Sep 28, 2010

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Guest Review: Coming Clean by Inez Kelley

It’s no secret that Mandi over at Smexy Books is one of my most favorite book reviewers, and today she’s here to share her thoughts on Inez Kelley’s newest novella. Okay Mandi…go!

Erotic Contemporary Romance
August 30, 2010
Carina Press

Yummy Man – Grant Michaelson
Kick Ass Chick – Vivi Michaelson
Yummy Man – Cade Lorens

Grant and Vivi have been married for ten years and have been pretty open with their sexual fantasies. Vivi boldly states one night that she wouldn’t mind a threesome with their best friend Cade – and to her astonishment, Grant actually agrees. In fact, Grant considers himself straight but has always had romantic feelings for his best friend. But saying you want to play out this fantasy, and making it a reality are two very different things.

Cade is bi-sexual, and loves and respects Grant and Vivi. Over for dinner one night, Grant and Vivi’s washing machine goes up. When Vivi leaves to finish the laundry, Grant spills on their plan. Cade doesn’t want to screw up their marriage, but it doesn’t take much effort to convince him to screw other things….

Coming Clean is a dirty, dirty book. I loved it. There is not a lot of drama, not a lot of conflict, just three people who admit and own up to their feelings and have a night of hot lovin’! You can argue that they may have jumped into bed together without enough thought of how it is going to affect the future. But sometimes you just want to read a book with hot smex, and that is what this book gives you. I’m a sucker for male/male romances and when I saw this erotic was a m/m/f with a bi-sexual male I knew Inez Kelley would deliver the goods in that department.

Cade and Grant have been best friends for a long time and they have both wanted to explore their relationship further, but they both ended up married, although Cade eventually divorces. Once Vivi gives the green light – with a little trepidation, and making sure all the ground rules are set out – the two of them come together in a very naughty shower. They are both very masculine men and since Grant has never been with another man, his nervousness just makes the sex scenes that much hotter. He doesn’t stay nervous for long and thank you Inez Kelley for that! Vivi also gets her turn with the two men, although she likes just watching too.

This book is pretty short, and although it only covers one night, their relationship worked for me. Inez Kelley gives us flashbacks into their past where we see foreshadowing of this moment to come, and she gives us a really good emotional connection between the three of them. I do kind of wish the ending hadn’t wrapped up so quick in terms of deciding their future. In this one I could have dealt with “they all fall asleep the end” – rather than them trying to work out a solid relationship between them for the future.

This is the third book in the “Dirty Laundry” series and I will definitely have to go back and check out the previous installments, “Coin Operated” by Ginny Glass and “Talk Dirty to Me” co-authored by Ginny Glass and Inez Kelley. I may never look at my laundry room the same way again.

Rating: 4/5

Favorite Quote

As granny used to say, “getting naked” was one thing, but “gettin’ nekkid” was a whole ‘nother ballgame.”

  1. I loved this one too, I thought the flash back was just as hot as the actual action! lol. Nice review Mandi.

  2. That was a great guest review! I’m going to have to read this one..I enjoyed book 2 of this series.

  3. I need to go back and read the first two…yes yes!


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