Oct 3, 2014

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Series Review: Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley (Books 1 – 8)

rockchick4 star

Contemporary Romance
December 8 2002 – August 13 2013
398 – 530 pages
Yummy Men – Lee, Eddie, Hank, Vance, Luke, Mace, Hector, Ren
Kick Ass Chicks – Indy, Jet, Roxie, Jules, Ava, Stella, Sadie, Ally

Ann-Catrin is one of my Facebook followers. She and I have very similar tastes in books. So when she messaged me telling me that she was breezing through a contemporary romance series that was laugh-out-loud funny and that I just had to check it out I, well, checked it out. The series was the Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley and from the blurbs it sounded great. I also looked at my other friends’ Goodreads reviews about these books and most showed tons of love.

I knew that meant I NEEDED to read these books. But when would I have a chance to do that with my crazy reading schedule?! I decided to see if these books were available in audio. They were! And from the preview, the narrator was good. So that, I decided, was how I am going to “read” them.

Since listening to the first one, I have not stopped listening to them. As soon as one book is finished, I go on to the next. I even tried to ‘take a break’ and listen to something different but about one chapter into the ‘new’ book I chose to listen to, I said “screw it” and started on the next Rock Chick book.

And you know what the strange part is? These books are so insane, they are borderline bad. But they are so bad, they are good. No, scratch that. They are so bad, they are great.

Let me explain.

Book one is about Lee and Indy. Lee is a badass private investigator and Indy is a used bookstore owner who has been in love with Lee since she was five years old. Lee, a few years older, had shown no signs of returning Indy’s affection ever. It is now over twenty years later and Indy finds out the truth about Lee’s feelings. Sounds like a decent romance so far, right? Well yes, it is. But then you add the “did I seriously just read that?” parts of the book. Indy’s bookstore also has a coffee counter. Rosie is the barista but he also sells pot on the side. Really good pot apparently. He’s gotten into some trouble and Indy, in the wrong place at the wrong time, gets involved in said trouble. She has nothing to do with anything yet she is shot at, blown up at and kidnapped. Three times. Yup. She is kidnapped three times. And some of these incidents occur because Indy can’t listen to Lee’s advice to ‘stay put’. She can’t stand being bossed around so she gets in trouble thanks to her insane stubbornness. Half of me thought Indy was so gosh darn cute and the other half worried she was too dumb for her own good. Lee is fantastic (if you like an extra alpha hero who also adores his woman – which I do). I enjoyed getting to know Lee and meeting his crew. So overall, I found this book to be exciting, entertaining and hilarious (the author writes in a way where you can easily picture all the crazy antics Indy and her friends are getting into) but also I found some moments a bit much and I found the book a tad long. I still gave it a 4.5 star rating.

In fact, I am giving this entire series a solid 4.5 star rating. Some books could actually swing closer to a 5 star rating!

Book two features Jet and Eddie. Loved them. The third Roxie and Hank, the fourth Jules and Vance (Loved this one!), the fifth Luke and Ava (a little too much like Lee and Indy’s story in my opinion but still decent), the sixth Stella and Mace (great one too as this was the first to feature a truly tortured hero), the seventh Sadie and Hector (loved Sadie – my heart just ripped for her) and finally the eighth features Ally and Ren. To be honest, I have about 3 hours left of this one to go but so far, it’s on par with the others. In fact, Ally is surprising me. Usually, she comes across as some flighty chick but there is much more there, which I’m happy to see.

Again, all of the men are alpha dudes who are used to having their own way and who, once they see their ‘woman’, won’t let anything get in their way of claiming her. After seeing this in first book with Lee, this sometimes felt old in the following books. Which was why I enjoyed Mace and how the author seemed to take a slightly different approach to him. Hector also had to be a bit different because of everything Sadie was going through. Ren also has to be a bit different because of Ally and how she is. So after five books, it seems the author changed things up for the better. But that still didn’t stop me from loving all of the men.

As for the woman, they are all nuts in very good ways. My only real beef is WHY DIDN’T THEY LISTEN TO THE MEN WHO WERE TRYING TO KEEP THEM, you know, ALIVE?! Also, why did the men never try to talk things out with their women instead of barking orders?! If they took two seconds to say “I love you and I want you safe”, I feel lots of ridiculousness could have been prevented. Yes, the books would have been much shorter, but seeing the size of these guys, I think they could have afforded it.

Let’s not forget the ever-extending circle of friends! You’d think they would be hard to keep track of but you don’t. Tex I adore. Duke I adore too. Jane is a surprise. Todd was a bit much but I loved Stevie. Daisy was a hoot as was Sharleen. Darius, I would love to see with his own book someday. There are tons of others but those are the main side-characters and the ones worth mentioning.

You do see the heroes and heroines from past books in each following book, which is always nice. And not just in quick passing either. You actually get a nice follow-up.

