Aug 18, 2014

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Question – Do You Actually Get Around To Reading Your “Someday” Pile?

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We all have them. Some are big. Some are huge.  And some are simply out of control.

I am talking about our To-Read piles of books. Some don’t actually have the books on hand and simply keep long lists while others buy the books they wish to read someday as soon as they find out about them just so they have them close by on the off-chance they find the time to read one or two.

But do we ever actually read from our wish piles?

I do…sometimes.  I have read the first book in a few of my ‘I really have to read this series sooner rather than later’ list but I have to admit that I have not read nearly as many as I would have liked by now.  I hope that once my blogging days are over I’ll read more off my long list of books I feel I must check out, but who knows.  New books come out all the time and they make it hard to go back to our lists.  Darned new books…  😉

How about you…  Do you actually ever get around to reading books from your ‘someday’ pile?


  1. I try not to let my TBR list get too long and only add books that I truly want to read. I looked at my Goodreads list, where I keep track of my list, and it is at 171. With probably 20-30 of those books having not been released yet. I try desperately to read of that list, but if someone is praising a book, it is hard not to go with what you are seeing now.

  2. The books I have, well I have been trying to work on those
    The ones I want, sigh, I will never get them will I

  3. Not nearly as many as I should, considering the size of the pile (both physically in print and virtually in ebook) . . . I try to read one or two from the ol’ pile a year, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen!


  4. Oh yeah, I get around to most of them eventually. I have several to-be-read lists, but they don’t represent any financial outlay. My local library has a list function members can use, so I keep lists of several categories of books I want to check out there.

    I also use a bookmarking app on my browser to keep a very long list of books (via their Amazon listings) that I’m interested in, including a number yet to be published. I love it when I discover books from the Amazon list on sale.

    And finally there’s the book bag full of library books I bring home a couple times a month. Since my library has established an inter-library loan system with some more progressive towns, there’s a wealth of new reads for me there.

    I have maybe a dozen unread books on my Kindle, representing accumulations from free and cheap offers. I do get to most of them, but will admit that there are several huge boxed sets on 99-cent promos that have been languishing for awhile.

    The only ones I feel guilty about are expensive books by favorite authors that became too violent or angsty for me, so they’re in limbo. I keep meaning to go back, but I’m not in a rush.

  5. Northwoman says:

    I have a HUGE TBR on Goodreads. I’m using Goodreads to organize my reads and to be reads. I get lots of freebies all the time through emails and stuff. That is most of them. I’m trying to get to some of those through the Thrifty Thursday blog posts.

    As for series, I do what I can. People had told me about the Hollows series for so long, I decided to ask Julie if we could do a Read along since the final book was coming out next month.

    I work my way around to them as I can, but I’ll always have more things I want to read. And now I get so many favorites more quickly through blogging.

  6. I’ve made a point this year to read at least one book a month from that pile and it’s working! Now, I just need many more months to make a dent:)

  7. Melanie- I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes when friends and internet are all excited over a certain book, it’s hard not to get sucked in 😉

    blodeuedd – Never say never 😉

    The Book Queen – One or two a year sounds like a good goal…but I know what you mean by even that being tough sometimes lol.

    Mzcue – Library! My local library has ZERO urban fantasy titles and considers Nora Roberts to be the only romance author out there. I am envious of people who live in bigger centers and have kick ass libraries lol.

    Northwoman – I admire how you are with books. You don’t falter when you want to read something. I wish I was that strong 😉

    Jonetta – Yes, more months. I like that idea 🙂

  8. I used to buy almost all of my books from Half Price Books. Since you never know what you’ll find, if I knew I was going to read it eventually (later books in series I read) or one I had heard good stuff about, I went ahead and bought it. That was pre-Kindle days, and now I’ve caved to the lure of convenience:) Which leaves me with about 200+ actual real paper books on my shelf to be read eventually. I forced myself to leave my Kindle at home on a recent vacation and took 10 of my books with me – read 9 of them! I figure I’ll finish them all in about 10yrs. But I will finish them:)

  9. I live in a VERY conservative community, so I never even bothered to check whether they had the spicy reading I crave among their books. Took me years to discover that they had a fairly easy to use inter-library loan program. Fortunately the librarians are too professional to comment on the racy titles and covers of books they collect for me from more progressive libraries around the state.

    IIRC, you’re in Canada…is the system different up there? Or could you take advantage of larger collections from elsewhere in the province?

  10. Sandy – 200+ books. And I thought I had a lot of books on my shelves to read! You know I’m a bookaholic because instead of thinking that’s insane, I think it’s awesome! 😉

    Mzcue – They do have inter-labrary loan programs here but only between the other little libraries in my township. I could pay to get a card for the closest city’s library, which I have considered, but still have not done. (I’d have to pay because I don’t live there but it may still end up being cheaper than buying books I eventually donate to the fund-raising used book sale they have every year here because I won’t read them again).

  11. I should have been smarter and just made a list on Goodreads. My TBR pile are books I’ve already bought! I *try* to get around to it, but keeping up with the new releases of my favorite authors takes up so much of my reading time. And then I get distracted by a new-to-me author who steals my attention while I devour their series. I like Jonetta’s idea of making it a point to read one book from my TBR pile every month. 🙂

  12. Lizzie Dee – I like Jonetta’s suggestion too. My to-read used to be all books I already purchased. I felt that I had the opportunity to buy it right then and there so why not?! Then the pile grew and grew…and yet I still got other books to read first! So I feel you Lizzie 😉

  13. I use Goodreads as my to-read-eventually list, and only really pull books from there to read occasionally.

    If I owned every book that looked interesting enough to read I’d be broke. My TBR list on there is 120 and growing, and 90% of those books are the beginning of a series, so the list is really 10x longer.

    I think I have a better track record eventually getting to books I hear good things about frequently perusing blogs/reviews, versus books I find with the Goodread suggestions/Listopia features.

    It takes so much less time to find a (potentially) good book than it does to read it 😀

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