Aug 26, 2014

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Joint Review: It’s In His Kiss by Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor #10)

itsinhiskiss4 star

Contemporary Romance
August 26 2014
Mass Market Paperback
368 pages
Grand Central Publishing
Received from publisher via NetGalley

Yummy Man – Sam Brody
Kick Ass Chick – Becca Thorpe

From Goodreads –
Becca Thorpe has uprooted her life and escaped to the beach. Now’s her chance to get away from city living, throw caution to the ocean winds, and live in the moment. Especially if the moment includes the deliciously sexy surfer she meets shortly after arriving in Lucky Harbor. Something about the dark intensity of Sam’s eyes and the thrill she gets at his touch convinces her to stay awhile.

Boatbuilder and investment genius Sam Brody is a self-made man who knows how dangerous it can be to mix business and pleasure. But he can’t resist offering Becca a job just to hear her laugh and have her near. Yet when her brother comes to town asking for help, will he tempt her back to her glamorous life in the city? Or do Sam and little Lucky Harbor have a chance to win Becca’s heart?


Julie: It’s in His Kiss is the tenth book in Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series. If you are a fan of contemporary romance books and have yet to try this series, you absolutely must.

Anne: I’m always happy to read a book by Jill Shalvis because it’s always great characters, relatable issues and funny. This was no exception. This is the story of Sam, the boat builder with a charter boat business, and Becca, the jingle writer musician. I don’t find their instant attraction unbelievable, but the speed with which they act on it is. Not Sam so much, since let’s face it, hot guys are used to being horn dogs. But with Becca’s background, I’m not sure I think she would get involved so fast.

Julie: I agree that the speed at which Becca invited Sam into her bed was a bit odd. But for me it did not dampen the story as far as the believability of the couple. I found their chemistry was wonderful and that they made a really great pairing.

Anne: Sam had a tough time growing up and it would have been worse without his friend, Cole and Cole’s mom, Amelia. Cole and Tanner are his business partners; they also worked oil rigs together for years previously. These are his trusted people; it’s a short list. His father, has been an irresponsible mooch, well, FOREVER.

Julie: Huge fan of Cole and Tanner! I absolutely adored reading their relationship with Sam. These guys are so close! Can’t wait for Cole and Tanner to get their own books so we can find out even more about these awesome characters. And of course, as with any awesome character, I already feel they completely deserve their own happily ever afters.

Sam…I loved finding out what makes him tick. We get teased about him in the last book and I have to say his story is not actually as bad as I feared. He’s messed up but he’s not too damaged. He’s a strong personality and has learned from an early age what he needs and how to get it. I did melt a bit here and there when his trust and ‘love’ issues came up and I’m glad he was not overly pigheaded about letting love in.

Amelia was the perfect mother for Sam. Not too mushy but not a pushover, how she loves him as though he were her own son was easy to see. Sam’s dad…I feel like adding some colorful words about him but I will control myself. Irresponsible mooch is a nice way of saying what he is. I was not a fan of his, which I understand is the point, but I feel like he’s written in a way where readers are eventually supposed to feel sorry for him. I didn’t feel there was enough of an attempt on his part to change for me to give him my sympathy. If that was the point of his character, I feel he needed to be written a little differently. Written as he was, I just feel he was an irresponsible child with no real remorse for what he did to his family. *deep breath* Oh man, I can go on…but I won’t. As you can tell, not a fan. And Becca and how he is towards Sam’s dad…wtf?! That is really my biggest beef with this book. Sam’s dad as a whole, frustrating. But how Becca treated him even after knowing how he was with Sam for most of his boyhood…big beef! Didn’t get that, at all.

Anne: I didn’t feel sorry for Sam’s dad. AT ALL. He created his own issues. The jerk. I can’t believe how great Becca was to him. I would have thought she would be more protective of Sam.

Becca has left her family to deal with her issues on her own. She reached the point where she had to stop dealing with their problems and take care of herself. She is looking for a new life and possibly new career. In the meantime, she needs a job, so she works as an office manager of sorts for the charter business. She’s good at it and it gives her a confidence boost, income and time to build friendships with all three owners.

