Sep 1, 2010

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Review: For the Love of Mollie by KT Grant

Contemporary Erotica
August 7 2010
115 pages
Decadent Publishing

Received from author

Yummy Man – Conner Bean
Kick Ass Chick – Mollie McGree

From Goodreads
“Mollie McGree is on a mission to seduce her best friend, the sexy masseuse Juan-Carlos. But she wants to lose a few extra pounds first. She joins a gym run by self-made millionaire and personal trailer, Conner Bean. Conner thinks Mollie doesn’t need to lose any weight, and is perfect the way she is. He plans to seduce the curvy Mollie by giving her his own special training sessions in passion and desire.

Soon Mollie is enjoying a no-holds-barred love affair with the vibrant and skilled Conner. But self-esteem issues on her part, as well as her unresolved feelings for Juan-Carlos, cause her to second guess Conner’s motives. Conner will stop at nothing until he claims Mollie’s heart for his own.”

We have all been there.  We’ve all wondered at one point or another why a certain someone, be it a male or a female, would even want to entertain the idea of being our friend.  We worry that we are just being a nuisance but they are just too nice to say anything.  And we’ve wondered why a certain yummy guy would want to be with us when there is that girl over there who is so much prettier or that one who is so much smarter, or even that one who has bigger boobs?!

I really liked that KT Grant deals with this is “For the Love of Mollie”.  Mollie is a little overweight.  She is convinced that that is the reason her friend JC is not attracted to her as more than a friend.  So she decides to join a gym and lose some weight.  She truly thinks that by doing this, JC will immediately notice what’s been right in front of him the whole time and fall desperately in love with her.

What she doesn’t know is that JC doesn’t care about her few extra pounds.  In fact, none of the men in this story are bothered by a little extra squeeze on a woman.  Actually, they all find it sexy!  And that made me smile.

For a woman, this is a feel good story.  It reminds us how much harder we are on ourselves than we really should be.  It reminds us that men sometimes do enjoy real, smart and fun women.  Yes, for sure there are those men who only care about a tight ass and a jiggle free stomach.  But most guys who are past the age of 20 25 won’t only look at that.  They will look at the whole package.  I love how Connor sees Mollie.  How he looks at her like she’s sex on legs – and he is sex on legs.

This book is hot.  But it’s not just a sex story.  Connor wants to show Mollie how serious he is about wanting to be with her (and not just in the bedroom or in the training room).  And poor Mollie has to endure lots of sex with Connor before she is fully convinced.  😉  I also love how Mollie finally decides not to get healthier for other people’s sake, but for her own.

“For the Love of Mollie” is a cute and light feel good story that touches on a very touchy subject – and does it very well.  KT manages to keep the characters and their reactions to situations real while writing a hot, hot story.  No wonder this novella was chosen as the winner of Decadent Publishing’s writing contest.

4 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“The cute trainer chuckled, got on a bike, and started cycling.  Mollie looked at all the other empty bikes and couldn’t figure out why he sat next to her, looking the way she did – baggy, unattractive, sweat-stained clothes; dripping face and probably a bad case of body odor.

Mollie started to sniff herself when the trainer held out his hand.  “’Hi, I’m Connor Bean, the owner.’”

  1. First of all, I love love love your new header. It’s really lovely!
    Second, great review! I keep wanting to buy this book but I keep putting it off, no real reason why but I have been. Now (damn you) I may have to buy it :p
    Thanks for another lovely review!

  2. Ally – Thanks about the header. Jason and I worked on it for hours last night. Aug. Who am I kidding?! Jason worked on it while I criticized. 🙂

    For the Love of Mollie is a fun, quick read that will make you smile. Don’t curse me, thank me! 😉

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