Oct 20, 2014

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Question – Have You Read An Entire Book Only To Think “Why Did I Read The Whole Book?”

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I don’t think I have an acceptable opinion for this Question because I blog.  Because I blog and write book reviews I feel that it’s not fair if I don’t at least skim the heck out of a book and finish it.  That way, I can write an honest review about the ‘whole’ book.  So when I ask myself this question but only to answer “because I kind of had to”.

I am curious about you guys, who don’t feel like you have to finish a book.  What do you do when you read a book and notice it’s bad and want to quit but feel you owe it to the book to trudge through it only to notice that it does not get better, in fact it gets worst, and then you find yourself wondering why, oh why, did you actually read such a horrible book all the way to the end?!?

Have you ever read an entire book only to think “why did I read the whole book”?  Why did I not just put it down and dnf it?


  1. I have very few books that I’ve DNF. Part of that is because I’ve gotten very picky about what I pick up in the first place. There are so many good books out there that I want to read and so many books that my blogger friends are telling me that I need to read, that most of the books that I pick up are a sure thing. I rarely pick up a new-to-me author without someone recommending it to me.

  2. I generally finish books. My optimistic collection titling on my kind for books I haven’t finished (yet) is “Started”. And I do finish most eventually.

    The closest I have to this problem is my 2-star rating on Goodreads, which in my rating system is “Books I only finished out of series loyalty.”

    Honestly, if I didn’t read a book every day or 2, I’d probably be more picky about what books I did and didn’t read. Less 3-star books, more 4-5-star books, and more DNFs.

  3. Mostly it’s cos I still want to know what happens, even when I hate it

  4. I just did this with two books that had been in my TBR file for a really long time! I’m trying to make an effort to get to those books that have been sitting there, slipping them in between beloved series new releases and books that seem to need my immediate attention. But these two… I disliked the writing and the overall storyline of the first book. Didn’t ever feel a connection with the characters or even like them very much. But I still read the follow up book. I skimmed a bunch in the middle because I just couldn’t deal, but I had to know how it ended. Unfortunately I have another book by the same author. It’s not connected to the other two, so I hope it’s better, but I don’t have high hopes.

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