Oct 4, 2010

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Question – How Do You Read an Anthology?

This week’s question won’t require much thought.  I figured I’d give you guys a little break after last week’s toughie 😉

Anthologies.  They are becoming more and more common…and many mainstream authors are submitting pieces for them.  Anthologies are a chance for readers to discover new authors and for authors to perhaps tell the story or a beloved secondary character from their book series.

I like the idea of Anthologies — how you get many stories in one book and how you get to sample different authors.  After all, the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance is how I fell into reading romance novels (even though I giggled profusely at the man on the cover with the beautiful eyes and the creepy little mustache…hee hee).  But I find that now that I am buried under a mountain of a to-read pile, I don’t have the patience to read through a whole anthology.  I’ll pick one up if there is a story by one of my favorite authors about some of my favorite characters and only read their story.  Then I’ll put the book down.  Unless I start reading books written by one of the other authors, I won’t pick it up again.  So for me, an anthology will always be a 3 star book.

Which leads me to my question for you:  How do you read an anthology?  Do you read it cover to cover or do you just focus on the authors and story lines that you are familiar with?  Or do you skip them altogether?

  1. I’m about a 50-50 split between straight through and jumping around.

    I finished Dark and Stormy Knights last night, and I skipped around in that one.

    Personally I love anthologies, I’ve found a lot of new to me authors that are worth falling in love with.

  2. Depends. There are the anthologies I buy cuz of one author and the ones I buy cuz I think I would like more than one story. I have to admit the majority I buy are the first kind. And yes I’m bad and only read the authors I like. *hides in shame*

  3. Blah! I hate Anthology’s. First the stories are always too short for me to fully enjoy them. Secondly I only ever buy anthologys because the author I follow has written a series and released short story in relation to that series in an anthology but I hardly ever read the other books in the anthology unless I’m a fan of the author. So I skip around in the anthology. Thirdly normally that story isn’t as good as a full length one either. And fourthly I only buy them as ebook I do not own a single anthology in book format.

    Ok thats come across as rather grrr, hate anthologies! but I don’t feel that way about them 🙂 I just prefer a full length book overall because it nearly costs the same either way!

  4. Missy Ann – I agree with the fact that they introduce you to new authors!

    Susi – Don’t hide in shame…you’re not alone. 🙂

    Ally – If you ‘have’ to buy them, buy them in eBook format…that is a great suggestion! 🙂

  5. booo! I really do NOT like anthologies. I’ve purchased them and read them for 1) to keep up with storylines of my favorite series and 2) to maybe get a feel for another new to me author. But what I have discovered is I just don’t like short stories! I’ve tried and I’ve decided, no more. I don’t even care if I miss maybe a little side story of my favorite series, I’m just not gonna waste my time with anthologies anymore. Boring! 😛

  6. ITA w/some of the answers here about hating Anthologies. When i first started reading PNR/UF…i didnt realize that most anthologies have stories that are in the middle of series…it can be really confusing!

    So from now on, I only read the stories of the series i have read.

  7. Spaz – But really, how do you feel about them? I couldn’t decipher your code! 😉

    Sharon – It can be confusing if you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into! lol

  8. Depends…if it is for review then cover to cover, if it is just for me I only pick out the ones I want to read.

  9. I also like the idea of anthologies – shorter stories, potential for finding a new favourite author, new stories about well loved characters, etc. But in reality I rarely read the entire book. I always seem to have too many other books to read that strike me as more interesting. For example, I love Patricia Briggs but still haven’t read any of the Alpha and Omega series because the first part of the saga is a short story that is only available in an anthology that I can only get online. I’ve been waiting for the right time to order this book even though I have no interest in the other stories in it. So finally I was like “screw it I’m just gonna read Cry Wolf”. At the end of the day anthologies always seem like a waste to me even though I can theoretically appreciate their potential benefits.

  10. Mandi – *shudder* at having to read an anthology for review…

    Vanessa – Perfect wording: Too many other books to read that strike me as more interesting. 🙂

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