Sep 1, 2010

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Silly Stuff

I just want to apologize to everyone ahead of time because you are all going to hate me after reading this post…

We all have them.  Songs that get stuck in our head.  I mean REALLY stuck.  Stuck to the point that we are willing to listen to our husbands ramble on and on about video games just so the sound of that godforsaken song is replaced by the sound of their chatter.

Well, these are the songs that ALWAYS manage to get stuck in my head.  Some are newer, and some are “classics”.  And I’m so nice, I’m willing to share them with you today…  You can all thank me later.

The first one is not really bad.  In fact, it’s kind of cute.  And that’s why it gets stuck in my head.  (I’ve even downloaded it onto my ipod :))

This one you’ll recognize right away and you’ll agree with me 100%.  This is the 2007 re-release video version.  It’s, in a couple of words, kinda disturbing…lol

This one gets stuck in my head because it’s so damn catchy and just ridiculous!

But this one is THE absolute WORST!  It’s so bad, that it tends to stick with me for days and DAYS!  I will gladly listen to Barney’s “I love you, You love me” over and over instead of this one.  Yup, it’s THAT annoying…

*Kisses*  I love you all too 😉

  1. OMG… Bad intentions took me back! LOL I loved that song. And YES… the Bird is the Word. LOL

    Good stuff.

  2. *shakes fist* Dag nab it woman. You’ll pay for this! LOL!

    Although after watching the first vid I now want to be Canadian…

  3. I used to get Don’t Worry, Be Happy stuck in everyone’s head. Dang. Now I hear it. lol

  4. LOL…I love the Bad Touch video…monkey suits are too funny!

    this is the one i cant get out of my head!!

  5. BigSmooth – “The Bird is the Word”… *shudder*

    Jen – Hee hee *wink*

    Scooper – “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is definitely one of those ‘gets stuck in my head’ kind of songs!

    Sharon – Oh my goodness, I hadn’t heard that song is forever…and now it’s stuck in my head. *grumble*

  6. LOL Julie…payback!!

    {{ive only listened to it non stop since i posted that}}

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