Oct 22, 2014

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Silly Stuff – 55 Thoughts You Have When You Find Out Your Favorite Book Will Be A Movie

Kobo shared this on Facebook last week and I found it amazing.

55 Thoughts You Have When You Find Out Your Favorite Book Will Be A Movie –
1. Wait, what did you say?
2. They’re turning [BOOK] into a movie?!
3. Let me google every combination of the book title and the words “movie” to over-confirm this splendiferous news.
4. No, that’s a casting rumor from 2009.
5. No, that’s a student-made trailer some 8th graders did for a Language Arts project.
6. No, that’s a fanvid set to Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.”
7. Wait.
8. Yes. There it is.
11. My whole body is tingling.
13. I wonder if they need any on-set experts to help bring the magic to life?
14. I volunteer as tribute!
15. I mean how are they going to stay true to the complex themes and emotional core of the book series in such a flawed medium as film?
16. The whole thing is hedging on who they pick to direct.
17. If it’s Tim Burton I swear I’ll flip a table.
18. They should just let fans direct the movie.
19. And by fans I mean me.
20. Where do I sign up for that?
21. Can I submit my resume?
22. Does fan fiction count as screenwriting experience?
23. I’ve been fan-casting this film since I was a child.
24. It’s going to be so gratifying to see who they choose to fill out this diverse, important cast of nuanced characters.
25. Maybe this time we’ll get Jesse Williams!
26. -starts online petition to cast Jesse Williams-
27. I’ll just set a little Google Alert for movie news and see what happens, eh?
28. -waits-
29. -waits-
31. -waits-
32. -waits-
33. They’re casting WHO? For WHAT?
34. That’s atrocious.
35. I’m writing a thinkpiece on why the casting decisions are terrible and putting it on my tumblr.
36. I got six notes. SIX. That’s how many people agree with me.
37. Keep on fighting for better casting, friends. It’s up to the seven of us.
38. What’s happening now?
39.They’re going to split it into two movies?
40. Three?
41. Why are they splitting the last book into two movies?
43. It’s almost like they’re just doing this to make money 🙁
44. That’s it. I’m boycotting.
45. No book-movie for me.
46. I’m going to tell anyone who will listen that they’re RUINING the author’s vision.
47. I mean, technically the author is writing the screenplay but the Hollywood machine is going to CRUSH THEIR SOUL.
48. Never seeing this movie.
49. Ugh.
50. Not once.
51. Nope.
52. I’m a real fan.
53. Look how well I resist the— wait.
54. Is that…a teaser trailer?

So what do you think?  Is this accurate?


  1. I always worry that the movie will not live up to the book, which is frequently the case.

    I remember years ago going to see Stephen King’s Misery and was so pissed off that Annie Wilkes shoots the police officer. In the book, she runs over him with a riding lawnmower. I guess they tried to do it for the movie, but couldn’t make it look real and everyone kept laughing at it. They eventually ran out of time and budget for that scene and decided to just shoot him. I was so upset.

  2. I don’t think I’ve read too many books that have been turned into movies, that I’ve paid attention to (other than Harry Potter).

    More often than not, a book-movie leads me to check out the book because it’s probably better, and good enough to warrant a movie.

    Last time I had serious feelings about a book-movie announcement was probably City of Bones (Mortal Instruments, book 1), which I haven’t actually seen; and all I thought was, “Hope they fix the plot hole from the book where the MC magically ends up with a item in her pocket that shouldn’t be there to escape a trap at the end of the book.”

    I don’t get too bent out of shape about book-movies.

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