Aug 11, 2014

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Question – Do You Read More While On Vacation?

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Simple-ish Question this week.  Last week and this week, I’m on vacation from work.  (You see where the inspiration for this Question came.  Genius, I know ;))

When I take vacation-time, I hope to have more time to read.  I don’t have any little daycare kids running around and I should get all my work around the house done rather quickly so I plan to read more.  But that is not always the case.  Often I’m not home, which is not necessarily a bad thing since if I’m not home I’m out having fun with my family, but that also means I’m not reading either.

Since I don’t have to wake up at 5am, I could stay up extra late to read.  But I’m tired from my 50 weeks of working and tired from being out all day doing activities I’m not used to doing.  Like swimming all day.  Or strolling through nature all day.  Or shopping all day.

So basically, I plan on reading more and hope to read more but alas, I usually don’t read more.

And you?  Do you read more while on vacation?


  1. I always plan to but never do. If we fly I do get to read on the plane and in the airport but rarely at my destination.

  2. Depends on the vacation. I do a vacation every summer to a cabin in Canada. It has no electricity and is very remote, so there is a lot of reading (at least a book a day). Now in September, I’m going to DC, I’ll be doing a lot of touristy things, so probably not much reading. I will also sometimes do a day of from work for a three day week just to have a day to relax at home and get extra reading in.

  3. Short answer? YES! Omg I read like a book a day during my vacation, I have so many reviews to post

  4. My vacations usually consist of visiting my sister in Oregon. I only see her like twice a year, so we usually have a jam packed schedule. So I actually probably read less while on vacation! Though I do get to read a lot on the plane and in the airport. 🙂

  5. Oh man, yes – our vacations always involve a 10hr drive to my family, and since I(conveniently enough) tend to get sleepy when I drive that far, my husband won’t let me drive. So I read:)Last week on our trip (there, back and during), I read 8 books. Big books that I save for these trips so I can read them straight through – The Book of Life, The King, The Undead Pool – and a few others that had been on my TBR pile for a bit. It was awesome – can’t wait for Christmas to do it again:)

  6. I take a “stay-cation” one weekend every other month. Tack on 2 vacation/personal days to my weekend and have a 4 day weekend.

    If I’m not feeling like watching TV/Movies/etc during that time I’ll read up to 2 books a day.

    While I understand people with family vacations, with it just being me I don’t see the point in taking a vacation out of town if I’m just gonna spend all the extra time reading.

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