into movies but to be honest, I never found those books read like movies.  But I loved how the Harry Potter movie-making-people made those books to film.  They read like movies and they adapted well to movies.  They were amazing!

I think Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen books would make a great TV show.  It would run for many seasons thanks to the awesome characters and all the crazy plot twists and surprises!  I also think that Julie James’ Just the Sexiest Man Alive would make a great romantic comedy movie as it reads like a movie already.  That may have to do with the fact that it was first written as a screenplay and not a book, but I still think the story would be adorable on the big screen.

But like the Twilight books, I feel not all books are written in a way that would make them good movies or television shows.  As much as it would be neat to see Barrons and Mac from the Fever books come to life, I just don’t see those books making good movies.  Not sure why.  Maybe it’s because of how complex they are and I don’t feel like the movie-making-people would catch all the subtle nuances and intricate plot twists.

But apparently I may be the only one who feels like not every book can be successfully turned into a screenplay.  It seems movie-making-people think they can turn anything into a movie.  I mean…Fifty Shades of Gray?…

What about you?  Are there books that should NEVER be adapted for the small or big screen?

  1. I do not think Ward’s books would work, it feels like..yeah no

  2. I don’t think Ilona Andrews books would be very good on screen. The weird creatures that they create would never be as good as what I have in my mind.

    I will say that although Bitten has gone off from the book a bit, I’m loving the series and really glad it got renewed for season two. I wish the wolves were done better.

  3. I really don’t think many/any books should be adapted. There’s no way to encompass everything about a book/series to my satisfaction.

    If you’re going to tho, I think the best way is / would be with a mini-series. Longer than a movie, shorter than a TV series, it avoids many of the problems.

    Movies have to cut so much to fit the 1.5-3 hour movie mold (ignoring current 2-3 book movies these days). A TV show inevitably diverts from the material due to a surplus of time / actor politics / creative license.

    I guess book movies/shows aren’t for me/us… they’re for our non-reading friends who otherwise miss out.

  4. *** Addendum / Clarification ***

    Current trend to split some books into 2-3 movies.

  5. blodeuedd – I agree with you.

    Melanie – I really need to catch Bitten in re-runs. And as much as I would love to see Curran on screen, I believe you are right about that series not being great as a movie or tv show.

    Iain – Great points!

  6. It is so funny because I was just talking about this last night with a friend. How some movies just have too many things that happen in the character’s mind while they are thinking to be moved over to a movie screen. When all of the major thoughts are happening behind the scenes it can be hard to put that all in a movie and make all of the secrets work.

  7. Just the sexiest man alive is one of my favorite books ever. I would to see it as a romantic comedy. As far as Barron’s or Curran. I think you are right. When it comes to paranormal there is so much that would have to be CGI and most of the time they can’t get it right. They were going to turn kim Harrison’s Hallow’s series into a show but they were going to eliminate Jenks,Moho is one if the most important characters in the whole series. But since Jenks is a pity and only 4 inches tall it would cost too much for him to added as a main character. Thank goodness that never panned out and kim got her rights back.

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