Oct 6, 2010

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Silly Stuff

This is for real folks.  Have you ever read a romance novel and, after reaching ‘the end’, thought you could write something like that too?  But once you actually got around to trying, you found out it was actually much harder than you thought?  Well, there is a book out there especially made for you!

The back cover says:

“Have you ever had your romance manuscript rejected because it lacked romantic tension?  Now there’s The Romance Writers Phrase Book, the first word book designed especially for romance writers everywhere.

Arranged for a quick, easy reference, it contains over 3,000 descriptive phrases, commonly known as “tags” – those short, one line descriptions so skilfully tucked into dialogue and laced through the narrative that they usually escape notice.  The reader may not see them, but they can always be felt.  Tags, in fact, make the difference between a cold, factual report and an eager, pulsating, sensuous story.  Here’s how:

Without tags: He reached out and touched her arm.

With tags: A tingling of excitement raced through her as his fingers trailed sensuously down her arm.

Now you too can add life and breath to any romance novel.  The Romance Writers Phrase Book contains thousands of commonly used descriptive phrases and neatly organizes them into fifty easy-to-use categories including: Physical Descriptions (Male / Female), Body Movements, Facial Expressions, Eyes, Voices, Emotions, Sex, and more!  Browse through these pages, allowing the examples to spur your imagination.  Any way you use it, The Romance Writers Phrase Book is guaranteed to make any romance manuscript a resounding success!”

Here are some examples of what you can find inside:

There’s actually some good stuff here!  I especially like “he looked at her and the double meaning of his gaze was very obvious”  Double meaning?  ‘You are hot and I want to jump you’ is one…what would be the second?  “In this light, you kinda look like my mother”?  Hopefully not. 😉

  1. “I’m penetrating you with my eyes but I also want to get it on”? Your version is definitely more entertaining!

  2. Carmel – I like that! lol

  3. Where did you find this book? It’s different thats for sure! 🙂

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