Oct 30, 2014

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My Life’s Quirks – Will the ‘Real’ Kate Daniels Please Stand Up?

Recently, Ilona Andrews revealed the cover for their next Kate Daniels book.  Here it it:


If you are a fan of the series, then you would have noticed one thing right off the bat – this is not the same ‘Kate’ as on the previous books.  In fact, this is the fourth ‘Kate’ to grace the covers of this series.

That is not unusual.  Sometimes a model can no longer be the ‘face’ of a favorite character thanks to contracts or lack of availability.  So a new one is chosen, leaving readers contemplating how this new girl fits in our minds as our beloved heroine.

New models is not the only place to see ‘new’ faces.  Foreign edition covers are another place to see many different versions of your favorite characters.

magicbitesC magicbitesB magicbitesAmagicbitesaudio
For me, this new Kate, the one on the cover of Magic Shifts, does not look like the Kate in my head, but she isn’t bad.  In fact, none of the Kates on the North American covers truly fit my view of Kate.

I asked Ilona and Gordon Andrews a while back in an interview which cover-Kate best suits ‘their Kate’.  Ilona answered:

“I think Chinese cover artist drew a beautiful Kate.  I also still love Kate on the cover of MAGIC BITES.”


And Gordon said:

“I really like the Spanish cover, well the second book.”


As for me, I feel that maybe the Czech version of Kate is closest to what I imagine while I read her.  Sort of.


Do you guys have a favorite?  What about other books…do you find there is a heroine pictured on a cover that is PERFECT?  (I love Secret on the covers of Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen books!)


Will the ‘real’ Kate Daniels please stand up?  Just another one of my life’s quirks.


  1. I’m pretty ambivalent about cover models. I like continuity between covers, but don’t mind incongruity to description/mind images because my mind image is pretty unrefined/amorphous.

    My biggest problem with the first book’s original cover was the blurriness. The second looked a bit young/unmarred considering Kate’s childhood. This one looks appropriately aged at least, and as if the character has grown some over last few books.

    Side note: the German(?) cover model looks like Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe from 24, Mr. Show)

  2. I have to agree with Gordon, the Spanish cover model looks like “my Kate”.

  3. I know that many times, authors have little to no control over the covers. I do agree that the Spanish version is my favorite. The Czech one is good too.

  4. I’m with Gordon too–I love the Spanish version. Although I am a fan of the latest Kate. I don’t know if I pictured her with hair that dark, but I think it definitely meets the “looks interesting” criteria.

  5. Melanie B says:

    So, I feel like my vision of Kate is so precise that none of the covers really meet it just yet.

    So far, I agree with Ilona in that the Magic Bites Kate is closest.

    Kate always says that she’s pretty but not drop dead gorgeous. She’s seen a lot, so yeah, I’d want to see someone a bit more run down or at least with an older “I’ve seen it all” look in her eyes. Also, doesn’t Kate always wear a braid? She’s a tough, practical girl and definitely would not wear “sexy” clothes because showing extra skin invites injury. In my mind, she wears either tall riding boots / combat boots, stretchy pants that move well (maybe jeans, maybe tight cargo-type pants), a basic tank top (not too cleavagy) and a leather jacket. Her hair is tied back in a braid and she’s either holding Slayer (well, not anymore but you get the idea) or it’s in its sheath on her back.

    Pretty specific image, huh? If only I could draw and submit a cover of my own…

    Also, why is Curran always depicted as an ordinary golden lion? the imagery is ALWAYS “a gigantic grey lion”…

    Demanding aren’t I? 😉

  6. Melanie B says:

    P.S. I retract my comment about Curran. I totally didn’t even see that they got it right this time around for the new cover.

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