Jul 2, 2014

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Silly Stuff – I’m A Nurse, Not a Woman

Did the title of this post lure you in to read it?  That is what happened to me when I noticed this on twitter.  I follow Awful Library Books and when they post some new terrible book, they tweet it.  And this tweet was definitely worth clicking on.

Read on then we’ll discuss:

nurse into woman1

nurse into woman2

nurse into woman3

nurse into woman4

nurse into woman5

While reading the original post I just wanted to yell “why can’t she be both?!”  But apparently that didn’t fly in 1941, when this was originally published.  Pages 110 and 111 crack me up!  I hope they made you giggle too.


  1. WTF? Oh the olden days

  2. Lol, Cast of characters? Was that a thing back then?

  3. Now I really, REALLY want to name a hero Captain Jim Dudley…

  4. I’m glad I was born “a lot” later than the 40s. 😉

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