Oct 6, 2010

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Review: Act Like We’re In Love by Christi Barth

Contemporary Romance
October 7 2010
288 pages
Eternal Publishing

Received from author

Yummy Man – Lucas Powell
Kick Ass Chick – Linnea Larson

“Act Like We’re In Love” by Christi Barth…  What a sweet story.

Linnea Larson is an actress who works mostly in her parent’s theater.  Business is not good, so Linnea’s father Karl hires Luke Powell to play the lead in the theater’s production of Guys and Dolls in an attempt to draw in the crowds.  Luke will play Sky opposite Linnea’s Sarah.  He is a super mega movie star known for playing superhero roles in blockbuster movies.  Not only that, but he has been voted the sexiest man in the world a few years running.  He’s slick and he’s sly…until he meets Linnea.  She has the ability to throw him off his game.  There is an attraction there, but Linnea made a pact years ago with her best friend Ingrid to never date actors.  They just prove to be too self-involved.

Linnea is a sweet character.  When she meets Luke, she’s thrown for a loop.  She is not impressed by his fame or his fortune.  In fact, those things kind of turn her off.  She can’t deny that there is a connection but she’s willing to try to ignore it.  Luke is quite persistent though, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve.  I really enjoyed reading Luke.  He’s such a charming character that Linnea isn’t the only one who ends up drawn to him.  He’s a happy-go-lucky guy yet he’s unhappy in his professional life.  That is why he decides to go back to his stage roots for a short stint.

We are also introduced to Wes, Luke’s best friend and manager.  He’s a tightly strung business man.  And who is a good match for someone like that?  Well, a dancer who is full of fun and life of course!  Ingrid helps Wes find Luke a place to stay and the rest is history.  It’s nice to not only have one, but two love stories developing in “Act Like We’re in Love”.  Both are completely different, but each is very tender and funny.  Ingrid is a hoot.  So is Luke.  Luke’s lines tend to be a little cliché, but they work for him.

This book centers around the actors and actresses before the opening of a big-ish theater production.  You can tell that the author has a background in theater.  The details she gives when telling of the actors before a show and the way they feel while on stage is wonderful.  You feel as though you are a part of the show alongside Linnea and Luke.  It’s almost like the production is a character all its own.

The dialogue in “Act Like We’re in Love” is delightful.  Warm and engaging.  Really great.  There is not any real conflict in this book.  It’s simply the story of people who meet and the circumstances surrounding how they fall in love.  And even though you think you are 99% sure of where the story is headed, Christi manages to throw a few wrenches in your gears along the way.  Especially the last few pages where she kind of throws you for a loop.

Overall, “Act Like We’re in Love” is a lovely book.  It’s a character story involving likable characters you actually want to get to know.  It’s a story that will make you giggle and leave you smiling.

4 stars

Giggle worthy quotes

“’Image is everything in this business, remember?’

‘How could I forget?  You’ve drilled in into me for years.  Daily.  My favorite versions happened when I’d be on location someplace like Bora Bora or Czechoslovakia and you’d learn how to say it in the local language.’

‘I like to be thorough.’”
“This is supposed to be a double date with our girls, Wes.  Who invites the mayor along on a double date?”
“Sounds like the beginning of a bad porno,” Ingrid said, followed by her imitation of stripper music.

  1. This sounds like my kind of book. I really enjoy sweet love stories! Great Review!

  2. Sophie – I really enjoyed it. A cute and easy read. 🙂

  3. Oh nice..sounds like a nice ending too 🙂

  4. Mandi – I was impressed with this.

  5. Thanks for the wonderfully kind comments. For everyone who Julie convinced to run out and buy a copy, it is on sale as of today at http://www.eternalpress.biz . Enjoy!

  6. While I was very impressed with Christi’s first novel, this appears to be a change in direction for this very successful young author. I’m sold on happy endings and humor along the way…and I’m ordering it now.

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