Jul 14, 2014

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Question – What Do You Tell People You Read?

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A couple of weeks ago I posted my story of Jason and paperbag books.  (Missed it?  You can read it here.)  Some of you commented that you are grateful for your Kindles because that way people don’t have to know what genre of books you read nor do they have to look upon the covers we covet but they look at with disgust.  *mumbles* crazy prejudice people…

Some are loud and proud to read smut and aren’t afraid to shout about it but some of you just don’t want to deal with the masses who just don’t understand our love.  And I don’t blame you.  Sometimes you just want to get on the bus and read, not defend your choices.

I want to touch on the Kindle thing here today.  If you are reading on your Kindle and people ask you what you are reading, and you are shy about your chosen genre or are not in the mood to enter a debate on your lunch hour, what do you tell people?  What is your answer to their query?

If you don’t want to admit that you are reading romance-type books, what do you tell people you read?

  1. I run into the problem a lot, because my coworkers know I read a book almost every day. Luckily, I mix up romance novels with Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, and the occasional non-genre books.

    With romance novels I tend to try and mention the last UF/PNR book I read. With PNR, I just focus on the Paranormal and not so much the Romance.

    Recently, when drawing a blank, I mentioned rereading Kate Daniels with Magic Rises around the corner, and the concept of rereading seemed to confuse them somehow.

    Sometimes hiding my reading choices is more trouble than its worth. (Especially since if a passage is funny enough, I’ll share it regardless of what book I’m reading, anyway.)

  2. I’m always honest about what I’m reading… unless is MIL or FIL asking.. LOL

  3. I usually just say “ooh it’s a book about vampires / werewolves / etc” because chances are they won’t be familiar with the title anyway so there’s no point in elaborating. LOL

  4. I always tell. My co’worked saw on of my romances though and said something about harlequin like that was the lowest of the low

  5. Depends on who’s asking. If it’s my parents or my boss, I gloss over what it is – oh it’s a book about vampires, it’s a romance set in Denver, etc. If it’s my sister, sister-in-law, or one of my book partners in crime, I go all out. I’m always recommending books to them and discussing what we’re reading. One of the reasons I love my kindle so much is that I read a lot in public and strangers really don’t need to know if I’m reading something called Beyond Shame or Taint or Dirty Angels. 🙂

  6. I have to admit, one reason I love my K is that no one can see what I’m reading. I won’t usually tell people that I read romance though. Instead, I usually tell them I read UF. Most people have never heard of it, so then I tell them it’s all about vampires and werewolves. For some reason, it always surprises people that I like to read those types of stories.

  7. Jessica says:

    LOL this topic hits a bit close to hope. I just got back from a trip to Ireland/UK, and I intentionally chose to read high fantasy on the airplane, because I wanted to be able to honestly answer if someone asked me what book I was reading. How silly is that?

    My reading-roots lay in the sci-fi/Fantasy world, and I’m proud of loving those kinds of books, but I’m a bit embarrassed by my love of PNR, romance, and erotica. So I generally just tell people I read Fantasy. I figure it covers most of the books I read. Fantasy as in fae, dragons, etc. And URBAN Fantasy/PNR with vampires and shifters. One could even stretch the truth and say that contemporary romance and erotica are a type of fantasy too. But that’s stretching it a bit too much for me.

    Now, if I know a person reads the same kinds of books, I definitely get more specific. I love having super girly conversations about books. haha. Fortunately I have two co-workers that read the same kinds of books so we fangirl out on our book boyfriends frequently.

  8. Iain – Re-reading confuses them?! That’s too funny lol. And you’re right – it’s fun to share funny passages when reading. I do that with Jason…whether he wants me to or not lol.

    Bookaholic Cat – What is it about our in-laws that make us shy? lol

    Carmel – I like that. Good idea!

    blodeuedd – You’re right about the word Harlequin. Why is that, I wonder…

    Lizzie Dee – It’s nice to have people we can be completely honest with 🙂

    Jen – I find it truly amazing how many people have not heard of UF. What is with that?! And I wonder, if you told people you read romance, if that would make more sense to them lol.

    Jessica – You’re correct that the word ‘fantasy’ covers pretty much all that you read. Smart!

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