Oct 24, 2014

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Review: Seventh Grave and No Body by Darynda Jones (Charley Davisdon #7)

seventhgraveandnobody5 star

Urban Fantasy / Mystery
October 21 2014
336 pages
St. Martin’s Press

Yummy Man – Reyes Farrow
Kick Ass Chick – Charley Davidson

From Goodreads –
Twelve. Twelve of the deadliest beasts ever forged in the fires of hell have escaped onto our plane, and they want nothing more than to rip out the jugular of Charley Davidson and serve her lifeless, mangled body to Satan for dinner. So there’s that. But Charley has more on her plate than a mob of testy hellhounds. For one thing, her father has disappeared, and the more she retraces his last steps, the more she learns he was conducting an investigation of his own, one that has Charley questioning everything she’s ever known about him. Add to that an ex-BFF who is haunting her night and day, a rash of suicides that has authorities baffled, and a drop-dead sexy fiancé who has attracted the attentions of a local celebrity, and Charley is not having the best week of her life.

A tad north of hell, a hop, skip, and a jump past the realm of eternity, is a little place called Earth, and Charley Davidson, grim reaper extraordinaire, is determined to do everything in her power to protect it.

We’re doomed.


Seventh Grave and No Body is the, you guessed it, seventh book in Darynda Jones’ Charley Davidson series. This series is sold under the ‘mystery’ heading at my local bookstores but it could also easily to called an urban fantasy series as it is set in modern day with a twist and there are strong paranormal aspects to the books. For example, Charley is the grim reaper and her man Reyes is the son of Satan. So yeah…paranormal elements. This is definitely a series you need to read in order of release.

This series is among my mostest favorite series EVER. It is simply outstanding. Charley / Darynda’s voice is so strong, the humor is perfect and the characters are unforgettable. This is the seventh book and in no way is this series on its way to becoming stale. Each book follows one or two new mysteries yet there is a continuing storyline that is just as gripping. The endings of the books are always ‘Wow, I need the next book NOW’ worthy too.

Charley is one of my favorite female characters. I love her snark, her loyalty and her heart. Reyes is also amazing, his loyalty to Charley and his drive for contentment are remarkable. I love them separately and I love them together. They are a perfect match.

As usual, the plethora of side characters impresses almost as much as the main two. Cookie and Ubie are so cute! Osh is a new-ish character and I really like him. I can’t wait to see what his role really is in the continuing story because you just know he’s meant for more. Garrett, Angel, Mr. Wong…everyone! There is not one character I dislike in this book. They all serve a purpose and add to the many layers that is this series.

One of my most favorite parts of this series, and you see it very well in this book, is the dialogue. It’s so natural and flows perfectly. Darynda has a real talent for writing it.

The mystery this time around focuses on missing people and odd suicide notes. I have to say that I did manage to figure out who was behind it early on in the story but I had no idea why so I did still enjoy reading it. (The why was messed up, by the way, and I think you will all enjoy it) On top of that first mystery, there is the ‘why are there bodies missing from the graveyard’ plotline. Didn’t really get the point of that one honestly but still, interesting enough.

There are a few new discoveries that definitely make you wonder WTF in the very best of ways. First, there is Charley’s father’s ‘activities’ and the ‘why’ behind them. ‘Whoa’ and ‘Ew’ are perfect words to describe that one. And then there are still the hellhounds that have been summoned by who knows who and the prophecies going round and round hinting at more fun to come.  And we can’t forget the whole ‘Swopes and the kid’ thing.  And we really can’t forget Charley’s abilities that are continuing to grow and get more and more interesting. They get crazy interesting in this book and I can’t wait to see what she ultimately becomes. I’m also curious to see if Reyes’ fear of losing her once she gains all of her powers is true. I’m guessing not and thinking ‘better not’.

Overall, I truly enjoyed Seventh Grave and No Body. I can’t get enough of these books. I own them in print and in audiobook formats, they are that good. This series is one of my favorites for a reason – the books and the author are brilliant. I am already counting down to May 19th 2015, when Eighth Grave After Dark is due to hit shelves.

5 stars

Giggle worthy quotes –

“I called Cookie.  ‘Did you ever find anything out about that woman Swopes was banging who may or may not have had his kid?’
She sighed. ‘Did you look at the memo?’
‘What memo? We’re getting memos now?’
‘I sent a memo a week ago. I’ve been sending you a memo every week with a list of all the updates and my notes on all our cases for weeks now.’
Holy cow. Missed the boat on that one. ‘Oh, those memos. I totally knew that.’
‘You’re not even reading them, are you?’
‘I thought they were optional.’ Note to self: Stop making paper airplanes out of Cookie’s memos.”


“‘Be still my Betty White,’ I said softly.
‘What?’ he asked without looking up, one corner of his mouth lifting playfully.
I walked forward and stopped at the edge of the bed. ‘You. Reading. That is probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen a man do.’
His mouth widened and he finally looked up at me, closing the book in his hand and setting it aside. ‘Clearly you’ve never seen me pole dance.’

Books in the Charley Davidson series –
First Grave on the Right
Second Grave on the Left
Third Grave Dead Ahead
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
Fifth Grave Past the Light
Sixth Grave on the Edge
Seventh Grave and No Body
Eighth Grave After Dark (May 2015)


  1. I love this series so much. I listen to the audios with Lorelei King doing the narration. She is perfect for the series. Brings out the snark in all the characters.

    When I read the part about the memo, it made me think of Officespace. 🙂

    Great review.

  2. I look forward to reading this one next year Julie. I am a bit behind on this series.

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