Jul 29, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks – Unanswered Questions

Being around kids all the live long day, I often find myself asking questions that I just don’t seem to have the answers to ( and will probably never have the answers to ).  Here are some examples:

How is putting baskets on your head super duper fun? (The little ones often fight over who gets to wear the baskets!..)

What's so fun about putting socks on your hands? (Seriously, I've tried it and I don't get it...)

How come, no matter how many fancy blankies we've given him, this is what my son chose as his doudou? (He carries it around everywhere! He plays with the foot's seam while he sucks his thumb.) (Yes, that is the bottom half of a baby sleeper...)

How did my husband manage to do this to my favorite spatula? (This is not 'kid related'. I'm just really curious!)

Why do kids think farts are so funny? (Then again, men also tend to find them funny. Maybe I'll just go ask my husband...)

How is it that when kids get a cold, they act like nothing is different. But when adults get a cold, we act like we're dying?

What on earth possessed me to have the kids use sand in their latest craft? (Same question applies for glitter, paint, rocks and glue)

What's that spot on my shirt/shoes? (Eventually you may find the answer to that one, then wish you hadn't...)

I have learned that trying to answer such questions will simply leave you with a strange contorted look on your face and a headache.  They are impossible to answer, so it’s best to just not try at all.  After all, no one will ever truly be able to understand what goes through a child’s mind — nor what goes though an adult’s mind while dealing with children!  But do we really want to know?!…  We really should just sit back and let them enjoy being kids while they can.  Because soon enough, they will be bigger and they will feel the need to explain their every action — like the rest of us grown ups do.

Asking myself questions that I just don’t seem to have the answers to.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. LOL…i remember the days of baby spit up (if thats whats on the shirt…it was my best guess!!)…i esp hated it when it got in my hair!

    whats funny is some of this stuff is our most fond memories….all the crazy stuff little kids do!

    Love the doudou (never heard that b4)…our kids called theirs “B’s”!

  2. Sharon, the saddest part is when you stop noticing the mystery spots. I once had throw up splatter on my black running shoes and it took me three days to even spot it there! lol

  3. I’ve had spit up all down my back and didn’t know it until I got home that day and Logan said…”What the heck is on your back..ahhh man it’s Landon’s puke..you’re gross.” LOL Great post Julie, kids do the darndest things. 😉 Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Night, Night!!

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