Sep 19, 2011

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Question – How Do You Read A Series?

A series of books. It is a wonderful thing. Each book taking you to a wonderful place, introducing new characters but mostly having you follow characters that you’ve gotten to know from book one and that you crave to know more about with each passing book.

When I first started reading again, I discovered book series. I would pick up every book available so far and read them one after the other. But now that these series have new installments, and other new series are popping up, if I decide to read a new series, I have to read one book here and there, whenever I can squeeze it in.

And that leads me to my question for you this week: How do you read a series? Do you chain read them or do you space them out?

  1. For the most part I like to read my series back to back. There are a few exceptions to this though. If the series is about one person, I def. prefer back to back. If it’s about different characters within the same world, it doesn’t really matter to me. New series are a rub for me now. I used to be pretty good at picking series that I loved. Today it isn’t unusual for me to read a blurb, have good feelings for a story line and have the book completely flop. You know the silly, light-hearted ones which you think are going to be serious but they piss you off cause they’re fluff? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Vicki Casso says:

    Sometimes I chain read but if there are numerous books like the JD Robb Dallas series I space them out. You can get sick of a series if you read too many at one time ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It depends on when I get them. If I buy a bunch at the same time I chain read them. I also try to read them in order. I am very particular about that.

  4. I usually space them out. I generally like a lot of variety in my reading (and really all of my entertainment) so that is my way to ensure I enjoying each volume to the fullest. Because really if I am not enjoying every book in a series, what’s the point? That being said, there have been exceptions. When I first read the Mercy Thompson series I read the first 4 back to back because I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Then I waited for River Marked to come out before I read Silver Borne and I read both those back to back. But yet I’ve spaced out the Kate Daniels books and read each one separately and loved them just as much as the Mercy books. I think it’s just a mood thing for me more than anything else.

  5. I love it when I discover a series that already had 4 or 5 books out. Then I read them all back to back. I’m starting to think I will not read any series after book 6 or 7 since I’m always ready to throw the book across the room in frustration. It is almost as if the author has reached their saturation point. Yes, there are exceptions but this is how things are going for me lately.

  6. Depends a lot of the series, sometimes they grab me and won’t let me go until I have read all the books so I end up doing a xxx series marathon.
    The xxx is not for porn is for any name of series… just clarifying, I don’t want you to think bad about me ๐Ÿ˜‰ #innocentme

  7. I spread them out, not cos I want to but cos I do not want to buy them all at once in case they suck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I started BDB series in a chain read because I discover the series 2 years ago, but now I have to wait a hole year to read the new installment (The same with Sookie series). With the fever series I found about them when the last one was published so I readed one after another. But now there are 2 series that I just started but only have read the first book, The Elder Races and the Iron Druid both series have more than one book release this year so Iยดm quite behind.

  9. I’ will say that I tend to chain read or listen to most UF sereis, but the books in a PR series I usually spaced them out, I’m still working my way up to Acheron!!!lol, but the only series in PR I chained read and listened to was THE BDB, cause I just love, love those guys.

  10. it depends. I usually chain read them if I really like them, and there are a lot of them out. I don’t like when I forget what happened in the previous book, so I can’t wait too long to read the others or I get mad at msyelf ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Like you, when I started reading again, I read back-to-back, which was awesome. But now that I review, it’s hard for me to pick up a new-to-me series (I read new books to existing series as the come out). I tried my IAD Reading Challenge – one book a month – to catch up on that series, and that didn’t even work. *sigh* guess I’m at series overload!

  12. I prefer to read books in a series back-to-back. That way everything is fresh in my mind and I don’t forget as much.

  13. Barbara Elness says:

    How I read a series depends on where the series is when I start reading it. If there are only one or two books, I’ll have to wait until each new one comes out. If it’s a series that has been around for awhile, I’ll read them all in a row as much as possible.

  14. I prefer to chain read when I can. If I space them out too much then I may not be able to remember all the details because of all the other books I’ll read in the interim.

  15. All at once! I like to get lost in the world of the series. However that usually leads to me being majorly bummed out when it’s over.

