Sep 8, 2010

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Silly Stuff

OMG!  I almost peed myself when I spotted this at Awful Library Books!  Check it out.  I dare you not to laugh out loud!

Published in 1991

And now I just have to travel back in time (or stalk eBay) to get myself a computer diskette, a cassette tape, a tape player, a big ass hair clip and start smoking so I have an excuse to carry a lighter in my purse and I’ll be all set to face any attacker!

  1. LOL @ “throwing a handful of coins shows resistance to an attacker.”

    Oh my gosh, wow! Too funny!

  2. LMAO! This post is hilarious. I especially like the choke hold bra maneuver.

  3. Katya – The coins make me laugh so hard! But I’m sure it would totally work, right?

    Jen – I wonder how many copies of this book were sold? lol

  4. Interesting…very interesting!! Thanks again for the laugh. My day is off to a great start now. =)

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