Oct 1, 2010

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Review: And One Last Thing… by Molly Harper

Contemporary Romance
July 27 2010
Trade Paperback
310 pages
Gallery Publishing

Kick Ass Chick – Lacey Terwilliger

From Goodreads
“‘If Singletree’s only florist didn’t deliver her posies half-drunk, I might still be married to that floor-licking, scum-sucking, receptionist-nailing hack-accountant, Mike Terwilliger.'”

Lacey Terwilliger’s shock and humiliation over her husband’s philandering prompt her to add some bonus material to Mike’s company newsletter: stunning Technicolor descriptions of the special brand of “administrative support” his receptionist gives him. The detailed mass e-mail to Mike’s family, friends, and clients blows up in her face, and before one can say “instant urban legend,” Lacey has become the pariah of her small Kentucky town, a media punch line, and the defendant in Mike’s defamation lawsuit.

Her seemingly perfect life up in flames, Lacey retreats to her family’s lakeside cabin, only to encounter an aggravating neighbor named Monroe. A hunky crime novelist with a low tolerance for drama, Monroe is not thrilled about a newly divorced woman moving in next door. But with time, beer, and a screen door to the nose, a cautious friendship develops into something infinitely more satisfying.

Lacey has to make a decision about her long-term living arrangements, though. Should she take a job writing caustic divorce newsletters for paying clients, or move on with her own life, pursuing more literary aspirations? Can she find happiness with a man who tells her what he thinks and not what she wants to hear? And will she ever be able to resist saying one . . . last . . . thing?”

Lacey’s husband is a cheating bastard.  At the beginning of the book, she spots Mike and his receptionist Beebee behaving inappropriately at his office and is totally shocked.  Lacey has devoted her entire life to Mike and maintaining his image as a trustworthy and reliable accountant in the community.  She gave up a promising career as a journalist because Mike asked her to and lost her friends only to have them replaced by ‘Mike’s work friends’.  She spends all her time planning dinner parties, sitting on charity boards and writing Mike and his associates’ monthly newsletter.  She is also responsible for taking care of their home.  The trouble is, she doesn’t realize her life is no longer her own until she finds Mike cheating and takes a look back on her life.

I think this is a situation that many women face and Molly Harper’s “And One Last Thing…” deals with it beautifully.  Yes, Lacey is very bitter and revengeful, especially when she ‘accidentally unpurpose’ sends the latest issue of Mike’s company’s newsletter filled with a description of all of his latest indiscretions, but she doesn’t let those feelings take her over…much.  And just a note, that letter is one of the funniest things I have ever read and it totally makes you stand up and say “You Go Girl!”  But the newsletter doesn’t quite have the effect she hopes and she is forced to exile herself to her cabin in the middle of near nowhere.  “And One Last Thing…” is full of heart and meaning, yet also full of Molly’s characteristic humor.

Lacey is a lovely character.  Molly writes her so well, you feel as though you are going through her situation right alongside her.  Lacey is a strong woman.  Not once when dealing with Mike does she back down or crawl into a hole and think ‘woe is me’.  And Lacey’s wit is sharp!  I love her dialogue — especially once she meets Monroe.

Oh Monroe…  *swoon*

Monroe is renting the cabin next door to Lacey’s.  He is cold and impersonal…until he’s not.  Then he’s just wonderful.  Lacey describes him as looking like Hugh Jackman.  Now who wouldn’t want to be next door to that?!  He really helps Lacey find herself and helps her feel like her life is not lost…just headed in a different direction.  And he’s hot!

The supporting characters are great too.  I love Emmett, Lacey’s brother and I really enjoyed Lacey’s lawyer Sam.  Both filled with compassion and a sharp tongue, they are immensely fun to read.

Also, I find the story ends perfectly.  Not all wrapped up in a neat and tidy little bow, but at least all wrapped up in pretty paper.  It felt like a very realistic ending.  Just because you’re writing a romance novel, doesn’t mean you have to lose all sense of reality.    I was a big fan of Molly’s writing before reading this book, and “And One Last Thing…” reminded me of why I enjoy her books so much.  I even created a badge.  Isn’t it snazzy?!

What, too much?  Yeah…maybe a little. 😉

5 stars

Giggle worthy quotes

“I was a Muldoon, damn it.  And Muldoons didn’t just roll over when someone kicked them.  We stood our ground.  We fought back.  And we stole your good liquor on the way out the door.
Well, that was probably just Gammy.”
“(Monroe) was actually very funny and helpful and…Gah!  No penis policy.  I had to remember the no penis policy.  I would think of something else.  The ocean?  Too subliminal.  Wombats?  Well, that’s just too weird.  Johnny Depp?  No, that won’t help matters.  Um, Leslie Nielsen…He’s not exactly my type.  He was in, uh, Tammy and the Bachelor, Prom Night.  The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Naked Monroe.  Damn it!

  1. Hahaha – love the badge! I loved this book, I gave it 5 stars too 🙂

  2. OMG..I’m dying over that badge. hahahaha.

    I love her Nice Girls books…I still need to read this one!

  3. Patti – I remember you really liking this one! I thought it was just a lovely book.

    Mandi – I am so talented! LOL (Actually, Jason helped me make it…)

  4. lol…I guess you really loved this book! I’m not one for contemporary romances, but I’m going to have to give this one a try.

  5. I read this book back in July and LOVED it as well. My first Molly Harper book but I am a fan now.

    Love the badge!

  6. Colette – It’s a feel good book, despite the subject matter. 🙂

    Lori – You have to try her Jane Jameson books. Very cute!


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