  16. Fabulous question Julie! I actually read books one after another if the series isn’t too long. I will go out and buy all the books in that series and read them one after another. Now with really long series, like someone mentioned JD Robb’s series, I will space those out. Reading a few in a row then taking a break and then coming back. Thanks to the wonderful world of book blogging I have also discovered that authors write several novellas as fillers in between books that will be published several months apart and I have decided that if I pick up a series and there are also novellas involved I will read the novellas in the right order (like I’m doing with Lords of the Underworld). Now some of my series I’m caught up on and I have to space them out now, obviously, and I have a love hate with that…I like it because I’ve been anticipating the books release that it makes the reading of it so sweet but I hate that I have to wait so long to read the next installment. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Scooper – Oh, good call on the ‘if a series is about one person or not’ thing. Definitely better to read a series straight through if it’s about one major character.

    Vicki – I can see how reading 48 (or however many she’s at) JD Robb books in a row may be a little much. lol

    Amy – I am a HUGE believer of reading a series in order! You miss so much if you don’t!

    Vanessa – I read the Mercy Thompson books in a row too. Great series! Hard not to! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dot – I never thought about books 6 or 7…but you may be on to something there. lol

    BookaholicCat – LMAO Marcela! Why on earth would I think that xxx means porn. Really now… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    blodeuedd – I used to do that. I would buy an entire series, read the first book, not love it yet keep going only to end up feeling bitter that I’ve ‘wasted my time’ reading books I didn’t enjoy. I’ve learned my lesson…

    Adriana – I read the BDB all in a row too when I first found them. There were 7 books and I read them twice! That is definitely a series you should chain read!

    Lupdilup – I’m still working to Acheron too! I recently finished book 9. I have 5 more then it’s his book! Woot!

    Erika – I hate it when I don’t remember what happens – and that happens to me a lot. Even if I loved a book, I still forget. ๐Ÿ™

    twimom227 – No more time to chain-read. ๐Ÿ™ Sad but not really. If we don’t chain-read, there are so many other books we can get to know too! It’s a wonderful thing…even if we miss reading a few characters and have to wait a while to get back to them.

    Book Vixen – It is the best way. Too bad it’s just not always do-able. lol

    Barbara – Sounds good! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ML – You are very right. That does happen…lol

    Erin – That is so true! You totally feel bummed even though you may have just read 47 books! LOL

    Deanna – After spending sometimes a whole month (or more) in a certain world with a cast of wonderful characters, suddenly having to wait a year for the next book is kind of a bummer. You are very right about that.

  18. It depends on how long they are and how many books are in the series. For instance I read JR Wards books & Shiloh Walkers the Grimm series practically back to back. Other series though I mean to finish back to back but never get to-like the Devon Monk series and Kitty Norville series.

  19. I think it depends of the series too… There are some I want to read one after the other, but some too from time to time. And with the time I’ve so much series that I want to read every books. So I choose my favorite first, and I’ve the other for later.

  20. If I can, I chain read (love that term). Once I get into a story, I GOTTA get through it to know how it ends. It’s agony when the next book isn’t available!

  21. I enjoy them so much more when I chain-read, but God, it is such a time commitment. BUT if I read them as they come out, I forget details and feel lost so need to re-read the book before the new release which takes MORE time in the long run. I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with series books, esp when the series gets above 5 books…. smiles!

  22. I defiintely space them out. I get bored easily, so I need to change up often. I’m actually juggling about 10 different series right now!

  23. I love to read them back to back, that way cliff hangers don’t drive me crazy!
    But for the series that I have to wait for books to come out I read as soon as I get my hands on them!

  24. Depends how good the first book is. If it’s one of those that grabs me by the face and doesn’t let go then you can bet your butt cheeks I’ll be picking up the series to continue the ride. =)

  25. I tend to read them back to back. If it’s a very long series I may read in blocks of 4 to 6 books at a time so that I don’t get burned out on a series.

  26. I tend to let a series mature before I start it. I prefer to read them back to back all in a row. So I like to buy them at once. My fav is when their is about 4 or 5 already published.
    My favourite reads are series. I think I prefer them to stand alone books. I just feel a connection with characters and then dont want to let them go.

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