Sep 22, 2014

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Question – Would You Ever Consider Writing A Book?

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So I’ve been blogging for well over four years now and I’ve met – either in person or online – many incredible authors.  I love seeing that these amazing and talented men and women are as awesome in ‘person’ as their voices are in their books.

But I have also seen the stuff readers throw at authors and wondered why these readers feel they have the right to treat authors like that.  Emails threatening to stop reading their books if a certain something happens or doesn’t happen in the next book.  Emails telling them that they suck – not their books, but them, as if they truly know them just because they are unhappy with an event in something they read.  Tweets giving authors shit because a cover is not quite as they would have liked or a title isn’t their favorite (things authors often have no control over).  And so on…

I can’t believe the crap authors have to put up with just so they can share their stories, imagination and characters with us.  And we are lucky they do!  Can you imagine a world where our favorite books didn’t exist?!

I feel authors are some of the strongest people out there.  Not only because they manage to put up with all the crap that gets thrown at them but also because they hold such power over their readers!  They can make us laugh and cry and feel things so deeply, it’s almost unimaginable.  All from giving us a few words on a few pages.  That power is interesting, and it would be neat to see people react that way to something I wrote.  But then I think of the flipside and know I would not be able to handle the constant criticism and nastiness that comes with writing a book.  I’m not strong enough for that.

And let’s not forget I would have no idea where to start and feel my stories would just be a bunch of stories I’ve read before and recycled over and over.  My book would definitely be the dullest book.  Ever.

But what about you guys?  Would you ever consider writing a book?


  1. I could never write a book. I just don’t have the creativity or imagination needed to come up with a great story or good characters. I have a hard enough time writing book reviews.

    I agree with you that authors, and many artist, are extremely strong people for putting their soul into their work and putting it out there for everyone to see and criticize. To tell an author that they suck because you don’t like their story is ridiculous. There are times that the issue isn’t even entirely the author’s fault. Sometimes, I put the blame on the editor for not catching somethings. Covers are something else that many authors have little to no control over. Narrators for the audiobooks are another. Lastly, the authors who are lucky enough to have their story told on screen, be it big or small, have almost no say in anything that is done with their story.

    I would only tell an author they suck for something that they tweet or write on the blog, etc. Or, if they add me to a list without my permission or spamming me to review their book. Lastly, commenting on book reviews in an extremely unprofessional manner. Truthfully, I still wouldn’t tell them they suck, I would just ignore them and their books from that point forward.

  2. One upon a time (or should I say “a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away”)… I wanted to be a writer. I loved to write and invent characters and plot lines. I wrote a few short stories and I really REALLY enjoyed throwing myself into the creative process.

    I remember re-reading my stories a year or so down the road and being critical of my work, looking for ways to make it better (I was 15 so a year made a HUGE difference).

    I had an uncle who was a writer and I remember taking my best stories to him to read and criticize (and he didn’t spare me at all!) It hurt, because it made me realize just how inexperienced I was, but it made me want to be better.

    Unfortunately, I had to stop writing because I had to focus on my studies and just couldn’t spare the time to do the research and really do my characters and story justice.

    Nowadays, I just don’t have the time to even let my mind wander long enough to get inspired to write anything more than prose on my Facebook page. A part of me will always be called to write though.

    So to answer your question, I think writers aren’t made; they’re born. It’s like any other artistic talent. It’s either in you, or it isn’t. If I managed to write something and actually have it published, I’d be so proud I wouldn’t care about the negative stuff that people say. There will always be haters out there. You just have to choose to not pay them any attention.

  3. Co-workers assume because I read so much, that it would translate to an ability to write. I disagree. I don’t think I have imagination/creativity for it. Just the memory to regurgitate large chunks of what I read to friends/co-workers.

    I’m just glad so many others can & do write so I always have a new book to read.

    The only time I even contemplate why I’m not publishing anything for “easy” profit is when I see some of the weird, self-submitted 20pg “literature” that’s available on Amazon for $0.99 or more.

    Talk of criticism on this page just remind me of even more reasons I wouldn’t want to be a writer.

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