Aug 9, 2010

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Question – What Book Cover Makes You Drool?

When I step in front of the Romance books at the book store, I can’t help but feel a little tingle of excitement.  The reasons are many.  The  idea that I’ll be choosing a new book to bring home and cozy up with.  The smell of a new book, the feel of it in my hands, that slight ‘crunch’ that occurs when I first crack open the cover.  *quiver* Another reason for the tummy flutters is wondering who I’ll be looking at over the next few days.  Who’s face (and body) will grace the cover of my chosen title.

They say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.  I find that harder than it should be — especially when it comes to romance books.  The models on the cover represent the characters inside.  They put a face to the characters you are supposed to fall madly in love with.  I must admit that I have a favorite male cover model as well as a favorite book cover.  Will I stay away from a book just because the cover is creepy instead of sexy?  No.  Of course not.  Really now…  But my imagination will work better and the pictures my mind create will be more ‘vivid’ if I find the guy on the cover to be suitably yummy.

This is the cover that brought my attention to a certain face (and arms…oh, those arms…).  Paul Marron graces the cover of JR Ward’s “Lover Avenged”.  I think he IS Rehvenge.  After seeing his face on that book, I started imagining his face on many other romance book covers.  Then I discovered it was because Mr. Marron is on the cover of almost every book!

See!  He’s everywhere!  And he’s yummy — and versatile…and YUMMY!  (And he’s a nice guy too!)  Now, for my most drool worthy cover?  Hands down it’s this one:

Yum!  Just…Yum!  *Julie is licking her lips while daydreaming at the moment.  She will return shortly…*

Oh, hey!  The chest, the shoulders, the stomach, even the belly button.  Everything about this cover makes my knees weak!  I even like to imagine that those are my hands touching him and my nails scratching his hard…*Julie is licking her lips while daydreaming at the moment.  She will return shortly…*

Wait…what?  Oh yes.  My question.  What book cover makes you drool?

  1. Oh yeah…I’m also pretty darn partial to the Lover Mine cover. Good stuff there!

  2. Oh John Matthew *clings* I heart him. and his cover 🙂

    My fav is Lauren Dane’s Insatiable 🙂

  3. Lisa – I want a life sized poster of the cover of Lover Mine and put it on my bedroom ceiling, but Jason says no. 🙁 He’s such a party pooper…

    Mandi – Oh yes! This one is uber drool worthy! Very nice choice! 🙂 Insatiable

  4. Lauren Dane’s Insatiable is one the most eye catching, pretty covers ever. I loves it.

  5. Long live Team Qhuay!

    Have you seen the cover for Jaci Burton’s March 2011 release? OMG sex on a stick cover man titty.

  6. FV – The more I look at the Insatiable cover, the more think I want a poster of that one too.

    KT – Do you mean this one? It’s quite nice too, I must say…jaci burton

  7. Honestly, I always forget about the cover I’m generally so into the book I forget what it looks like!
    Plus in the uk half the book covers suck so I always go for the blurb.
    However, I loved Kresely Cole’s cover of Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night it’s so different and cute I always remember it and I quite like the covers of The Lord’s of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter but that’s it.

  8. Ally – the Lords’ do have nice covers… I will agree with you on that!

  9. mini prasad says:

    lordy, i don’t even read romance but i’m a librarian and almost passed out when i saw the insatiable cover.. nice work! sigh.. yep, poster would be good to get 😉

  10. kimberly wagner says:

    Never in my life have I been so turned on by a book cover. I use my kindle to flip back and forth between the prose and the pic. Hands down (and I have literally read thousands of books) Paul Marron as Lothaire on the cover of Kresley Cole’s aptly titled “Lothaire” will haunt my fantasies for the rest of my life. Havent seen him as a blond before, but it suits him well….yow!

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