Oct 18, 2010

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Question – Why Do We Keep Buying More Books?

This is my book closet.  It’s where my books live.  The books that I’ve read that I want to keep in order to re-read some day (basically, all the books that I rate 4 or higher) and the books that I have yet to read.  I love my book closet.  Love.  But as you can see, it’s pretty full.

Even though my book closet is full, every time I enter a book store, I buy a book (or four).  Every time I read multiple favorable reviews about a specific book, I will buy said book.  Do I need these books?  Nope.  Will I run out of stuff to read over the next year if I don’t buy the books?  Nope.  So why do I keep shelling out cash for books when I don’t ‘need’ more?  My answer:  Who the hell knows!

So I pass that question on to you.  Even though we have 1,376 books sitting in our house just waiting to be read, Why do we keep buying more books?

  1. We keep buying more books because we hope to read them. In the meantime, our TBR pile grows higher and higher. I have asked myself this question many times and I just think, “I gotta have them!” I mean just think of all the great books coming out in 2011! You’re going to need more space!

  2. Because of YOU missy! And other blogs who write reviews or tweets and say – omg this book is so good! Then I get the jitters because I don’t own that book, BUT WAIT. It is #12 in the series, and you must read them in order, so I buy 12 books and into the dark, deep, pit of the tbr pile they go.

    But hey, at least I don’t have the jitters anymore.

  3. Bells – I AM going to need more space! I am going to need a new book closet…lol

    Mandi – That’s it! We buy to get rid of the jitters! Of course! 😉

  4. Well it’s better than clothes or shoes which are more expensive! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😀

    I have two TBR piles, 1 is at about 20 (including ebooks)and I know I’ll read them all this year because I love the authors so know I’ll enjoy them.
    The other pile is at 30! And I never know if I’m going to read them or not! Which sucks. They’re books people have bought me or books I’ve bought thinking I should read them but just have never got round to it. Like the Harry Potter ones I’ve only read upto book 2! And I own all of them. Tut.

    Loling at the fact you need to buy another cupboard and not a bookshelf!

  5. Ally – Move the Harry Potter books from one pile to the other.
    I like your ‘two pile technique’. My TBR pile would feel less daunting…I think I’ll adopt that method! And I need another cupboard because it can hide my books from Jason but a shelf can’t. lol

  6. That is a lovely book closet you have there. I could spend a great deal of time locked in that little space reading away:) I can’t say for sure what possesses me to buy more books when I already have a huge stack, it’s just a compulsion. Sometimes I don’t feel like reading the ones in the stack, so I go buy something I’m in the mood for:)

  7. I love your book closet, and it’s just given me a wonderful idea to have one of my own. Buying books is like an addiction. My dad said it’s my one downfall when it comes to money-I just can’t pass up a good book, and it’s true.

  8. They’re shiny and generally have either a yummy man or a kick-ass chick on the cover. But, I agree with every comment made so far…we’re pretty much addicted to high that could result from our purchase(s)

    Happy Monday!

  9. Ruth Thompson says:

    Because the books now cheaper than a movie ticket and the entainment value is way better and longer.
    I have a 6 month rule on my TBR pile that is, if it isn’t read in 6 month I will never read it and it need to go.

  10. Jenny – That’s a great idea! A Bigger book closet that I can fit into with my books…*dreamy sigh*

    Colette – If that’s your only downfall, then I think you are doing fine. 🙂

    Jessica – Book ARE shiny aren’t they…and we like shiny things. 😉

    Ruth – I LOVE your 6 month rule!!!

  11. I used to smoke… buying books is a cheaper and healthier(?) addiction!

  12. Carmel – That a good argument! lol

  13. Because the voices in my head tell me to do it…?

  14. Jen – LMAO!

  15. Can you please update the list of the books that you have?

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