Oct 12, 2010

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Review: The Claiming of Suzy by KT Grant

Erotic Contemporary Romance
September 25 2010
139 pages
Decadent Publishing

Received from author

Yummy Man – JC Mosino
Yummy Man – Xavier Marks
Kick Ass Chick – Susan Bean

From Goodreads
“Suzy Bean is a woman who lives in the moment and loves her overabundant curves. The man she secretly loves, JC Mosino, is the only one who can make her untamed sexual fantasies a reality. After having way too much fun during a party, JC drives her home where their passions ignite. Suzy believes this is night she and JC will go from being friends to lovers. Unfortunately things go awry and Suzy ends up throwing JC out.

Now Suzy’s whole world has been turned upside down. She’s given up smoking and is sexually frustrated when she meets a handsome, flirty stranger, who rubs her the wrong way. This chance meeting is one she’ll never forget, for Mr. Hunk is her new boss, Xavier Marks.

JC’s craving for Suzy is consuming his thoughts, and he wants nothing more than to work things out and become her lover. He has a plan, but has to move fast as Xavier works to seduce Suzy. JC will do whatever he can to claim his brassy, buxom beauty for his own.”

“The Claiming of Suzy” by KT Grant reminds us that men are idiots.  Clueless idiots.
Let me explain.

JC wants Suzy.  JC actually loves Suzy.  But while they’re getting it on, he tells her that her stomach is like a fluffy pillow.  He also tells her that his shirt would be too small for her so he should get her one of her own…and asks if she wears a XXL.  Suzy takes these comments a little personally (geez, who could blame her?) and kicks him out.  JC then wonders what went wrong.  He wonders how he went from hot and heavy one minute to cold banana the next.  As I said, idiot.

“The Claiming of Suzy” also reminds us that women can be idiots.  Over-analyzing idiots.
Let me explain.

Suzy has recently met a man who is very flirtatious and very sexy.  She is attracted to him but she is unsure if anything could ever come of it.  It doesn’t mean that she wants to shut the door on him though, even though JC is right there.  She wants JC.  She loves JC.  But she’s afraid of committing to him out of fear and worry and denial.  As I said, idiot.

I sometimes wanted to smack Suzy!  Here she has a wonderful, loving and attentive man who wants her with all his heart, and she places him on the side lines for a “what-if”.  Hmm…are we sure Suzy is not a man?  😉  Yes, JC made some clueless remarks, but he is only a man after all.

I really enjoyed Suzy’s character in “For the Love of Mollie”, where we first met her, and was excited when I found out that “The Claiming of Suzy” was all about her and JC.  I was hoping for a little more of the snappy and snarky Susan that we met previously, but I suppose if you are going through a life altering event, you less likely to be snappy and more likely to be ‘ho-hum and woe is me’.  I did get an interesting vibe from Xavier and I’m very glad that Xavier is getting his own book sometime in the new year.  He’s a smoldering and sexy man I want to know more about.  Plus, he’s kind of an overly obvious flirt and that made me giggle and roll my eyes.

My favorite part of “The Claiming of Suzy”, like in “For the Love of Mollie”, is that the heroine is a regular, fuller figured girl.  And I really love how the men love these women in all their curvaceous glory.  They find the women to be…well, women and not girls.  They find them incredible sexy and tempting.

“The Claiming of Suzy” reminds us of many things.  It reminds us that men can and do love “real” women.  It reminds us how both men and women can be idiots.  And it reminds us that, even though it’s not always easy to do, we all have to at least try to get past our insecurities and risk opening our hearts up to love.  It might just be worth it.

3 stars

“You go dude!” worthy quote

“JC glanced over his shoulder.  ‘I would say call me, but I know you won’t.  But know this – I won’t be on the sidelines as you have your fun with Xavier, waiting for you to finally realize I’m the one you should be with.  I doesn’t work that way with me.  I refuse to be your second pick.’”

  1. I have this one coming up..yay! That KT Grant writes good smut 😉

    No, I love that her characters are more flawed…looking forward to this one!

  2. I haven’t read this one yet. I’ll have to get to it soon.

  3. Mandi – I’m anxious to hear what you think!

    FV – If you like her other works, you’ll like this one too. 🙂

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