Oct 13, 2014

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Question – Why Do You Read?

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Easy Question this week…or is it? *da da duummmm*

Why do I read? I read to escape. That is why you won’t see me reading a book that is based on real events or a book that tells a story too much like what you would see on the news. I read to relax. I read to escape into my imagination because I like it there and on a day to day “regular stuff going on” basis, I am unable to go there.

I read because it makes me happy and I read because it’s something I do for ME. Not for my husband, not for my kids. For me.

So what are your reasons? Why do you read?


  1. Like you, I read to escape reality. I like to say, “I live vicariously through fictional characters.” That being said, there are many things that I read, that if it were happening in real life, I would probably be horrified. I’m really good at separating real life and fiction. That’s how I’m able to read really dark stories and watch horror movies and TV shows without nightmares, I know it isn’t real, even if it could happen in real life.

  2. I read because I live in my head. Always have. If I’m not spinning my own stories, I’m looking to enjoy others. Part of it is because I like to dream, like to think about “what it.” Part of it is that I’m an introvert.

    When I was a kid I’d get up for school an hour early so I could spend that time reading before spending all those hours in a big group of people. Even then, I always had a book or two with me that I’d read whenever I could grab a few spare minutes.

  3. Northwoman says:

    You described perfectly why I read. To escape, to try out new ideas and places, to live other emotions less permanently.

  4. Because it makes me happy

  5. To feed my mind. And it’s quite hungry.

  6. I read to escape too. I agree, who wants to read about everyday drama. I want to be immersed in a world that has hot hunky men and supernatural elements. I live in reality, I want to escape somewhere make believe.

  7. Escape is a huge part of it for me too, but I would add: I read to experience life in a different way, and often to explore other worlds (at least in my mind). I grew up very isolated in a military family. We moved a lot. Friends came and went, but books were always there. No matter where I was, I could take a “vacation” from the mundanity of reality, and travel to worlds of magic and beauty in moments, simply by opening the pages of a book. In my stories, I could travel the stars, experience magic, save kingdoms. My own life’s trials seemed small in comparison to the challenges faced by the heroes and heroines I came to love. Some of my earliest lessons about such vaunted concepts as honor, nobility, sacrifice, and kindness came from books. Books were my teachers, my friends, and the doorways I used to slip quietly into other worlds. I truly cannot imagine what my life would look like without the influence of stories.

  8. I read as a kid for many of the same reasons as Jessica. I veered away into TV/Video games in high school and college. Running out of new non-reality shows to watch/try out a few years ago pushed me back into reading. And the easy access to millions of e-books with my kindle sucked me back in.

    Like everyone else here so far, I read to escape. Unlike some other commenters, tho, I think my reading/TV/Movies cause frequent weird amalgamated dreams, if not any actual nightmares.

    Also, I read to feel. (I can’t really explain this more without rambling… been sitting here for 10+ minutes now)

  9. Melanie – “I live vicariously through fictional characters.” I love that!

    Zen – Reading helps you feel comfortable. That’s wonderful!

    Northwoman – Absolutely.

    blodeuedd – And that’s the best reason of all 🙂

    Desme – LOL Love that!

    Bonnie – ” I live in reality, I want to escape somewhere make believe.” Well said 🙂

    Jessica – “Books were my teachers, my friends, and the doorways I used to slip quietly into other worlds.” Beautiful.

    Iain – Reading to ‘feel’, I completely get that. And I also get odd dreams where my reality mixes with something I’m reading but my brain seems to be good at not taking the really heavy/violent stuff in too deeply. Thank goodness.

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