Nov 10, 2014

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Question – Love Triangles: How Do You Really Feel About Them?

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This week’s Question comes from Jessica over at Rabid Reads. The topic of the Question is something I’ve actually never asked you guys about and that shocks me! It’s a pretty intense topic, especially when it features some favorite heroes and heroines, stories and authors.

I am talking about love triangles.

Do you enjoy reading a love triangle?  Me?  One word: no.  I actually don’t see the point of a love triangle.  To me, they get in the way of the ‘final couple’ really getting to know each other.  And it’s that ‘getting to know each other’, that mating dance, that I enjoy reading so much.  If there is a love triangle thrown in, I think it cheapens the time the heroine spends with each man and often cheapens the story.

That is why the fact that I absolutely adored Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen series is shocking!  There isn’t just a love triangle in that series, there’s a love square! But the way it’s done is great and you can’t help but get sucked into it.

But most of the time, a love triangle just ticks me off.  Probably because often I feel the author just puts in there to create drama.  They feel there isn’t enough angst so they add a new love interest.  A lot of the time, it’s done half-assed and it’s more insulting to the reader and to the heroine’s intelligence than anything.

But I know some of you love these triangles!  You search them out!  Are you one of them?

Love triangles: how do you really feel about them?


  1. Mostly, no. I have read some books where I wasn’t quite sure which way I wanted the heroine to go.

  2. My answer has to be, “It depends.” I love the Stephanie Plum series so much that I’m okay with the Ranger/Stephanie/Joe triangle. I realized that it’s never going to be resolved, so I stopped worrying about which pairing would win. Maybe my tolerance is higher too because there are several menage a trois novels that are among my favorites.

    Also, heroes who rescue cheated-on heroines, I can do, and vice versa.

    What I don’t like, even to the point of abandoning a story in the middle, are lovers cheating on each other. Flirtations I can handle, but the whole betrayal, remorse for having strayed stuff, getting back together better than before…nope, nope nope.

  3. I’m with you all the way, hate them and have even been known to stop because of the ridiculousness of it. That’s why I find it particularly when it pops up part way through a series I’m already enjoying. I don’t mind love interests changing, it’s the whole 2 at the same time thing I hate. But like you my exception is Secret McQueen, somehow the way it’s done just works. I’m looking forward to the last one.

  4. I’m jumping on the No Train with everyone else. I read a few early on, but quickly stopped.

    I wonder in hindsight if I would have dropped the Mercy Thompson series (when it hinted at a possible triangle early on before dropping it quickly) if I’d have read it after becoming disinterested in triangles. Luckily I didn’t have to find out.

    Love triads, though, I’m much more open to. They’re nearly impossible to search for, but there’s a few in Brown Siblings and Sinners on Tour. By love triads, I mean long-term three-way relationships.

  5. Love triangles aren’t deal breakers for me, but I really dislike them. I agree 100% with your take on them, Julie. To me, it feels like love triangles encourage the heroine to act in a dishonorable fashion, and the heroes to fight amongst each other in petty ways.

    Love triangles never bring out the best in the characters involved, so why use them?

    I think authors use triangles to manufacture romantic suspense. For female readers, this type of suspense is as big of a draw as plot suspense, so it kind of works. BUT, there are so many other ways to create romantic tension without resorting to love triangles. I just think the triangles are the easiest route.


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