Julie: Beef aside, I really liked Becca. I liked her spunk and how she dealt with her own issues. Her family ticked me off too but she stayed strong, knowing what she needed. Good for her. The scene with her parents seems to come out of nowhere but what can you do?..

Anne: The town of Lucky Harbor continues to play a role in this series. I was happy to see a brief glimpse, very brief, of residents I love. Lance was there. Lucille has discovered Pinterest (since she kept going to Facebook jail)! And I was overjoyed to see Ben, Pink and Kendra. I melt into a puddle every time Jax appears. (And oddly, I don’t even picture him as Charlie Hunnam!)

Julie: After loving Lucille’s role in the previous book, I’m back to finding her a little too ‘in your business’ in this one. But she still makes me smile when she appears on the page. I also loved seeing Ben and Pink with Kendra.

And your comment about melting over Jax even though you don’t picture him as Charlie…hilarious! I was happy to see Jax too. He’s still one of my most favorite heroes from this series…and he’s from the first book!

Anne: OK I have to say I love little bits of “Jill” I recognized in this story. There’s her love of cookies. And her fear of spiders. These things woven into the story tickle me now.

Julie: I love that too! It’s fun to read little things like that about Jill and it makes me wonder if there are bits of her friends and family in the stories here and there as well. I think being able to personalize a story while keeping it suitable for the masses is one of Jill’s talents with her writing. I also like how she adds many elements of pop-culture yet I don’t feel it would ‘date’ the story too much if someone were to pick up a Lucky Harbor book in 15 years or so. I think it would make the book fun for them and not ‘old’.

Anne: It’s in His Kiss is a solid installment in the amazing Lucky Harbor series.

4 stars from me

Julie: Even with my not so warm and fuzzy feeling over Sam’s dad and my ‘huh’ with Becca’s family scene and my ‘wtf’ over Becca’s treatment of Sam’s father, I really did enjoy It’s in His Kiss. I smiled when I picked it up to continue reading and I dreaded having to put it down to get back to real life. In fact, I always look forward to an installment in the Lucky Harbor series and don’t love the idea that it will soon be coming to an end. I can’t wait to read He’s So Fine, Cole story, when it releases September 30, 2014. Jill writes circles of friends exceptionally well and so far, this new trio seems to be no exception.

4 stars for me as well

Giggle worthy quotes –

“Definitely not going there, Sam decided. ‘We’re not doing this, and before you whine about it, you both owe me. You,’ he said, pointing at Tanner.
‘Me, what?’
‘The night you went skinny-dipping with some chick. She stole your clothes and you had to walk home butt-ass naked.’
Tanner winced. ‘That was a million years ago, man.’
‘You came knocking on my window for clothes,’ Sam said, ‘which I handed over without giving you shit. Well, not too much shit anyway. And you.’ He turned to Cole.
Cole opened his mouth, but Sam plowed ahead. ‘Remember the night you were grounded and not supposed to go out? Except you did, and you got drunk, and I had to drag your trashed ass home, and when your mom caught us at the door I let you pretend it was me who was plastered, that it was me who’d needed saving so that you didn’t get grounded for the rest of your life.’
‘Why do you remember this shit?’ Cole asked, mystified.
‘For days just like this.’”


“Halfway back to Lucky Harbor, Olivia said casually, ‘You going to tell me why you’re over there crying while pretending not to cry?’
Becca sniffed. ‘It’s smoggy. My eyes are burning.’
Olivia looked out at the clear blue sky and raised an eyebrow at Becca.
‘Okay, well, then I have allergies.’
‘To what?’ Olivia wanted to know.
‘Your nosiness.’
Olivia laughed.”

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The Sweetest Thing
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At Last
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Always on My Mind
Once in a Lifetime
It’s in His Kiss
He’s So Fine (September 2014)
Once in a Million (October 2014)

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  1. I also liked this one. I’m sad we only have two more books in this series. 🙁

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