Jul 18, 2014

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Review: Going Under by Jeffe Kennedy (Falling Under #1)

goingunder3 star

Erotic Contemporary Romance
July 14 2014
226 pages
Carina Press
Received from publisher via NetGalley

Yummy Man – Fox Mulligan
Kick Ass Chick – Emily Bartwell

From Goodreads –
Knowing all too well the damage online trolls can inflict, game designer Emily Bartwell takes privacy seriously. Living in solitude and working remotely under a male alias gives her a sense of security. The sexy writer renting the house next door ignites desires she’d forgotten she had, and when he invites her to play games of a very different sort, Em is ready and willing. Even if it means breaking all her own rules to abide by his.

Undercover tech reporter Fox Mullins is so close to the biggest scoop of his career: finding the elusive programmer Phoenix. An increasingly erotic adventure with his reserved but passionate new neighbor is the ideal way to heat up the chilly Pacific Northwest nights as he tracks the brilliant gamer.

At first Fox is happy to help Em explore her newly awakened kinky side, no holds barred, no strings attached. But as they push the limits of intimacy, both physical and emotional, Fox discovers he’s not the only one keeping secrets. And revealing hers may mean betraying the one woman who embodies everything he desires.


Going Under is the first book in Jeffe Kennedy’s Falling Under series. If this book is any indication, the rest of the series will be fun to read and feature well built stories. And it will be very hot.
I don’t read much erotica anymore. To be honest, I find it almost too much and unoriginal since one book in particular hit it big. But I was chatting with an author who is a friend and whose opinion I trust and she told me that I would most likely like this book. So I gave it a try…and she was right.

The first thing that made me smile about this book is that it features a heroine who is a video game designer. My husband is a gamer. Before meeting him, I had no idea people over the age of 15 still played video games. But being married to a man who plays daily, I have learned a thing or two. Seeing the character in a gamer role was cool for me. It’s not often you see the heroine, and not the hero, in such a role. You can tell that Jeffe did her research when it came to the gaming lifestyle because what she wrote was on the ball.

It took a bit for the full explanation of Emily’s extreme paranoia so at first I wondered why she was so crazy about her privacy and her seclusion. Why she was so scared. But when the whole story came out, it made more sense. For me, it would have been nice to find out the whole story a bit sooner because I was starting to wonder if I had missed something.

Fox was yummy. Not afraid to go after what he wanted and confident in his abilities. And I mean this in and out of the bedroom. At first I didn’t quite know how I felt about him but I didn’t feel that way for long. But the story’s strongest character was definitely Emily.

Pretty much any kink you like to read, you’ll find in this book. Okay, maybe not everything, but I like how the smexin’ was varied. It kept that aspect of the story from getting repetitive. It did feel a bit odd how Emily was just ready to jump right into kink and bed with Fox what with her fear issues but then again, when you are attracted to somebody and the chemistry is amazing, it’s hard to think of much else. And that is what happened with Emily and Fox in this book. Emily was forced out of her shell and that is one of the best things that could happen for her.

Another thing I quite enjoyed about this story was that you know from the very beginning what the ‘big blow-out’ is going to be about. You see, every contemporary book couple has to go through some issue in order for them to get back together and realize that they are meant to be with each other. Sometimes what the author comes up with as the ‘blow-out’ is just too much and too forced. And sometimes, it comes out of nowhere! But in this book, you know from the beginning what the issue will be. Emily is a game programmer hiding from obsessed fans and industry people. Fox is a reporter looking for the elusive Phoenix, which is the name Emily uses to keep her identity secret while working. So yes, we know from page one that Fox will find out who Emily really is. But what will he do with that information? How exactly will he find out? That is what keeps you reading.

I feel Emily is a bit more forgiving than I am as things resolved themselves a bit more easily then if I were in Emily’s situation but overall, I liked how everything worked out. I wonder if we will see more of Emily and Fox in the next installments because I am curious to see how their relationship ends up after the story ends. Of course, being a romance, there is a HEA but they still have to re-build a bit.

All in all, I enjoyed Going Under. I liked how the story was just as, if not more, important to the book as the sex. It was not just about the sex and if I am going to read an erotica book, I need it to have a decent story too. The pace was good, the characters were solid and the writing was clean and smart. If you like erotica with an actual story that goes beyond sex, then this is a book you would enjoy.

3.5 stars

Giggle worthy quote –

“It hadn’t mattered at the time. When you were fatally wounded, all that mattered was staunching the blood flow. Cutting everybody out of her life bad been a kind of cauterizing. Which – duh – also left behind a lot of burnt flesh. The way her barren life had become.
Now Fox had woken her out of her walking coma. A prince tapping on the glass coffin and dislodging the poison that put her there. He’d make a good prince charming, with his handsome ease and athletic grace. A kinky one, to be sure, but hey – maybe Snow White would have been into it. She’d lived with seven guys, after all.”


  1. Sounds good! I’ll have to check it out. I, too, need a good story line along with my sex. 🙂

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