The stories are all a little too out-there but are all a bunch of fun to read. They don’t change all that much from the first book – as in there are drug dealers and crazy gun-toting men chasing seemingly innocent women – but it works for this series.

The narrator, I bears repeating, is amazing. AMAZING! She changes her voice for each character and her expression is spot on. She was truly fantastic.

“So Julie,” I am hearing you say. “If these stories were over-the-top-sometimes-ridiculous-dumb and if the heroes were too overbearing at times and if the heroines were crazy, why did you zip through these books like they would go out of print any day now?” You know what…that is a great question. There is just something so endearing, so consuming, about these characters. Even though you often think many are bordering ‘too stupid to live’ status, you can’t help but get attached to them. The way they are written, they crawl into your mind and stay there long after you finish the book. I’m on the last book and I have no idea how I am going to deal when I finish it.

If you are looking for a fun read that will keep you laughing while you shake your head, then you have to give the Rock Chick series a try, either reading or listening. As I said, they are so bad, they are great.

Thanks for recommending them Ann-Catrin!

4.5 stars

Books in the Rock Chick series –
Rock Chick
Rock Chick Rescue
Rock Chick Redemption
Rock Chick Renegade
Rock Chick Revenge
Rock Chick Reckoning
Rock Chick Regret
Rock Chick Revolution


  1. Ann-Catrin says:

    You´re welcome, Julie!

    GREAT review, as always. 🙂

    And Kristen Ashley has written other series too, you know. 😉

  2. Oh I love this series! It’s fun and over-the-top and sexy. And I love how they tie into other series she writes. I haven’t listened to them on audible but I have some credits, I’m headed over to check them out!

  3. Yo summed it up just right. While reading the Rock Chicks books I kept wondering why I couldn’t put them down. Lots of folks talk about their addictive quality, and it’s true. You hit on the things that I enjoy in all the KA books: there’s always a great girl posse that includes BFF types along with wacky ones. There is the requisite pack of supremely capable guys with unlimited access to money and muscle. The heroines all need some sort of healing for their hurting souls, and the heroes are confidently able to provide it. There are loving families in the background, if not directly related to the heroines, then absolutely ready to adopt. KA’s stories are set in worlds of absolutes of devotion and affection.

    There’s another thing I deeply admire about Rock Chicks and other KA series. It’s the way she writes dialog. I’m not terribly well read outside the romance genre, so if other authors are doing it I wouldn’t know. But KAs characters’ syntax and rhythms are more vivid than any other writer I read. It’s not that they have intensely deep or original thoughts. It’s that they sound so real. It has a way of immersing the reader in the story like nobody else.

  4. I got the first book in the series when you mentioned to me a while back, but it fell off on my radar 🙁 It looks like I need to bring it back to the spotlight. They sound like a really fun listen! The narrator is new-to-me, but it looks like she did a terrific job.
    I’m moving them up my list today! Great review!
    Thanks Julie 🙂

  5. Oh Julie . . . I LOVE this series. I’m so glad your friend recommended it to you, and that you loved it too. My top 3 are Lee & Indy, Hank & Roxie, and . . . Luke & Ava, LOL. I love Luke Stark. And yes, despite the ridiculousness on the OTT-ness of these books, they somehow manage to sneak past your defenses. I make exceptions for KA that I’ve never made for any other author. I hope you give some of her other series a chance too (Dream Man, Colorado Mountain, The ‘Burg, Ghosts and Reincarnation . . . ), b/c they all have that same KA-ness that makes Rock Chick so much fun. Great review!

  6. Yay! Kristen Ashley is hands-down my favorite author. I love most of her books and re-read them whenever I get the urge (which is pretty often). The Rock Chick books are her zaniest series and I’d say Luke and Hank are my favorites. The Burg books, Colorado Mountain series, and Dream Man series are all really awesome too, although more serious and dramatic with dashes of humor rather than the madcap OTT shenanigans in the Rock Chick books.

  7. I read the first Rock Chick book a few weeks ago and agree its awesome, but long… I couldn’t read multiple in a row, since I needed a break from the rollercoaster, but plan to read all 8.

    After reading the other comments I might have to check out her other books sometime too.

    Tex is the best. (Loved Ladies’ Night + Tex)

  8. Late to reply to this, but as I said on FB, I’m so happy you loved this series because I loved it so much, too! Yep, totally over the top and sometimes a little too long, but I think Mzcue hit it on the head – the dialogue and the relationships make this series so amazing.

    As a Denver native, I love that KA (who once lived here) used actual places that exist in Denver – all the restaurants, the neighborhoods, etc. I’m pretty sure the bookstore is based on a second hand bookstore that is across the street from my post office, too! It’s literally a block away from where Indy’s bookstore is, though I’ve been there and it’s nowhere near as cool.

    Her Colorado Mountain series was the next one I tried, because – Colorado. 🙂 It was great, too. Next up on my list is her Unfinished Hero series. Great binge reading!

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