Aug 30, 2010

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Question – What Would You Read First?

Kate & Curran, Cat & Bones, Mac & Barrons, Payne & Manny, Mercy & Adam?

I recently bought myself a new “Book Planner”.  It’s where I write when certain books are coming out, some new titles (new to me) that I want to check out eventually when my to-read pile goes down a bit and where I plan out my blog postings.  I was copying the “Coming Soon” pages from my old planner to my new planner when something occurred to me.  Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Karen Marie Moning, Jeaniene Frost, JR Ward…thank goodness their next releases aren’t all being released the same day!  Then I thought:  OMG!  What if they were?

Which leads me to my question:  What if the next titles in these fabulous authors’ series were all coming out at the exact same time?  What if JR Ward’s “Lover Unleashed”, Ilona Andrews’ “Magic Slays”, Patricia Briggs’ “River Marked”, Karen Marie Moning’s “Shadowfever” and Jeaniene Frost’s “This Side of the Grave” all landed on bookstore shelves on January 1st, 2011.  Which would you read first?

I think I’d lean towards “Shadowfever” because it’s the last installment in the series and I’ve been coming up with “theories” about the Beast since I finished the last book (and of course we all know that, if my mind is left to wander for too long, my thoughts become just absurd…therefore my theories have become quite entertaining and completely ridiculous).  But if it weren’t the last ever ‘Fever’ book?  Aug!  Probably Ilona Andrews then JR Ward then… I don’t know because I’m giving myself a migraine just thinking about this…

  1. Easy! Shadowfever. The series is sooo addictive and brilliantly written 🙂

  2. I would read Jeaniene’s book first, with Patty Briggs’ book safely in my lap to start as soon as I finised This Side of the Grave. I don’t follow the others. I’m with you, SO glad these don’t release on the same day!!

  3. Ally – I agree 🙂

    wont – What do you mean you don’t follow the others?! *blinks* I don’t think I understand…
    If you love Briggs, you’ll love Ilona Andrews. Try her!

  4. Definitely Shadowfever even though i havent read the fever series yet ~ but i will b4 it comes out. Then it just depends bet Lover Unleashed (for more Qhuay) or Cat & Bones!!

    {{that would be some hard choices though}}

  5. Well first, I would take a day or two off work so I could do nothing BUT read. But I would have to go with Kate & Curan first for sure! <3 them!! Then Shadowfever, Cat & Bones, Mercy & Adam one right after another.

  6. OMG Aaaah! This is such a tough question and I feel like I’m cheating on whomever doesn’t get picked LOL but…

    I have to go with Shadowfever first on this one just because it’s the very last book of the series, and the wait has been forever and it’s going to be of Epic size.

    I have NO idea what order to read the next ones, January is going to be such an AWESOME release month, but traumatizing to chose which to read first!!

  7. OMG…that is SO hard…probably Shadowfever, than JR Ward, then Bones and Cat – but River Marked – EEK!

    I am sweating just thinking about it!

  8. This is very easy for me since I have only read two of the series – C&B and JR’s (I have read the first Mercy Thompson book but I’m not far enough along to want to read the next one yet. So it would be This Side of the Grave. I’m actually getting a little bored with the BDB right now so I could wait.

  9. Sharon – You read only for Quay, eh?! lol

    Spaz – Cheating! That’s what I was thinking when I thinking about this too!

    Mandi – I know. I say I’d read Shadowfever, but if faced with it for real, I may have to flip a coin. Or just wait and see what you’ll do 😉

    Karen – This Side of the Grave is going to be awesome!

  10. I think I’d pick Shadowfever (so hubs could read River Marked), then Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, JR Ward, then Jeaniene Frost.

    I have no idea why.

  11. Patti – Just following your gut, eh? 🙂

  12. I’m going with River Marked because I haven’t read any of the other series yet. What? Don’t look at me like that Julie! =D

  13. Jen – Yes. I was totally looking at you ‘like that’. I’m just hoping you have a very good excuse for not reading them… *evil glare*

  14. the thing is…um…so what had happened was… *runs for cover and hides*

  15. Jen – LOL!

  16. Hands down, LOVER MINE. Followed by Shadowfever. And I haven’t read the other series. But I’d probably start the Night Huntress series. I need to find out about this Bones fellow… 🙂

  17. Mollie – Mmmm, Bones!

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