Oct 27, 2014

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Question – Do You Ever Wish There Was No Sex?

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I know, I know. You are all like me and enjoy reading some *wink wink* in your stories. So that basically makes this week’s Question almost blasphemous. But I figure I’m going to go there anyways.

Sex in books.  The very first time I read a sex scene in a book, I was shocked.  A) because I was NOT expecting it and B) because it was GRAPHIC SEX IN A BOOK!  Yes, I was that naive about romance books, not having read any before.  I had no idea that there were explicit sex scenes in romance books.  But now I know.  Boy do I ever.

When I first decided to focus my reading on the romance genre, I looked for good sex.  I searched out books that were described as ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’.  I enjoyed reading the sex scenes and followed them word for word.  But as the years past, I notice that not much where sex scenes is concerned is new and where I think a good sex scene is nice in a book, it is no longer my focus.  And when a book is not clicking with me, when I’m not truly connecting with the hero and heroine, I find myself skimming the sex scenes.  Crazy, I know!  But that’s just how it is now for me.  Sex scenes just don’t get the same reactions from me as they once did.

But what if there were no sex scenes at all?

Urban Fantasy often does not have a sex scene until a few books into a series when the hero and heroine finally hook up.  And even then, it’s not as descriptive as in a straight out romance book.  So I’m okay with a story not having sex.  Used to it, even.  I am not so much okay with a story lacking in sexual chemistry.  That, for me, is an almost must.  But if I picked up an actual romance book and didn’t find a sex scene in the book, I would wonder about it but I don’t feel I would be sad.  But to take sex out of all books?  That would not be okay for me because sometimes a girl is in the mood for a good, steaming hot and extra dirty read.  😉

What about you guys.  Do you ever wish there was no sex in your romance books?


  1. I’m more about the quality of the story. I’ve read books with no sex and books with tons of sex. I mean, I read erotica, so I expect a lot of sex in those books.

    What I really despise is a “token” sex scene that is put in to help drive sales, because we all know that sex sells. I read a book about a year ago that had some BDSM aspects to it, and it felt forced. Like the fact that everyone is so hung up on Fifty Shades of Gray that every book must have BDSM in it. It was really a turn off. Made me really dislike an otherwise pretty good book.

  2. I prefer sexual chemistry with implied sexual activity, when it occurs. I know what goes where and describing it does nothing at all for me. I tend to skip sex scenes in books. What I care about is the story and the chemistry between the characters.

  3. These days I mostly skim the sex scenes, seen it all

  4. Initially I enjoyed reading the sex scenes, but now I usually just skim them. Very few authors write them well enough that I want to read every word. Ruthie Knox is an example of an author who writes those scenes so well that they really are integral to the plot and the character development but that’s pretty rare. Most of the time, I’d much prefer better character development and world building to additional sex scenes.

    I also absolutely hate the injection of BDSM elements into so many of the romances being written right now. If I even get a hint of that in the synopsis, I lose all interest in the book. I blame 50 Shades for that trend and I keep hoping it will burn out eventually.

  5. I’ve been listening to the In Death audiobooks at work recently (ear buds not speakers), and kinda wish there wasn’t a sex scene every 50 pages or so.

    I like the books for the characters, and to a lesser extent the mysteries (little too easy to solve early), but as an audiobook I can’t stand around skimming/skipping the sex scenes all the time, so I endure.

    Since this thread seems to have veered into BDSM I’ll chime in.

    I never read the 50 Shades books, but when I come across BDSM I tend to like the books that explore it as a healing/therapy alternative, like with Jace and Aggie in Hot Ticket from Sinners on Tour, and at least half of the characters in the Rescue Me Saga by Kallypso Masters.

  6. I was just like you when I read my first “true romance” book which was Dark Lover by J. R. Ward. I just about lost my stuff but then the sex became a must until I found books with just a little too much use of the forbidden “P-word”. I know I know I’m a prude but it makes me uncomfortable and now I find myself skimming through those scenes. Even still I do like a little kink most of the time!

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