Sep 15, 2010

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Silly Stuff

Today’s Silly Stuff comes from Fail Blog.  For some reason, there were lots of “naughty” Fails this past week…and now here they are! 😉

Wow…this photo will really be embarrassing for him when this picture gets passed around at his bachelor party someday 🙂

Sign me up for the lunch special!

Well then… 😉

Oh yes…poor little babies.  Well, maybe not little… 😉

Maybe his partner is enjoying herself.  Maybe they count together and consider it foreplay?!

I really don’t know how “real” this is, but could you just imagine if you did something like this?  Okay, I would never be stupid enough to do something like this, but still.  You get my point.

I LOVE this one!  Definitely deserves a LMAO!!!  I’d be so proud if I was that guys wife. *tear*

  1. Omg, I absolutely love that last one!

  2. LOL! So funny. Who knew cellphone cameras would come in so handy. And that stroke one! Yow!

  3. This was a barrel of laughs! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. blodeudd – It’s by far my favorite too 🙂

    Carolyn – Does the dude count out loud? I wonder…lol

    Book Vixen – It’s my laugh of the week! 🙂

  5. omg thank you for posting these. This post just made me Laugh My Ass Off.

  6. LOL…that Victoria’s Secret one is priceless.

  7. Spaz – They were quite funny this week 🙂

    Jen – I really feel for the little guy 10 years from now…lol

  8. First one and last one are my favourites. Can’t wait to show Logan. I sware where on earth do you come up with this stuff. It’s great.

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