May 27, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks — Pools of Pants

My husband has a funny habit.  He tends to drop his pants at random places throughout the house and leave them there.  I refer to these “drop zones” as pools of pants.  (He does leave his boxers on so he won’t upset the children…lol)  There is no rhyme or reason to it really; he just lets them drop wherever he feels like it…

There are pools of pants at the entrance to our bedroom.

There are pools of pants at the foot of the bed.

There are pools of pants by the bathroom door.

There are pools of pants in the kitchen (this time with bonus shirt).

There are pools of pants in the basement.

There are pools of pants in the garage, right outside our back door.

There are even pools of pants just inside our front door.

I used to get frustrated when I noticed a pool of pants somewhere around the house.  But now, I just smile and shake my head.  Pools of pants are just one of my life’s quirks.

  1. HAHAHA, pool of pants. My hubs and I have been together 13 years and we’ve learned that things like ‘pool of pants’ just aren’t worth getting riled up over. We’ve got bigger things to get mad about LOL. Does he know you’ve posted his ‘pool of pants’ on the internet? hehe

  2. My husband does know I’ve done this. He just rolled his eyes! lol But you’re absolutely right about picking what’s most important to worry about. I think that’s one of the keys to a successful relationship.

  3. This is hilarious. I’m glad to hear that this is not an event isolated to my house. Even after 10 years of marriage, I still don’t understand it!

  4. With my husband I’ve discovered in our short almost 1 year of marriage that he likes to leave trails of socks. I’m with you on the not getting too worked up on it. I decided early on that it just wasn’t worth it… but there are days when I feel like hiding every single sock he owns just to amuse myself.

  5. LMAO!!! This is the most hilarious thing i have ever seen/read!! Thank goodness my husband does not do this! (or leave sock trails)

    Is there a club or self help group he can join? LOL.

    Keep up the great work, Julie!!

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