Sep 8, 2010

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Review: Hot Finish by Erin McCarthy (Fast Track #3)

Contemporary Romance
August 3 2010
Mass Market Paperback
284 pages
Berkley Sensation

Yummy Man – Ryder Jefferson
Kick Ass Chick – Suzanne Jefferson

From Goodreads

“Suzanne Jefferson is broke, which is why she’s given up charity work for wedding planning. Fortunately, she has a high-profile client—and best of all, he’s paid in advance. There are just two teensy problems: The bride is a bona fide bridezilla, and Suzanne’s ex-husband is the best man. At least she thought he was her ex-husband…

Two years after their marriage fell apart, stock car race driver Ryder Jefferson still can’t stop thinking about Suzanne. Which is why he isn’t too upset that, due to a glitch, the two are still technically married. Now he’s imagining easing Suzanne’s woes by satisfying her needs in the bedroom. After all, that’s the one room they never argued in. Besides, with wedding bells ringing all around them, Ryder is wondering if—even though they’d quit the race a few laps too early—they can still come on strong with a big, romantic finish…”

Imagine being madly in love with someone.  Someone who married you and everything.  But the entire time you are with him, you are convinced that he just married you out of a sense of obligation and that he doesn’t truly love you – and that he never really will.  Pretty heavy stuff, right?

That’s how Suzanne, the heroine in Erin McCarthy’s latest installment in her ‘Fast Track’ series, is feeling.  We’ve been following sassy Suzanne and cool Ryder for two books now and finally, we have “Hot Finish” – their story.  We know they were married.  We know they fight a lot.  We know they are divorced…or are they?!

I really enjoy this series.  In fact, it’s one of my favorite contemporary romance series.  What does it for me is the camaraderie among the characters.  The men are race car drivers so they are burley.  Yet they show a softer and almost sweet side that makes you want to hang onto out with them.  The women get along really well too and I find that they are well matched to their mates.

As with the rest of the series, this book is funny.  (That is an important requirement for me in order to love a contemporary series.)  The banter between Ryder and Suzanne, the chatter among the men, the bride to be!  Laugh out loud moments galore in this book!

The sex in Erin’s ‘Fast Track’ series is hot.  And I almost found that the sex in “Hot Finish” to be the hottest yet.  I think what made it so was that we are not dealing with a couple who is still at the ‘getting to know you’ stage.  These two people were together for four years before they got ‘divorced’ and were always compatible in the bedroom.  The sex is raw yet familiar.  And, as I said, very very hot.

Overall, even though I found “Hot Finish” to be the weakest of the three books, it was a good addition to a fun series.  Books one and two of this series are just phenomenal.  Next on the ‘Fast Track’ stage is Evan Monroe’s story.  I am very much looking forward to his story because he is the “I’m not ever getting married” guy in the group.  So you know he’ll just be eating his words…among other things ;).  “The Chase” is due out March 1st 2011.

Giggle worthy quotes

“Those feelings, the ones she’d convinced herself were dead, were swelling in her chest, and she wasn’t sure what to do with them.  She just knew she wanted to grin like a fool, laugh like a hyena, and swear like a sailor.”
“Joyce frowned.  Nikki frowned.  Suzanne frowned.  There seemed to have been a tent sale on sour expressions, because they’d all picked one up.”
“As they maneuvered through the crowd, Ty could have sworn someone grabbed his ass.  He turned and stared down a girl who couldn’t have been much more than eighteen.  The girl just giggled.
‘I’m sorry, I think I accidentally brushed against you,’ he said.
‘No, I grabbed your ass.’
Well, that was disturbing.”

Books in the ‘Fast Track’ series
Flat-Out Sexy
Hard and Fast
Hot Finish
The Chase (March 1st 2011)

  1. I have to agree with everything you said. Great recap! Erin is definitely a favorite of mine.

  2. Stacy – I have a couple more of Erin’s titles in my tbr pile. I’ll get to them eventually 😉

  3. This was my first, and although I liked, I’m glad you said it was the weakest of the series..because I didn’t love it. Will have to go back to the beginning.

    I do like her combo of humor and sex!

  4. Oh wow, great review hon! I have this series on my shelf and it is calling my name! Thanks for bring these back to my attention!

  5. Cecile – Yummy stock car drivers in a fun and funny story. What’s not to enjoy?! 🙂

  6. Looking forward to reading more. Great post.Much thanks again. Will read on…

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