Sep 5, 2014

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Early Review: Red Blooded by Amanda Carlson (Jessica McClain #4)

redblooded4 star

Urban Fantasy
September 9 2014
320 pages
Received from publisher

Kick Ass Chick – Jessica McClain

From Goodreads –
After Jessica’s brother is kidnapped and taken to the Underworld, she will stop at nothing to get him back. But before her grueling training is finished, Jessica’s power mixes unexpectedly with the circle and she’s dropped into the Underworld without protection or her escorts.


Red Blooded is the fourth book in Amanda Carlson’s Jessica McClain series. If one of your favorite parts of this series is that you are dumped right in the middle of the action the moment you crack open the book and it doesn’t let you down until the very end then you will not be disappointed in this one. There is no settling into these books, let me tell you. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I can’t say that I noticed much growth in Jessica this time around but we do see her powers grow and change. That is one of my favorite parts of reading this character – where Amanda is leading her is fun to guess and discover. All of the characters that we have come to like make appearances in this book. Roarke, of course, and Jessica’s brother are focuses. The book is about how Jessica is preparing to go into the Underworld to rescue her brother so it’s no surprise that he plays a big role in this book. What did surprise me was how much of the story took place with just Jessica on the page.

Ray, not usually one of my favorite characters, was actually decent in this installment. Selene (yes, she makes an appearance again) took his place as the character that drove me nuts this time. She committed some pretty insane crimes in the last book and she is being punished for them…but she’s acting like the victim and that was the part that made me shake my head. SHE is the one who sold her soul and now she’s complaining that she doesn’t belong there and blah blah blah. Puh-lease and cry me a river. But there is a new character that made up for my frustration towards Selene. She keeps you guessing and I feel you will all like her.

I really liked Amanda’s take on the Underworld. The creatures are creepy and the different areas are well thought out and very cool…in a yuck sort of way. We are talking about Hell after all. I also liked how the Prince of Darkness is well groomed and pristine and demands his demons be that way as well. Another little twist that made Amanda’s Hell stand out to me.

With barely a moment to breathe, Red Blooded keeps you entertained by keeping you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning to the very end. My only wish is that maybe the action chill out a little bit for the next installment so we can focus more on Roarke and Jessica’s relationship. They have great chemistry and you can tell they care for each other but there really hasn’t been much page time with just the two of them in any of the books of this series and I feel it would be nice to get more of that. If the ending to this book is any indication (yes, this book ends with a moment that leaves you demanding the next book now), Pure Blooded should be another fun and high octane read when it releases in 2015.

4 stars

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  1. I see a reread in my future so I can remember exactly what is going on!

  2. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I love this series. It’s not bad on audio either. The narrator for book one wasn’t very good, but the narrator for two and three was much better. I hope she is the one who reads this book. Great review.

  3. I’m planning to read this one soon. I can’t wait to see Amanda’s version of Hell.
    Great review.

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