Jul 23, 2014

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The Hollows by Kim Harrison Read-a-Long – Black Magic Sanction

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This week’s book –

Black Magic Sanction – Book 8

From Goodreads –

Rachel Morgan has fought and hunted vampires, werewolves, banshees, demons, and other supernatural dangers as both witch and bounty hunter – and lived to tell the tale. But she’s never faced off against her own kind…until now. Denounced and shunned for dealing with demons and black magic, her best hope is life imprisonment – at worst, a forced lobotomy and genetic slavery. Only her enemies are strong enough to help her win her freedom, but trust comes hard when it hinges on the unscrupulous tycoon Trent Kalamack, the demon Algaliarept, and an ex-boyfriend turned thief.

It takes a witch to catch a witch, but survival bears a heavy price.

My rating

5 stars

My observations and questions

I enjoyed all the action and the pace of this book. It was busy and full of characters I enjoy. And then one I can’t stand showed up – Nick. But the story was fascinating. I like how Rachel is learning to work with everyone, including fairies, gargoyles, the witch coven and all. She is improving her knowledge, strategy and skills. I just wish she didn’t get so beat up doing it.
I loved the way all her friends and even Al supported her and helped her. Ceri was a rock for her. David had a hand in her plot. Lee managed to help, too. Jenks lost Matalina which broke my heart. I’m glad Rachel could be with him. Pierce is a new complication and just NO. Nick, well, he doesn’t improve with time.
I hope the next book starts with the Hunt with Trent. I want to SEE that. Trent wasn’t quite as annoying in this book. Why am I so attached to him and want to learn more about him?

Here were my questions from book 7

• Will Rachel get into a romance?
Noooo, no, now we have Pierce. Just no.
• Will Rachel get out from the demon marks now as planned?
Well she has gotten one removed with the name swap with Al as planned. YAY!
• I still want to know more about Trent’s father and Rachel’s father and their relationship.
• What will happen to Ceri?
• Will Lee be out for revenge?
No, he is surprisingly doing well.
• What was Newt really looking for?
• Will Matalina survive much longer?
No she is taken out by the fairies when the coven comes after Rachel.
• Will the deal with Al really work out? He wasn’t honoring his deals when in jail.
• Will Nick turn up again? (hell no, maybe he could turn up dead)
Well of course he turned up.
• What will happen next with Trent? (that asshole)
He wasn’t as horrible in this book. He was businesslike and reasonable for a change. I’m glad she remembered some more of her childhood with him. I hope we will learn more about them riding together in the next book.
• Will Rachel get more smut on her aura as she trains with Al?
I would say yes.
• Will Rachel get out of the shunning or get around it somehow?
It looks like she has negotiated her way out, but it still needs to happen.
• With Denon gone, will things get slightly better with the I.S.?
And some of your questions from book 5 & 6

• Still wondering what the aura is really. It seems to be integral to and integrated with the soul and self (are they different?). What roles do the body and mind have?
• Who and/or where is Trent’s mother? (Excellent question!!!!)
• What will Rachel learn from Al?

And now my ongoing questions:

• Will Rachel get into a real romance?
• Will Pierce betray Rachel or leave her?
• I still want to know more about Trent’s father and Rachel’s father and their relationship.
• What will happen to Ceri?
• What was Newt really looking for?
• Will Nick turn up again? (hell no, maybe he could turn up dead)
• What will happen next with Trent? (that asshole)
• Will Rachel get out of the shunning as planned?
• With Denon gone, will things get slightly better with the I.S.?
• How will Jenks manage now?
• Will Rachel be able to remove her link to Trent as her familiar?
• Is Jax back to stay?
• Will the fairies help Ceri and Rachel as they learn about Trent?
• Will we see Brooke again?
• Will Rachel finally have time to learn some skills from Al and traveling the ley lines from Bis?


Who said:
“I’m only going to be here for a time, then leave you.” His gaze met mine. “And I will cry when I go, because I could love you forever.”

Some great quotes from Book 7 you shared with me

“I’m a pixy, Rachel. I may look all tough and stuff, but I got wings, and I know infatuation when I see it.” ~ Jenks
“The runt will have a juice box.’ He turned to Pierce. ‘It will make you big and strong, won’t it, little fella.” ~ Al
“He and Jenks got along great, seeing as Bis had been kicked off the basilica for spitting on people, and Jenks thought that was just fine.” ~ Rachel
“Rachel, you summon demons. You’re good at it. Get over it, then find a way to make it work for you. It’s not going to go away.” ~ Ford
“Two grande lattes, double espresso, Italian blend,” he said to the clerk. “Light on the froth, extra cinnamon. Use whole milk. Not two percent or half-and-half. Put a shot of raspberry in one for my itchy witch here.” ~Al
“Funny how you call my witch black, when you kill for profit, and she kills…” He hesitated in mock thought. “Why, she hasn’t killed anyone who didn’t ask her to! Imagine that.” Color spotted Trent’s cheeks. “I don’t kill for profit.” From the corner, Pierce muttered, “You kill for progress, if you’re anything like your father.” As one, we all looked at Pierce. ~Al (before Pierce) I LOVE this one.
“Tell Ivy that it wasn’t her fault. And tell her that at the end…you remember love. I don’t think…we lose our souls…at all. I think God keeps them for us until we…come home. I love you, Rachel.” ~Kisten
“Don’t touch the baby,” ~ Glenn ~ Rachel
“he smiled a smile that saved the world, but I saw beyond it to the monster underneath.” ~ Rachel concerning Rynn Cormel

