Nov 21, 2014

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One of the Toughtest Decisions I Have Ever Made (a.k.a. Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks’ Final Week)

Thank-YouYes, you read correctly. I am retiring my blog.

Next Friday will be the last time I post something on Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks. It may seem like a bit of a surprise for you guys but, to tell you the truth, this is a decision I have been struggling with for the better part of a year. I KNOW this is the best decision for me, my health, my sanity and my family.

But that doesn’t mean that the decision to retire my blog was an easy one.

In fact, just last week, I received an email telling me how much the sender enjoyed my blog. She went on to say that she discovered so many new and wonderful authors through my and Anne’s reviews. I am lucky enough to receive letters like that on a regular basis and letters like THAT kept me going and made blogging worthwhile. But letters like that are also what turned this decision into such a heart wrenching one.

Why am I retiring the blog? It has just become too much. I run a daycare and the kids (two 1 year olds and 2 three year olds) need my full-time attention. I no longer have time to ‘sneak a read’ while they are here as this particular group (and my last one) seem to require more attention). Also, my own children are now 6 and 9 and they too require more of mommy’s attention – something I am happy to give but find myself struggling to find. I am also responsible for my local Girl Guide Spark unit (for girls aged 5 and 6) and that takes up tons of my time…but I adore it. Blogging used to be what I did for me but lately I feel like Sparks is what I do for me, even though it also involves a group of young and energetic girls. My weekends are swamped. My evenings are swamped. I am finding I no longer have the reading time or the writing or editing time I once had. Reading has now gone from something I look forward to doing to something I feel stressed that I’m not doing enough because ‘this review is due such and such a day and I haven’t even started the book yet!’. And I hate that. Reading is meant to be enjoyed.

On top of that, I feel my blog has not been looked after as well as I like over the last year. I don’t have time to reply to all my comments anymore and that really frustrates me. You take the time to comment, the least I should be able to do it respond. But I blink and it’s two hours past and I blink again and it’s supper time. Days blur by and time just keeps getting away from me.

I started noticing that my reading time diminished considerably over a year ago but kept hoping it would get better. I mean, I didn’t even successfully finish my Goodreads reading challenge that I set out for myself last year! A solution I decided to try was to bring someone on to help with the reading and reviewing load would help. That’s where Anne comes in.

Anne has truly been a lifesaver. She’s been with Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks for just over a year now. She is the sweetest person you could ever meet and her love of reading and all things books is infectious and genuine. She helped keep me sane this past year and without her, I don’t know what I would have done.

But it turns out that even having a super-reader helper wasn’t enough. If I can’t read enough and if I have to struggle to find time to edit and write posts, even an amazing woman sending me great reviews won’t fix things.

I started Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks in May of 2010. I don’t think you can ever fully understand what blogging has meant to me. Before blogging, I was a wife and mother. I didn’t do much for myself at all and I had actually lost who I was as a person. Blogging and reading reminded me that everyone NEEDS something that is THEIRS and everyone deserves to have time for themselves – mothers and wives included.

I think that is why it was so hard to make this decision. I just needed to remind myself that even though I will not be blogging, nothing else will go away. I will still read – I’ll just won’t get books ahead of time and I’ll do it at my own pace and enjoy it even more. I will still be me…just without a blog. I will be able to focus my efforts where they are most needed without feeling as though I am letting you, my amazing readers, down.

I’ve finally come to the full realization that I am not losing the books or the readers or the authors by retiring. You all will still be there to chat. Authors will still be there too. And reading will always be there and so will the ‘me’ time they provide me.

I will not be gone completely though. I will still be on Goodreads with reviews there (just not as many) and I will still keep my Facebook page active. I hope to be able to talk books and book related stuff there, share some images that made me giggle and share book news as I learn it. I will also be on twitter – hopefully a bit more than I am now but that’s iffy. So you see, I am not disappearing, I am just not going to be here at the blog.

Words cannot express my gratitude to all of you. Every author I have had the honor of reading or dealing with, every blogger and every reader. I am a better person for having ‘met’ you and I will never forget this time with you all.

As a Thank You for following and supporting me over the past four and a half years, I am offering one final kick ass giveaway. Below is the collage from Goodreads of all of my favorite books. Okay, most of them. I notice that some are not there but the series is represented and that’s good enough for me. I will give any five of these books to two winners. As long as the book is available via The Book Depository and it ships to your country, you may enter. If you want an eBook that is not available at BD, let me know and I’ll see what I can do 🙂  To enter, just leave a comment before Friday, November 28th 2014 11:59pm EST. So look at my favorites, pick five books from that list (or at least from the series, and yes, you can mix and match) and write your picks in your comment. I will contact the winners by next Sunday.

Thanks again for everything. Enjoy this final week on the blog. xoxo













  1. Definitely a sad time but you definitely sound like you are ready to close the blogging chapter of your life.

  2. I am sorry to be just now seeing this. I always knew that if I was looking for a great read, I would find one on your blog. Our reading likes are very similar. I also know how life changes things and we have to change with them. I went back to college in 2012 and no longer have time to blog and barely have very much time to dedicate to my reading. I wish you gook luck and will see you goodreads.

  3. Raha danna says:

    sad to hear the news but you got to do what you got to..hoping to find still book news on your FB page..good luck with everything..

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