Jun 3, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks – Things I Can’t Go Without

Everyone has things that they feel they couldn’t live without.  Things that are so important to them, they would feel lost if even just one of them went missing.  This is my list.

Nestle Quik (screw coffee -- I need a glass of this in the morning)

My ipod

My gum (this is my favorite at the moment)

My lists, notebooks and four-colour pen

My water bottle (I even have a holder sewn onto my purse)

My books

My glasses (come to think of it, they should probably be a little higher up on my list...)

My kids, my husband and my parents (I really would be lost without them) (Artwork courtesy of my daughter.)

Just missing one of these things for only one day would really throw my whole world for a loop.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. I think those are all reasonable things to need in life! I love the artwork by your daughter.

  2. Yeah, I feel ya I need most of the things on your list. I can’t do without my iPhone, Kindle, or my blog planner. I get twitchy. 🙂

  3. Oh wow! I remember your notebooks, that 4 colour pen, and the water bottle so well. They pretty much are a necessary part of you. I just wanted to let you know I caught myself up on your blog and you really have been busy. I tried not to read the Magic Bleeds review since I am making good progress on the first one you graciously sent me (which I am forever grateful for)… funny story… well, not so funny… in the first few chapters of the first one I came across a part about a vampire scrotum… and I think it might be the pregnancy brain or the fact that it was really late at night, but I looked over at my husband amid his xbox playing and coyly asked him to remind me what a scrotum was again. He happily described it to me and went back to his game playing and then a few minutes later paused it and asked, “Wait, wait a second. Why are you reading about scrotums?”

    I have never laughed so hard in my life. I told him it was the book you sent me, so the onus is on you, bahahaha.

    (PS I “met” Curran last night. He seems alluring. I can’t wait to meet him again. I’m close to the halfway point and I agree with you completely, it’s a great book and I can’t wait to read the others. I think they’re going to get packed into my purse with me for my trip this summer. If I can last that long without reading them!)

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