Sep 10, 2014

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Mandy Baxter Talks About Verbal Sparring in One Night More (plus giveaway)

Yesterday, I reviewed One Night More, a new book by Mandy Baxter that really impressed me and left me wanting more.  Today, I welcome Mandy to the blog.  She’s sharing a really fun scene from the book.  I’m glad she chose this scene to share because it shows just how the dialogue between the main two characters works well and if you read my review, you know that the easy flow and ease of conversation was one of my favorite things about the book.

So enjoy, and without further ado, here is Ms Mandy Baxter.


View More: so much to Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks for having me as a guest today! Hands down, one of the best blogs around. 🙂

Writing arguments is one of my favorite things. I like the verbal sparring, the tension that an argument creates and the release of that tension that inevitably follows. The argument between Harper and Galen in ONE NIGHT MORE that really sets up for them to come back together as a couple was without a doubt my all-time favorite fight to write. Harper’s under house arrest and the stress of her assigned protector also being a former one night stand is starting to get to her. Here’s a glimpse of the argument that reignites their spark. Hope you enjoy!

“When Harper emerged from her bedroom yet again, Galen had his feet propped up on the coffee table as he scrolled through channels. “Have you ever noticed how truly awful daytime TV is?”

She rolled her eyes at his attempt at small talk and took a seat in the recliner next to the couch. “It’s not all awful. TNT shows reruns of Supernatural.”

“What’s that about?”

Harper stared, mouth agape. How could she possibly be attracted to him? They didn’t even like the same things. “Supernatural is pretty much the best show on TV. Dean and Sam Winchester are demon hunters and all-around badasses. You’re missing out.”

“They’re probably Hollywood pretty boys, too, right? Too cute for words.” Galen mocked a swoon.

Incensed, Harper jacked her chin up a notch. “Maybe. But that’s not why the show is good.”

Galen laughed and it caused her indignation to boil even hotter. “Right. That’s like saying guys watch the Lingerie Football League for the sportsmanship.”

Did he actually watch that crap? Harper could feel her eyes trying to pop out of her head. “No, you watch it for the fake boobs and ass cheeks hanging out of their booty shorts.”

Galen shrugged as though he couldn’t argue.

onenightmore“At least what I’m watching displays a modicum of intelligence,” she continued. Harper’s face flushed and she knew her cheeks must be red as a beet. Why was she letting him get under her skin like this? “I mean, seriously, Galen. Is that what you like? Half-naked women slapping their teammates on the ass and tackling each other to the ground, pretending to be respectable athletes while they roll around on artificial turf in a bra and panties?”

“Maybe.” His sardonic reply made Harper want to slap the smug grin off his face. “I’m a very dedicated sports fan.”

Argh! It was moments like this that Harper wished she had laser vision. She glared at Galen, imagining him bursting into flames from the heat shooting from her eyes while she laughed maniacally in the background. Her stomach burned and clenched tight. Her entire body vibrated with . . . not rage, but something else. Ah, crap. Was she actually jealous? Totally, completely jealous of a bunch of good-looking women simply because he admired their bodies on some ridiculous television show? What was wrong with her?

“Yeah, well, at least the shows I watch aren’t completely mindless.” She should stop. Right now. Don’t poke the bear. Oh, wait. She was the bear. So did that mean she was poking herself? “Yeah, the guys on Supernatural are smoking hot. Would I stop watching if Dean Winchester walked around in his tighty whities every episode? Hell, no. But he’s not rolling around in the dirt with his equally sexy co-star, slapping him on the ass every five seconds, either. The show has actual substance.”

“Oh, so it’s like that?” Galen’s brows came down sharply over his eyes, a crease digging into his forehead above the bridge of his nose. “You’re harboring quite the double standard, there, don’t you think?”
Harper rolled her eyes. Of course she was. It was obvious! “No. Not at all. I’m not objectifying anyone with the shows I watch.”

“Really?” Galen leaned forward in his seat. Damn, when had their voices escalated? Harper only now realized they were both on the verge of shouting. She shot up out of her chair and Galen followed suit. Pent-up frustration boiled within her. She was so sick of all of this. Galen, her situation, her helplessness, her inability to control or change anything. He folded his arms across his chest and regarded her with narrowed eyes. “You don’t watch that show and think about all of the ways you’d defile those smoking hot demon hunters?”

onekissmoreHarper took a step forward. Her breath heaved in her chest and angry tears stung at her eyes. Galen leaned in toward her, head bowed enough that they were almost nose to nose. Tension permeated the space between them, their bodies almost touching. Jesus, were they seriously fighting over a TV show? “I watch it for the world building.”

Galen snorted. “You watch it for the hot piece of ass.”

“Well, I’ve gotta do something,” Harper spat. “I’m a prisoner in my own home and with you on my tail everywhere I go, it’s not like I’ll be getting laid anytime soon!” Oh, god. Ohgodohgodohgod. As soon as the words left Harper’s mouth she wished she could take them back.

“Don’t let me stop you!” Galen shouted, his voice like acid, burning through Harper’s rib cage straight into her chest. “You wanna go get laid? Be my guest, Harper.”

Do you enjoy verbal sparring between characters? Who writes your favorite snappy arguments?

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  1. ummm… I’d have to say that that excerpt is my favorite argument right now 🙂 LOL… Congrats Mandy on the new release and thank you so much for sharing! This sounds awesome!

  2. This book looks rather enticing. I live for verbal sparring in contemporary romance. HelenKay Dimon has some of the best snappy dialogue, but it’s been a few years since I’ve read anything of hers.

  3. I really love that scene (and the book), there is not only verbal sparring, but also… Supernatural!! 🙂
    There are so many authors that are great at verbal sparring, right now the one that comes to mind is Kristen Callihan. I read her last book, The Hook Up, couple of days ago and it had some of the best banter I have read.
    I’m not participating on the giveaway.

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