Schedule and wrap up

We’re doing roughly one book a week, with a posting on Wednesday, most weeks. I can’t commit to doing a review every week, but as a minimum, I will make some observations and ask a few questions I want to know after reading the book. I have some ideas for some fun and games as we go along. Here’s our planned schedule (updated):

July 30 – Pale Demon, book 9 – Guest review by Jessica, Rabid Reads

August 6 – A Perfect Blood, book 10 – Guest review by Tabitha, Not Yet Read
August 13 – none because no blog posts as Julie and Anne are on vacation
August 20 – Ever After, book 11
August 27 – The Undead Pool, book 12

September 9 – release day for the final book, A Witch with No Name, book 13.

So – Post a comment for me so I know you’re reading. Include a quote from the book (hopefully not the same as others). If you haven’t read the books before, tell me some of the questions you have now. If you’ve read the books already, don’t be a spoiler to the rest of us!
In the rafflecopter giveaways, there is a place to answer the Who said game and also a place to enter a quote from the book. One giveaway ends after this month; one is the final prize giveaway for the whole event.

And… on to Book 9 – Pale Demon. Happy Reading!

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  1. “Rachel, my itchy witch,” Al said as he tugged the lace at his cuffs. “We’ve talked about this. You simply must stop collecting nasty little men. How many do you really need, love?”

    “Shot me twice. I want my name, or I’m going to start charging you a fee every time I field something for you. And it’s going to be expensive. I’m Park Place. Bud-dy.”
    His red, goat-slitted eyes squinted at me from over his smoked glasses. “You’re more like Oriental Avenue right now, dove. What are you on?”

    “Happy endings were never handed out. You had to fight for them, earn them with bruised hearts and sacrifices.”

    I couldn’t use my favorite quotes, b/c they were spoilery 🙁

    You know that I’ve already finished Pale Demon, and I get back to A Perfect Blood some time next week, I hope. I love this book. It was my favorite in the series until I got to Pale Demon, but it’s still a close second.

  2. Charlotte says:

    In Rachel’s world love is good but trust is essential. And she continues to collect exceptional individuals, not all worthy of trust. There are so many examples in this book:

    Jenks and Ivy: The loss of Matalina and another desertion by Jax were heart rending, but highlight the trust between the partners. And again highlight Jenks’ uniqueness and bravery in fighting for a newer, safer world. In fact, all three of the partners have a need to do new things, one from necessity (Ivy) and two by nature. Luckily Jenks and Rachel are by nature “good at doing new things.”

    Bis: He already shows signs of being both trustworthy and exceptional. He’s such a pure heart. One of my favorite characters.

    Trent: Trent and Rachel have been dancing to the same song for a long time, both wanting to trust but not quite able to, antagonizing the other and then attempting awkward amends, never quite able to find that fine balance, always just a little too extreme and always slightly out of sync.

    Al: Trust is already starting to be an active part in their relationship – something they both crave from each other but, like Trent, can’t quite fully trust each other.

    Pierce: A man with a good heart but a moral compass that Rachel cannot trust.

    Nick: Totally untrustworthy and selfish. I often think he should’ve been turned into a weasel instead of a rat for the underground fights – whether helpful or unhelpful he’s always in it for personal gain and always while spouting rationalizations.

    This is the book where Rachel finally reaches a line she cannot work around and she will not cross – taking of an intelligent life. “I was trapped by everything I cared about. No matter what she does she’s going to suffer a crippling loss. I know as the heroine her grief over the death of her belief that there’s always a better way will not lessen her courage, but it’s a sad sad day.

    And on Ivy being a Nancy Drew fan? What girl isn’t?!

    What will hatch from Al’s blue chrysalis? And is Pierce’s lullaby that includes a reference to blue butterflies related?

    What potential does Ivy (and the other vamps) see in Rachel that leads her to believe that Rachel can save her soul? How did she find out whatever it is?

  3. Janice A. says:

    Great book. This one hit all my emotions. I laughed, I cried and had more reasons to hate Nick.

    Favorite quotes:
    “Tears could not be equal, if I wept diamonds from the skies,” Jenks whispered, empty and bereft. “My word silent, though I should howl. Muffled by death, my wings can’t lift me high enough to find you. I feel you within. Unaware of my pain. Not knowing why I mourn.” He lifted his eyes to mine, a glimmer of tears showing. “And why I breathe alone.”

    ” I’m King of the World”

    The quote you use in the game is also one of my favorites.

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