Sep 4, 2010

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Guest Post – Top 5 Reasons Why Julie Needs to Start Watching True Blood

I have a confession to make.  I don’t watch True Blood.  Never have.  I haven’t even read Charlaine Harris’ books.  I know I may be offending some of you.  And I know that some of you probably need smelling salts right about now.  I mean no offense.  I don’t know exactly why I’ve never really been drawn to the show.  I do think though that I am one of the last people on the planet to not tune in.  Geez, when True Blood airs, Twitter becomes the #trueblood channel and Goodreads practically becomes a ghost town!  So, since I was beginning to feel like a bit of a freak, I turned to Jen from Not Now…I’m Reading.  She is a huge fan of the show.  In fact, every week Jen posts an episode recap at Bite Club.  Therefore, I knew she was the perfect person to ask for guidance.  I wanted her to help show me the way and to help me want to jump on the True Blood bandwagon.  Here is what she came up with.

Top 5 Reasons Why Julie Needs to Start Watching True Blood
(or at the very least tune into the Season 3 finale)

Hi everyone!  A few weeks back Julie, the diabolical mastermind behind this here blog, issued an interesting challenge to yours truly.  She confessed that she doesn’t watch the show and never really had any desire to.  I believe she said and I quote, ‘I tried to watch some of the first episode on YouTube and had trouble sitting through the 3 minute clip.’  *shakes head and pats Julie on the head* She asked me to give her some reasons why she should tune in.  Don’t worry Julie.  I’m here to bring you back into the light or drag you to the dark side depending on how you look at it.  Truth be told I wasn’t shocked by her statement.  Most of the people I talk to about the show either love it or hate it.  Let’s see if I can’t convince Julie to at the very least watch the finale airing on September 12th.

Reason 1: Because the show is not like the books

Now, now book purists.  Put away the pitch forks and flaming torches.  I’m not hating on the books.  Quite the contrary.  I love the books but, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that there will never be a TV show or movie that will ever follow a book word for word.  HBO does a pretty decent job of sticking to the general gist of the story arcs.  Sure, there are times when they take a right turn where they should’ve made a left but, for the most part the new plot twists aren’t as horrid as you might think.  And let’s be honest for a minute.  What’s the point of watching a TV show if you know exactly what’s going to happen every single episode.

Reason 2: Supernatural creatures who haven’t been toned down

That’s right, I’m going there.  One of the beautiful things about both the books and the show is that we get to see the vicious side of the supes again.  No sparkles here ladies and gents.  We’ve got vamps who will rip your throat out and not think twice about it and werewolves that show no mercy.  Frankly, it’s about damn time.  True Blood brings back the predatory nature of these creatures.  Maybe with a bit too much blood and gore at times but, hey, no none said being a vamp or were was clean and tidy.

Reason 3: Enough smutty scenes to make any girl or guy’s heart skip a beat and/or go triple time

This one’s a no brainer.  This show has some of the hottest sex scenes on television.  You name it, True Blood’s done it.  We had characters go at it in the shower, up against walls, on the floor, in the woods, in cars and in Merlotte’s.  Not to mention Mr. Alan Ball has pushed some boundaries by including guy on guy and girl and girl scenes.  I see everyone’s sitting a little straighter now.  I knew that’d get your attention. 😉

Reason 4: Great supporting cast and new characters

I know everyone hears plenty about Sookie, Bill and Eric but, the second string and newbies often don’t get the attention they deserve.  Which is a shame!  I know this is blasphemous to those who prefer to stick to the script but, it you give these guys and gals half a chance you won’t be disappointed.  Some of my favorites include Jessica (the angsty teenage vampire who Bill was forced to sire), Lafayette (who is fee-us and fabulous) and Jason (who is dumb as a door nail but ridiculously funny and sexy as sin).

Reason 5: Tons of delicious eye candy

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  Caution: Prolonged viewing can cause profuse sweating and possible fainting.

Thanks Julie inviting me to guest blog about one of my favorite topics.  That wasn’t too painful now was it?  I hope that you’ve come to your senses and will now give the show a try.  To check out other episode recaps and True Blood related posts I’ve done, head on over to Bite Club.

Thanks Jen!  All very valid reasons why I should put the book down and watch a little TV.  I like that I wouldn’t be too lost not having read the books.  Oh, and I especially like the eye candy… 🙂

Now we want to know, what are some of YOUR reasons for watching True Blood?

  1. Excellent reason Jen!! I agree about the gore..I LOVE that they show the not so sexy side to vampires – although they def make up for it in the smut dept.

    Julie – this show is so much fun!!! I’ve only read first three books…the show is much different.

  2. I love True Blood! I love the books too and I like the fact that they’re different enough to keep me coming back for more!

    And, there’ enough eye candy that everyone who watches it at my house has someone to drool over 🙂

  3. Great post! I love this show something fierce, and I like it better than the books – so kill me…

    Lafayette is my favorite character, followed closely by Pam. Yay for the supporting cast! And double yay for the eye candy. Eric and Alcide make me very happy 🙂

  4. I just lost my entire reply to this guest post but all I really need to say is, YES. Hello! I’ve been trying to convince you to pick up either a book or the first episode since FOREVER, Julie! I couldn’t agree any MORE with this guest post.

