Aug 20, 2010

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Review: As Lie the Dead by Kelly Meding (Dreg City #2)

Urban Fantasy
July 27 2010
Mass Market Paperback
416 pages
Dell Books

Kick Ass Chick – Evangeline ‘Evy’ Stone

From Goodreads

“Evangeline Stone, a rogue bounty hunter, never asked for a world divided between darkness and light…or the power to die and live again in someone else’s borrowed body. After a murder plot meant to take her out leaves an entire race of shapeshifters nearly extinct, Evy is gnawed by guilt. So when one of the few survivors of the slaughter enlists her aid, she feels duty-bound to help—even though protecting a frail, pregnant shifter is the last thing Evy needs, especially with the world going to hell around her.

Amid weres, Halfies, gremlins, vamps—and increasingly outgunned humans—a war for supremacy is brewing. With shifters demanding justice, her superiors desperate to control her, and an assassin on her trail, Evy discovers a horrifying conspiracy. And she may be the only person in the world who can stop it—unless, of course, her own side gets her first.”

After reading the first book in this new series, “Three Days to Dead”, I was in awe of the author and I was glad to have found a book that I had really enjoyed reading.  (Really, it’s a great, great book)  After reading “As Lie the Dead”, book two in Kelly Meding’s ‘Dreg City’ series, I am again in awe of the author and I now know for sure that I have found a series that has me hooked.  A series that has officially added itself to my “send Jason to store to buy the next book in the series the day it comes out and maybe even harass the staff at the bookstore by phone a couple days ahead of release day to see if maybe they have put it out up on the shelf just a little bit early” list.

Kelly’s ‘Dreg City’ series deals with all things paranormal.  Vampires, shape-shifters, gremlins, goblins, the light ones…you name it, it’s in here.  Evangeline Stone (Evy) is/was a Hunter sent out to calm or destroy the paranormal beings that were not playing well with humans.  She’s always thought what she and her fellow Hunters were doing was right.  That is until they turned their backs on her in book one.  Evy was killed and brought back in a new and borrowed body and only given three days to help fill in the blanks to the mystery Wyatt was trying to solve.  She was not supposed to be around longer than that since the only way she could become a permanent resident in this new body was if someone in particular died (I won’t go into specifics to keep the spoilers to a minimum).  Obviously, that happened and Evy is still kicking in Chalice’s body since this review is about book two in the series.  After being betrayed, killed, resurrected and revived for good, Evy must now figure out what to do with herself, with Wyatt, with her beliefs and her new mind/body.  And she must do all this while facing not only her own memories and emotions, but Chalice’s as well.  And even though she’s a little shady as to what exactly her former employer was up to, she is sure of one thing.  As a Hunter, she helped protect the innocent.  And that’s what she intends to keep doing.

I mentioned Wyatt.  He is/was Evy’s Handler (kind of her boss).  He loves Evy.  Evy didn’t know.  Evy now knows.  Chalice finds Wyatt hot and yummy.  Evy is not too sure how she feels.  Chalice wants to kiss Wyatt.  Evy is confused.  Wyatt is patient – and thank goodness for that.  We see a bit of Wyatt this time around, but for decent chunk of the story, he is out of commission.  I am looking forward to the time when we really get to see Evy and Wyatt ‘work’ together.  They have great professional chemistry (I’m sure Wyatt is super stoked about that…I can just hear him now:”Working chemistry.”  *spit* “Just great!”  *grunt*)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Kelly Meding promised “wingedhawtness” in “As Lie the Dead”.  And yes, she does deliver.  His name is Phineas and he’s a great character.  Phin is an Owlkin.  He’s your calm and collected dude who makes you smile because he’s the only one who is not freaking out over things.  The dude you hope is on your side, but the whole time you are reading, you are not 100% sure what side he belongs to.  Oh, and he’s pretty.  Is he suitable for Evy?  No.  I like Wyatt for her.  Is he suitable for me?  Why yes, yes I think he is! 😉 And it looks like he’s going to be around in future books because he’s moving to town!

One of my most favorite parts of this book were the flashback scenes.  As with the first book, each chapter begins with a timeline.  In this installment, every now and then Evy blacks out.  (You’ll have to read the book to understand the circumstances behind that :p)  That is typically when you get a flashback scene.  They are never very long — just long enough for you to get a little more understanding into Evy’s career as a Hunter.  The first of such scenes in the book actually brought tears to my eyes as Evy stands with her new teammates as they remember their fallen friend.  A very simple moment but a very touching moment.  A true reminder of what kind of life these people live.

I was not disappointed with this book in the least – and I had high hopes for it.  If I was blogging back in 2009 and had to come up with a ‘top 10 favorites of the year’ list, “Three Days to Dead” would have undoubtedly ended up there.  “As Lie the Dead” was the perfect continuation.  It ties up a few loose ends, introduces us to some lovely characters I hope to see again and keeps you guessing as to what is in store for everyone next.  We’ll have to wait until July 26th 2011.  That’s when “Another Kind of Dead” is slated for release.  And we will be graced with “Wrong Side of Dead”, book four in the series hopefully early 2012.

5 stars

Giggle worthy quotes

“Three days.  Three fucking days.  Again!  Am I wearing a sign?”


“’What do you want?’

He stood straight, shoulders back, chest forward, like and eagle puffing itself up.  Or an osprey, as I was beginning to suspect.  His jaw worked, as if preparing to spew forth some long, practices speech.  Instead, what came out was a single, surprising word.  He said, ‘Protection.’

‘Try Trojans.’

He blinked.  ‘What?’

‘Never mind.’”

  1. Sounds like a good book, that’s a notch above the norm. I haven’t read this author before, and so I’ll have to check her out.

  2. So glad this one is just as good as the first. I can’t wait to read it. I loved book one!

  3. India – If you like Urban Fantasy with a great story line, you’ll really enjoy this series.

    Mandi – Read it!!!


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