Sep 25, 2010

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My 150th Post

This is my 150th post.  One hundred-fifty in just over 4 months.  Not bad, eh?  In the time it has taken me to write that many posts, here is what I leaned:

I learned that it takes me at least two days to write a review to the point where I am completely satisfied with it…and even then, sometimes I just have to hit ‘publish’ and be content with what I wrote.

I learned that my first review sucked.

I learned that having a husband well versed in HTML and the internet is important to someone like me who would most likely break the internet if I went at this alone.

I learned that there are many wonderful people out there who are avid readers like me.  Who are loud and proud about the genre of books that they read…and who gave me the courage to come out of my ‘romance book reader closet’.

I learned that I am addicted to reader comments.  I clap every time I see that I have a new one.

I learned that I do the same little dance every time I get a new Google follower…and no, you don’t want to see it.

I learned that if you hit your computer, it doesn’t make it work better.

I learned that if you ask, people may actually say ‘yes’.  Examples of this are KT Grant, Maria V. Snyder and Stacia Kane. I want to convey a huge thank you to the authors that have taken the time to ‘stop by’.  Thank you to KT Grant for kindly hinting that she would be open to an interview (she was my very first), and Thank you to Maria V. Snyder and to Stacia Kane for answering every single question that I sent them.  Every last one! 🙂

I learned that Jason really does listen to me while I chatter on about my books.  I knew this was a fact once I read his guest blog I Think My Wife is Addicted to Books”. (which is super funny!)

I learned that if you get down on your knees and beg to your computer, it doesn’t make it work better.

I learned that blogging is good therapy after a long tough day — unless you are on a deadline.  Then it’s just stressful!

I learned that I quite enjoy writing My Life’s Quirks.  Of course, I have posts that I am more proud of than others.  My favorites are “My Dealing With Cheerios“, “Why is ‘It’ Always So Big” (I’m particularly proud of the ‘book excerpt’ that I wrote for that one) and “A School Day in the Life of Me.

I learned that, when it comes to books, I am still susceptible to peer-pressure.

I learned that I am humbled by my readers who take the time to come visit my blog.  I hope I am able to make you all giggle at least once every time you stop by.

I learned that if you jump on your computer, it doesn’t make it work better.

I learned why I’ve been getting emotional while chatting with fellow bloggers or when receiving a compliment from a blogger I admire.  Since I work from home and since I am the mother of younger children, I am in my house all the time!  I’m lucky if I get out of the house to go somewhere other than the grocery store. When I worked away from home, I was surrounded by wonderful friends and co-workers every day.  I was part of something…I was part of a team.  Since I’ve left the workforce and become self-employed, I’ve been pretty much just me.  I am still interact with a team every day, but my new team can’t use the toilet on their own yet, let alone string along words that are more complicated than “No, that’s mine!” and “Dooie, I did a poo!”  I have quite a few friends, but none of them live close by and all of them have their own family and busy lives.  And none of them read the books I read so I never really had anyone to talk to about my newest passion.  Jason did his best, but his limit is about the same as mine is when he speaks about his video games.  But since finding book blogs and blogging myself, I feel like I’m part of a team again.  Like I belong to something again.  I feel connected again.  And it’s all because of the people I’ve met.  The romance book blogging community is fun and funny and smart and sassy…and I am honored to be able to say that I am a part of it.

I learned that if you throw your computer against the wall, it doesn’t make it work better.

I learned that this whole blogging thing is a blast and I can’t wait to see where it leads me next.  I’ve already met the nicest people in the world, some of the coolest authors in the world and have read some of the best books in the world.  Maybe through blogging I’ll learn that sexy vampires really do exist!  Hmm…we’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

  1. Congrats on your 150th posts! Those are great lessons learned, especially the one where throwing the computer against the wall won’t help anything. 🙂 (Blogger makes me want to do crazy stuff like that sometimes.)

  2. If only, I do hope one day a sexy werewolf will comment on my blog

  3. Colette – Yeah…throwing the computer actually makes it work worst. Who knew 😉

    blodeuedd – If a sexy werewolf ever comments on your blog, let us all know! 🙂

  4. Yey! Well done on 150 awesome posts and here’s to another 150 more!

    Your hubbies guest post was one of the first posts of yours I read and made me add you to my google reader 🙂

    Lol I’m at ‘if you hit your computer, it doesn’t make it work better’ but it doesn’t make it worse either (so far) 😉

  5. Love it!! GREAT post and Congrats on making it to 150!

  6. Well done Julie! Happy 150, and may you have 1500 in no time! You have a wonderful blog and it’s been fun getting to know you. xoxo

  7. Ally – I don’t know if I’ll tell my hubs that his post made you come back…might give him a big head! lol

    Spaz – Thanks! 🙂

    FV – It’s been great getting to know you too. You are one of the ‘nicest people in the world’ that I was referring too. 🙂

  8. Congrats on the 150 posts! Having just celebrated my own 6 months at blogging and only 53 posts – you are doing amazing!

  9. Congratulations on 150 posts Julie, I always knew you could do it 🙂 I have enjoyed reading your blog since its inception and I can’t wait to keep reading and watch it grow even more!

  10. My alter-ego reviewing self and Mho thank you so, so very much.

    I raise a glass to 150 more posts. And every time I get a comment on my blog, I do a little snoopy dance in my chair 🙂

  11. Yea Julie….great job. I love how ur blog has evolved and see, u were worried for nothing!!

    ps…we need another guest blog by Jason 😀

  12. Katya – Thank you for your support and for reading my blog even though you don’t really read the same books I do 🙂

    KT – I bet you look cute doing your little snoopy dance! 🙂

    Sharon – Jason keeps telling me about ideas he has for posts…I just have to light a fire under his butt so he actually writes them!

  13. Oh wow – 150 posts!! And you are right – so many fun bloggers out there. BIG CONGRATS!!!

  14. Congrats on #150! I think the best thing about blogging is the amazing people you meet. For me, that has been the most rewarding.
    I wish you many more posts and happy adventures in blogging!



  15. Mandi – There are SO many great blogs and bloggers…and I find more every week!

    Elizabeth – Definitely the most rewarding part is the people you meet. 🙂

  16. Congrats Julie! Great post. I dunno, I think I wanna see that dance. vlog! vlog! vlog! vlog!

  17. Congrats on the big 150. And thank you for doing what you do!

  18. Jess – vlog….Um, that would be a ‘no’! 😉

    Jen – Thank you so much! 🙂

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