    All I really need to say is that you truly need to get into this show. You think Valek is amazing? Two words: Eric Northman.

    Oh my GOD oh my GOD.. I can’t even begin to describe my love affair with Eric Northman. It’s to the point where I sometimes dream that my husband speaks with a Swedish accent and is a Viking warrior.

    So please, Julie. Do us all a favour and give it a TRY. You will be converted. I have the entire series, both in print and the tv show, at my disposal ready to provide you with if you want a little taste. 😉

  5. Mandi – Thanks Mandi. Yeah, I can’t get into a show about vampires if it’s not going to show their fierce side.

    Patti – Exactly! It’s one of the few shows me and my BF watch together because there’s something for him (boobs) and something for me (most of the male cast).

    Smash Attack – Thanks! I think that’s the first time I hear someone say they like the show better. There are certain things I like more about the show than the books too so you’re not alone. I love me some Alcide! *sigh*

    Katya – LMAO!! I can’t believe Julie’s turned down your suggestions to watch the show. *shakes head* Tsk tsk Julie!

  6. Mandi – So the gore is that good, eh?

    Patti – I’m sure I can convince Jason to watch with me for the hot chicks 🙂

    Smash Attack – I am now quite intrigued by Lafayette!

    Katya – Yes, you have been annoying me um, I mean giving me gentle reminders to try this show and these books! But does Paulo know you dream about him as a viking?! 😉

  7. I am now on season 2 and hooked beyond belief. Major eye candy for both men and women. 🙂

  8. I can honestly say that I love the True Blood books & show. I can also admit that I didn’t like the first few episodes of the first season. I found the show got much better after a few episodes, and now Season 2 is AMAZING. I mean, extremely addicting and exciting. If you love Vampires and the supernatural, this is the show for you. I couldn’t wait for Alcide to get into the show. He’s just dreamy. Eric is my main Vamp and Alcide is my main Were. I think you’ll agree with me if you watch the show. It’s worth the whole seasons wait to get to Alcide. ;P

  9. All very valid and fab reasons, Jen. I highly concur on all of them. Once I got over the fact that the show is indeed ‘based on’ the book series, I was fine.
    I get to put faces to names in the books, especially Eric.
    I do like the action, the blood (excessive at times), some intense sex scenes….
    I do like my vamps and were’s vicious rather than sparkly, no angst for me please. I love the humor that makes a show, too, dark and otherwise.
    I do realize the show and the books aren’t for anyone and I don’t think you can base your opinion on a YouTube video….give an episode a try. Not from season two, though. That was a rough one, not the best in my opinion. Season 1 is cool, season 3 is rockin’.

  10. I’ve loved the television series but this current season is a little weak. I still like it but Sookie and Bill make me want to barf with a capital ARF. Love Lafayette, he’s my main mo’ fukah bitch up in heya. Jason is dumb as dirt and I LOVE him. And Eric. Nom. Just nom. Oh oh and I love Pam, she’s so HOT. I could go on and on. And I can’t believe my sexy psycho Franklin is dead. *sobs* And did I mention Bill and Sookie can suck it?

  11. Natasha – I’m in full agreement with you. Alcide is worth the wait.

  12. Katie – I heard you were becoming addicted to the show. I wonder if I will…

    Natasha – I’ve heard lots about Eric and Alcide. And I mean lots! 🙂

    Vickie – But I thought YouTube was the answer to everything! It’s not?! 😉

    FV – So let me get this straight… You LOVE Bill and Sookie. They are your favorite and you want to have their babies… Um, maybe not. 😉

  13. Katiebabs – Who’s your favorite eye candy?

    Vickie – Glad you stopped by! I agree. You have to watch an actual episode before you can discredit the show Julie. 😉

    FV – LMAO…I just saw the tweets regarding your comment. I kind of feel the same about Bill and Sookie but, without the barfing. I’m all about the supporting cast on this show. I’ll be honest though…not gonna miss Franklin too much. He scared the buhjeezus out of me.

    Julie – You realize with all this mounting pressure you will have to sit down and watch an episode. Maybe even post about the experience. *evil villain cackle* =)

  14. I’ve never seen the show & just recently read the first book. You’ve posted some compelling pictures, I mean reasons, to want to watch the show!

  15. LOVE the series because there are no holds barred! Never read the books. If you love Franklin the actor played on the Tudors as well. Season 2 I hated due to the Marianne stuff but there was some good stuff if you ignore that. Season 3 was WOW! Lafayette is my fav (hoping Jesus works out with him) and I like the story line with Jessica as well as Sam’s family. Not sure about Sookie’s secret it was kind of a let down like WHAT???? Does the book go into this?

  16. Hey Julie,

    Please give the books a chance!!! I just spent a couple of hours looking through ur book “collection” and I truly think you would appreciate the series. You mentioned you love romance, a chick that knows how to fight, and you appreciate a good laugh… oh, and let’s not forget the yummy men… with that said, I am confident you will love it! I have to admit the TV show is pretty good too, but I still go for the books any time!

  17. Thali – I’m sure one day I’ll cave and read at least the first one, there’s just so much other stuff out there! lol

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