Aug 7, 2014

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Review: Forecast by Rinda Elliott (Sisters of Fate #2)

forecast4 star

Young Adult Paranormal Romance
August 5 2014
175 pages
Harlequin Teen
Received from author

Yummy Man – Taran Breen
Kick Ass Chick – Coral Lockwood

From Goodreads –
The Lockwood triplets are charged with helping to save the world—but at a high cost.

Coral is always in the middle, always the family peacemaker. She’s the sister with the most to prove. When a freak snowstorm halts her Florida summer, signaling the Norse end of the world, she tracks down Taran Breen—a would-be warrior carrying Thor’s soul. A boy who’s fought his temper all his life and is now a suspect for murder.

One who looks at her as no other has before.

As roaring seas surge and terrifying underworld creatures emerge for battle, can Coral control her goddess magic and protect Taran? Because now she has a chance for more than her crazy life—as long as she and Taran win….

It is written that three Sisters of Fate have the power to change the world’s destiny.

But only if they survive…


Forecast is the second book in Rinda Elliott’s Sisters of Fate series. This is a series that follows three sisters, each ‘gifted’ with a Norse goddess’ soul. It is not a happy relationship, the sisters not wanting anything to do with these souls trapped inside them. But these souls are there for a reason: to take over the sisters’ bodies and minds and fulfill their destinies when the end of the world arrives.

Or is that really the case?…

Well, the end of the world is here…and it’s brutal. Rinda does not hold back here folks. If this is really how the end of the world is going to be, I want no part. But it does make for one hell of a ride! I found this book to be less action-driven than the last book but that does not mean it was quiet. There were still obstacles to overcome while running away from giant waves and crazy snow storms. In Florida.

Yeah…fun times.

On top of that, each sister has the ability to see the past, present or future in visions they can’t control. Very cool…but difficult to explain. The whole idea of the triplets and their abilities and connection to Norse mythology is all very fascinating. Rinda does a good job there.

Other than dealing with the end of the world, going into time-freezing trances in order to predict a time and the goddess trapped in their psyche, the sisters must each find a boy who has a god’s soul living inside them. You see, mom has gone a little crazy and thanks to a prophesy, thinks one of her daughters will get killed by one of these boys and has disappeared in order to find them…and kill them before they get to the girls. *insert dooms day music here*

Will the girls find the right boys? Are the boys murderous crazy-guys? Is the mom going to get to them before the girls? Will the end of the world keep happening putting the entire world in trouble? Will one of the sisters indeed get murdered? So many questions and getting the answers is proving to be ton of fun.

Where Fortold, book one, tells the story of Raven finding Vanir, Forecast follows Coral as she tracks down Taran. Taran holds the soul of Tor. Very interesting to see how the personalities mesh – the god and the boy. I love how the god or goddess’ personalities shine through the personalities of the person who is holding it. That’s a neat detail I appreciate. And I like how the god’s companions are there but underwent new twists. All very interesting details Rinda included in this series that I look forward to discovering.

Coral was a very good character. She inherited her mother’s witch powers and is learning how to use them. I liked seeing her grow more confident as the story progressed. The romance between Coral and Taran is very sweet and I find they balance each other very well.

In book one, Raven calls Coral and Kat (sister number three). We get glimpses of what is going on with Coral and Kat during those phone calls. It was neat to get the whole story behind the calls to Coral while reading this book and it will be equally neat to read exactly what is going on with Kat during the calls to her when Forsworn releases December 2nd 2014. I like that all three books take place at the same time and that the sisters will come together in the next book for the final battle. At least that’s what I’m expecting…

I love how different this series is. I really enjoy Rinda’s voice and her pacing is excellent. These are very quick moving stories and even with a little bit resolved at the end of each book so far, there is much left to discover and learn.

Forecast is an excellent continuation of the series and I am counting down the days until the third and final book comes out.

4 stars

Giggle worthy quotes –

“‘I didn’t expect all this.’
‘Which part? The storm surge, or whatever it is I’m starting to think we both feel?’
‘Neither. No, both.’ I shook my head slowly. ‘You’ve got my brain firing a little off.’
‘Good, because you’ve got my entire body firing off.’ This time, his groan sounded more embarassed. ‘Wait, scratch that – didn’t come out right.'”


“‘You’re actually pretty cute when you yell.’
‘No girl wants to hear that. Just for future dating reference.’

Books in the Sisters of Fate series –


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